i never knew her – but she will be missed…

dear, dear jaz. i hope wherever you are now, you are at peace and finally free of the pain.

i thank you for allowing me into your life. we never met but i always enjoyed our back and forth following of each other’s blog… all the way from when we found each other on the old vox community. that was a few years ago.

since then, i’ve been following your brave journey as you battled stage IV lung cancer.

it is strange. i know this sounds selfish of me, but i just didn’t think this day would come. for whatever reason, perhaps it was such great strength you shared with us through your ups and downs, your hopes and battle, of which made me believe you would never leave this world.

through your words, you have given me more strength and courage than you probably ever knew.

rest in peace, jaz.

rest in peace.

i am still in shock she passed away in the early morning of february 2nd, 2014


lost in negative space

i feel like ever since my vox neighbours/friends moved to wordpress, even less of them are updating.

can this be blamed on wordpress? or vox? or six appart not being six appart anymore?

is there an issue in this universe? are we no longer feeling connected anymore?

i am looking at my wp-blogroll. i think only a quarter of those blogs, if even that, update on a regular basis (at least once a week).

this is very unsettling.

beautiful family

i swapped this from mcco12's site as it is a photo of him, his boyfriend, one of his best friends and her daughter. i love reading about how they spend time together and am reminded that family is not always about blood ties but about who we make our family to be. the photographer who did these series of photos really impressed me, as well.

if you get a chance, please visit his post to see the other photos in this series.

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random rants

  • i was having a discussion on another vox-blog in regards to 'attachment parenting.' i know that this person was not in any way trying to intentionally insult me but it occurred to me that what she said wasn't the first time i have heard this. it seems that most often, whenever i say that my parenting style does not involve 'attachment parenting' the other person who does use attachment parenting will say something like, "you're not giving yourself credit!" or "oh… well, that's okay. i'm sure you're a good parent." i feel like saying, "umm… i KNOW i'm a good parent. by saying that i do not do attachment parenting wasn't me saying that i'm a lesser of a parent then you are." it kind of reminds me of talking to some one who's really happy in their relationship with thier boyfriend and when they find out that you're single, they say, "well… that's okay. i'm sure you'll find someone one day!" in which case you want to just slap them and say, "umm… helloooow? i CHOSE to be single? i'm HAPPY to be single… you idiot."
  • new kids on the block – they're back and i'm loathing turning on the radio to listen to the contests of free ticket give-aways. granted, there's one radio station that i like that would be caught dead even talking about new kids on the block (other then to tease them) but as i love their morning shows and i have to drop the kid off at school each morning, i can't have it on while she's in the car – it's not appropriate for her age. i think i hate new kids on the block even more then when they first came out.
  • the fridge in our cafeteria sucks. i put in new milk only a few days ago to find it totally curdled and spoiled this morning. which makes me very upset – i really wanted to make my morning tea. it's monday – i need my tea!

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