Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge (and not in 2019) – Part XIV

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Question #29: A k-pop song you never get tired of

I chose FIRE by BTS the last time. And I’m not going to lie. I still listen to it almost daily! Along with many other BTS songs, both old and new. I was very tempted to choose ON.

But I’m not sure if that’s fair. I mean, it just came out! Though, after MIC Drop Remix came out, I claimed I would never get tired of it, and it’s true. I haven’t!

So I’m going to pick a non-BTS song because I think for me, that would be more challenging. I would like to see if my prediction will be true a year or more down the road.

Lets see if I still love TXT’s Runaway next year. This came out a few months ago and I still love it!

I decided to post one of their live stage performances rather than the original music video. I have really enjoyed watching TXT grow and come out of their shell in such a short period of time. With each stage performance they seem to get just a little bit more confident and it’s been a pleasure to see this growth.

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge]

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge 2019 – Part V

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Question #10: K-pop dance you’d like to learn

Well, I haven’t fulfilled my wish to learn Blood Sweat and Tears and at this point I think it’s safer for my knees to abandon that idea.

Since then, I have learned the main parts of many k-pop choreography thanks to the downtown drop-in dance studio featuring many original k-pop dance covers (just of the chorus parts). My ultimate fave choreo was MIC Drop Remix with Anpanman being a close send.

At the moment I think I’d like to do (G)I-dle’s LION. It looks hard! But I’d be up for the challenge!

Question #11: Favorite k-pop music video

While BTS’ MIC Drop Remix music video is still one of my all-time favorites, their other classic will always be Blood Sweat & Tears. The visual creativity, imagery and theme which went behind this video is something we just don’t see much in general these days (k-pop and non-kpop alike). And so I deem this video my #1.

Having said that, there’s been so many great music videos since – from both BTS and others.

At the moment, I’ve been watching a lot of WayV music videos. Moonwalk being my favorite of theirs. The rest of WayV m/v’s so far, I have to say while the visuals are great, are not really anything other than letting their dance skills dominate the videos (which is fine – they are skilled dancers!)

TXT’s Run Away is another one I frequently watch. I look forward to more videos from TXT as they have adapted BigHit’s formula of tying in symbolism and themes so well from video to video. Also, any of SUNMI’s videos are fun to watch!

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge.]

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge 2019 – Part IV

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Question #8: K-pop song you know all the words to

Ha ha! Um… my answer hasn’t changed much. I have learned very little Korean since I started my love for k-pop. I think if I had the time I could learn the words to some of my favorite songs. But alas, when it comes to using my free-time to learn another language, I’m currently trying to just improve my Mandarin speaking skills (I’ve been watching a lot of C-Dramas on Netflix while trying to not read the subtitles).

Having said that, the other day while listening to Boy In Luv by BTS, I caught myself singing along to most of the lyrics! That surprised me. I suppose it was bound to happen so I thought that was pretty cool. I don’t know the full lyrics, though. And I’d have to sing along with it – as I can’t sing it on my own.

Question #9: Favorite k-pop performance

Well… there’s been a lot of phenomenal live performances. With BTS’ fast-growth not just in Asia but by international standards, they really have been given more and more stage time at the various main Asian music award shows. The MMAs 2019 gave them a total of 37 minutes allowing BTS to really show their artistry. And because they ended with Dionysus, this is currently my favorite live k-pop performance.

Some other honorable mentions:

BTS’ 2019 Golden Disk Awards performance of FAKE LOVE stood out due to the symbolic intro. Many k-pop fans, especially ARMY, understand the meaning behind their marionette puppets intro. Which was a subtle message at a huge k-pop industry award show. Idols face such harsh control by the industry and fans alike, they often lose who they truly are (at an age they are supposed to be finding themselves – alas that is another topic for another time).

BTS’ performance of IDOL at the 2018 MMAs showed a beautiful mix of contemporary and cultural dance as the intro. I love it when they do this! Plus we witnessed female performers which is a huge move for a male k-pop group to do (i.e. too many jealous fans).

Sunmi ft. Taemin’s Gashina performance was iconic! And damn sexy. I always love watching Sunmi live, though. Her facial expressions are point on. She’s stunning and certainly a queen.

AOA’s cover of MAMAMOO’s Egotistic remix must be mentioned. The performance was stellar but I loved how they brought out the drag queens in the end. AOA danced in tailored suits along with the drag queens and brought the house down!

I’m simply very happy for and proud of TXT for winning New Artist of the Year at the MMA 2019. Their extended New Rule and Run Away performance was a great show for such a rookie group. BTS supported them throughout the show, with a big stand-up applause and cheer from their seniors when they were announced for the win.

Congrats also go out to BTS for being the first to win all 4 Daesang categories at an end of the year Asian Award Show!

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge.]

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge 2019 – Part II

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Question #4: Who’s your ultimate k-pop girl bias?

Woohoo! Another one where my answer has changed drastically and multiple times.

First time answering this was LE from EXID because I wasn’t very familiar with many k-pop girl groups, or many other k-pop groups period.

Soyeon, leader of (G)I-dle

Since then, I’ve changed to Lisa from Blackpink, to Jennie from Blackpink, to Sunmi and finally, at the moment at least, Soyeon from (G)I-dle. Though I still love Sunmi. How can one not love Sunmi?

But Soyeon is a hard one to deny. I’ve gushed over her before and I’ll gush over her again – this young lady has skills! She writes a lot of their music, carries the responsibility as leader of their group, is a killer dancer, and I encourage people to watch her facial expressions in both their music videos and live performances. Soyeon knows how to look at the camera and give her iconic snarl expression right at the right moment!

Question #5: A favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

As before, this one is extremely hard to answers! I broke it down to the following categories last time:

All-Time Fave: FIRE
2017 Song of the Year: MIC Drop Remix
Current Fave: Sea

To stay with the same categories, here’s my updated list:

  • All-Time Fave: Dionysus
  • 2018 Song of the Year: Truth Untold
  • Current Fave: So What

Once again, this was not an easy question to answer. All-time favorites will change time and time again. How does one even pick an all-time favorite when new things come out all time with k-pop and one’s tastes or mood changes frequently?

I think any of BTS’ classics will remain my all-time favorites, such as FIRE, Blood Sweat and Tears and MIC Drop Remix. Dionysus, however, has earned it’s way to the top for sure!

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge.]

TXT “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)” Dance Practice

I’m still not over TXT’s 9 and Three Quarters (Run Away). I’ve been trying to keep up with all their comeback live stages as the choreography has really grabbed me as much as the song. I was just saying last week, they should come out with a dance practice.

And lo and behold, they did!

There are a lot of things I love about this dance routine. The peak would be during their 2nd chorus when they do the run-motion, which leaves them partially in the air (2:19). Also, I love those back-step moves with abrupt endings after a graceful start per step (1:18).

Small moments with small movements also stick out though. One is this stutter-effect which can been seen twice starting at 1:57. Also, the moments where Huening Kai is seen doing what looks like the Tic Toc eboy temple tap (minus the eye roll – thank god).

Before I go further, let me just say this whole Tic Toc eboy thing is so alien to me. My daughter brought it up after seeing a video claiming proof that Jungkook is an eboy. I simply HATE this eboy eye roll. Watching some of the examples of actual eboys doing this eye roll and temple tap actually makes me feel a little physically ill. Perhaps I’m just old – but I honestly do not get why this is attractive. Can some one explain to me why? When I see eye balls rolling back that far, it’s kind of gross. Why for the love of god is this attractive?

Going back to Kai, however, since it’s subdued, it’s not so bad at all. It’s cute, even. And since we’re on the topic, Jungkook’s eye roll is not as exaggerated as the actual eboy eye roll, so it’s not that bad either. I won’t judge him if he’s actually an eboy (by style), anyway.

Finally, the move by Yeonjun as centre (0:22) was simple, yet effective. And perhaps the start of how the rest of the routing just keeps grabbing my attention.

I’m extremely proud of this young BitHit group and hope they continue down this path of success!