Being Chased by Evolved Zombies

Most Mondays are pretty torturous for me. Monday mornings being the worst part of the day.

As most will agree, it starts Sunday afternoon. By 4pm, I’m starting to do that mental countdown to the inevitable. You see, 4pm marks that time for me… That time where I know there are only a couple of hours before Sunday dinner and having to clean up and prepare everything for the start of our weekly grind… That time where I know the weekend is pretty much coming to an end.

The saving grace for Sunday nights is me looking forward to my AMC shows which includes The Walking Dead, Into the Badlands (currently overlapping with the end of the season for The Walking Dead), and Fear the Walking Dead (which will take place of both first two shows in the summer). I thank AMC for continuing my TV show addictions. Because there’s also Better Call Saul (starting soon) and Preacher (sometimes this summer). All year long violence at its best! High Five!


Rick Grimes and a bunch of zombie from The Walking Dead

Of course, these shows also give me weird dreams. Last night I dreamt I was running around with Rick Grimes – we were swinging through the forest top trying to escape these evolved zombies whom were pissed off at us for killing a zombie friend of theirs named, Joe. They were grunting, “Joe! Jooooeeeee!!! AAUUUUGGRRHH!” as they gained speed to catch up to us.

I then wake up in the morning, partially relieved it was just a dream, but also partially upset to NOT be in the dream anymore because: a) my life is nowhere near that exciting and adventurous and I’m worried I am running out of time to be adventurous; and b) I was with RICK GRIMES FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD! I love him. In that alternate reality, I would like to have his baby. Though maybe not in a zombie-apocalypse because babies cry and make a lot of noise. Noise attracts zombies like fire to a moth. Scratch that off my want-list.

The real painful part, though, is getting to work. As I walk into the office, I am dreading the ‘good mornings’. I am dreading the same faces I see every single day here. And I dread having any conversation I have to have with most of the people I work with.

Why? They are weird. I mean, I’m weird, too. But these people are both weird and not afraid to share it. And frankly, I don’t want to have them share their weirdness with me. I really don’t! You don’t see me sharing my weirdness with them, after all. That’s why I keep a blog. So I can anonymously share my weirdness to the unfortunate souls whom stumble upon my little space on the internet and are brave enough to venture through my posts. At least they can choose to participate with my weirdness at their own convenience.

I have examples. I have so many examples of why these people are weird. But it’s Monday morning and I’m too tired for examples. Maybe another time…

i heart zombies

i have so much to update on my blog from this past weekend alone. things i want to touch upon – my most recent therapy session, why i’m bruised on my left butt-cheek and the beauty i felt at the yoga show yesterday.

but all that can wait. because i’m still in deep mourning after watching the season finale of the walking dead:

*spoiler alert – if you haven’t watched up to the season finale, you might not want to continue reading until you do*

the mourning isn’t because any of the key players met their fate last night. it’s just simply over the fact that i now must wait until next fall to be reunited with characters such as rick grime, daryl dixon and michone katana. it’s going to be a very rough 5-6 months…

getting back to last night’s episode – wowee! there were some pretty gritty scenes there. not that it wasn’t gritty leading up to the season finale. as most will concur, TWD gets more and more violent, taking away the usual violence from mindless zombie attacks to a whole different level where it’s the people they meet that they need to be afraid of.

or, as we saw a couple of episodes ago, psychotic kids who prefer zombies over humans. yeesh.

last night, however, we see rick grimes not only protect his son and the rest of his small pack, but he takes complete vengeance like a madman. the next tweet i re-tweeted pretty much sums it up.

and the way he gutted carl’s almost-rapist? it’s a rick grimes we have never seen unleashed. and while it’s pretty shocking and gory, i think we need that side of rick grimes to come out. it’s the side that will keep the rest safe as he leads them onwards.

lets face it – the world they are living in just keeps on getting uglier and uglier.

plus… that dude tried to rape carl. i’m usually a very loving person. yet, there was a side of me that cheered rick on last night..

romance in a zombie apocolypse world

walking dead daryl and beth

yay or nay?

daryl dixon and beth greene – i’m just sayin’.

there’s a lot of people on the ‘daryl hearts carol’ bandwagon. and i’m not one of them. i suppose it depends how old you think both daryl and carol are. form my perspective, carol looks like she is in her 50’s. and daryl, i say early 30’s.

beth is young – but i believe she is now legal.

will we see sparks fly between these two? i sort of hope so. but…. and i say this as a big but

not quite yet. i think what we will witness is a beth that gets a little bit tougher and more mature. she’ll still have a heart of gold which she got from her father, the beloved hershel (i’m still mourning after him) which keeps daryl’s heart from turning stone-cold, as it seems to be at the brink of… pretty much all the time.

michonne is another one people have felt would be a good match for daryl. and i would see this more than carol but lets take a look at the personalities. both these women are a lot tougher than beth. they’re hearts and souls have become more jaded.

and that’s not what daryl needs.

if anything, michonne and carol are lethal zombie-killing matches for daryl. sort of like any superhero duo. and it’s best to leave romance out of that type of zombie-fighting partnership. after all, batman and robin never got into each other pants (that we know of).

i am rooting for a daryl-beth romance. but not until, perhaps, next season when there’s a bit of time lapse as beth leaves her teen years behind, passes through her adolescence and becomes a strong, young woman.

and then, us daryl-lovin’ fans can finally see this strong, silent type get some action (he’ll be strong but tender). at which point, we call then blog about how jealous we are of beth and that we hope she dies. 😉

a day of domestication and geek-dom

i spent this sunday pretty much all on my own. well, except hobbes was with me.

with the kid at the grandparents’ place and doug on shift, i had actually a pretty busy day.

mind you, a part of it was catching up on the big bang theory, the walking dead as well as uploading the first 92 the walking dead comic books series from my hard drive to my ipad (see? geek-dom). i also hit some sales online for a bit of spring/summer clothes shopping for chaeli and i.

but it was a busy day making this delicious breakfast (and yes, it was very delicious), doing dishes both by hand and by dishwasher, doing three loads of laundry, finally taking down all our chinese new year decorations (i completely forgot they were still up) and preparing lunch for next day. oh – and running to the grocery store to stock up on veggies and fruit for the week.

so no – not exactly an exciting day. i didn’t even talk to anyone aside from the lady at the cashier. and that was only because i had to give her a coupon. other than that one moment, i was at the self-checkout stations. in a sense, i really didn’t talk to anyone.

what a huge contrast from yesterday – where we first went over to tai and B’s place for their boy’s 4th birthday party. ada, hoa were there, as well as tai’s cousin and B’s sister, BIL and neice.

it was such a great way to spend the afternoon! there was so much going on but peaceful in a different way from hearing people having conversations here and there – either as a group or broken up to smaller groups – and of course, the kids playing and laughing.

in fact, when we got there, we hung outside first to give hobbes a chance for a potty break. the little birthday boys saw chaeli through the front window. with their faces all lit up, they motioned chaeli to come in. it was such a blessing to see the huge joy in their little faces!

following the party mid-town, we went north-east to my parents’ place for dinner. we didn’t get home until 10pm, which might as well have been 11pm since we lost an hour last night.

you know what? i highly recommend everyone do this from time to time. while the tasks of getting food, preparing food and other house choirs does not seem fun, there is an extreme sense of accomplishment not just from being productiv, but to be in complete solitude for the whole day.

no interruptions – just alone with my thoughts, of which i tried to keep light as i took this mini-me-vacation.

i’m about to go downstairs, empty the dishwasher, get the last load of laundry to fold and then make a snack as i watch tonight’s latest episode of the walking dead.

random musings

the walking dead

february 9th? are you kidding me???

  • the last episode in 2013 was the beginning of december. at the end of the episode, it announced that the walking dead would be back february 9th, 2014. two whole months. my friend, B, emailed me and made a point about that, “can you believe they’re making us wait until february 9th???” and i was all like, “yeah. i know, right?” and she was all like, “what do you think about judith?” and i was all, “oh my god, tell me about it!” we have very deep conversations. as do all good friendships. but i have a theory as to why they’re making us wait. after watching a couple of seasons of our beloved tv-zombies, one does become desensitized to them. even i, the zombie-phobic-scaredy-cat seemed to get use to watching them week after week. well, the commercials for the next new episode are starting to air and at the first glance of a zombie, i felt that shiver up and down my spine again. yup. the 2 month wait desensitization worked.
  • i haven’t done a ‘top annoying faces’ for a long time. i was contemplating doing another one but realized it would just mostly be repeats of the last two i posted here and here. so what would be the point? other than to say that most of these celebs are STILL in the limelight which means there’s something seriously wrong with this world! i suppose if i had to make a new list, it would just contain one new face…
rob ford

mayor of toronto… sadly.

  • though there are some annoying things already starting to pop up for 2014. one is the new mc donald’s commercial where they going on about how the egg mcmuffin is only 290 calories. and the next person would go, “whaaaaaat???” after hearing it just once i thought, when will this get old? well, i got my answer after hearing the next morning on the radio.