my mother’s day surprise(s)

i called in sick yesterday – i actually felt myself coming down with something on sunday (mother’s day of all days) but it hit me harder monday morning. i’m back to the daily grind but am feeling so weak.

still, i managed to have a very nice mother’s day weekend.

my favourite part was saturday morning. doug was working but i mentioned to him earlier in the week my plans to take chaeli out for brunch while he was on shift – as a mother-daughter, pre-mother’s day celebration. and we hadn’t gone back to cora‘s for awhile so i figured we were due.

as we were getting ready the morning of, i asked chaeli if she knew where we were going and she said, “yup! i’m taking you to cora’s!”

“oh,” i said, “did daddy tell you already?”

“uh huh – but it doesn’t really make sense. i can’t drive so how can i take you?”

“well, don’t worry about that. i’ll drive.”

so off we went.

as we stood in line, waiting to be seated, i teased chaeli, “so, does this mean you’re paying?”

she stood there and smiled. then she slowly nodded and reached into her little hand bag. to my surprise, she pulled out a gift card for $25!

i asked her, “did daddy give you this?”

“yup!” she said, very proud of herself, obviously, for being able to keep a secret for half a week.

the gift card was more then enough to cover our breakfast – there’s actually a remaining balance which we will use up the next time we go back (with doug, of course).

french toast with mixed berries

my mixed berries and french toast brunch

chaeli had the kid’s eggs, sausage/bacon, potatoes, toast and chocolate milk. i had their french toast and mixed berries special. it was EXACTLY what i had been craving for awhile. thick french toast (they used ciabatta bread), a generous heap of sliced strawberries, blueberries and my favourite, blackberries – all drizzled with raspberry coulis, a light cream sauce and then sprinkled with icing sugar. i ate most of it without any pancake syrup because it was that good on it’s own. i only added the syrup at the end just to see what it would taste like.

what a nice surprise! i text-ed doug right away to thank him.

after brunch, chaeli and i went to winners for a bit of shopping. i was looking for a pair of summer, low heel, black shoes and a pair of sport sandals for chaeli. she had me try on a lot of shoes, though – picking out some outrageous heels i would never wear! funny thing, one pair looked great on me but the price wasn’t low enough for me to feel that it was a good enough bargain. and i wasn’t sure what i would ever wear with it.

i treated myself to a new yoga matt and chaeli to a new casual dress. hobbes also got two new toys which he’ll get on his birthday this weekend.

the next morning, he came home from his shift with a bouquet of flowers for me. and a bouquet for my mom as well. chaeli was disappointed we didn’t get a chance to do breakfast in bed but she did help doug prepare my favourite way of eating eggs – eggs ‘n toast.

we had little time to sit around and enjoy our sunday morning since we had to prepare some food to bring over to my parents’ place. but i managed to have half an hour or so to sip my coffee and listen to some jazz.


zoo, pee-stain and mother’s day

this past weekend was probably one of the more busier mother’s day weekend. but lots of fun!

saturday, t&t plus their twin toddlers, m&e, came over to drop off their dog, cowboy, for a playdate with hobbes. while we left the two to fend for themselves, the two families went to the zoo – something we ourselves, have not done for a year now. we renewed our membership when we got there and was happy to see that t&t decided to purchase a year’s membership as well – hopefully this means more zoo outings with them! and a chance for cowboy to get use to our place. i felt bad for him – he was left with a crazy spaz of a dog in an unfamiliar place. however… when we got home, the house was left as it was and the two dogs were fine.

well, doug picked cowboy up before taking him out for a piddle and got a little pee stain on his shirt. but doug should have known better. 🙂

the twins had a great time! it’s a cool age to watch them recognize so much – they spent a lot of their time pointing at the various animals they saw.

chaeli had a good time as well. though i think she was interested more in the twins then the animals.

after spending a couple of hours there, we all headed back to our place for some cold beer and a simple antipasto platter i quickly assembled. then doug got working on the grill to make us some delicious marinated chicken thighs and various types of italian sausages.

on sunday, i woke up fairly early to get my breakfast in bed. after that, the race was on for me. i had to do some grocery shopping for the week as well as get things ready for my parents’ place. unfortunately, i didn’t get much me-time but it was a good day none-the-less.

i’ll make up for it this weekend – other then a doggie playdate we’ve got lined up (depending on weather), we have no other plans. hopefully, we’ll have time to go see thor.

mother’s day weekend re-cap

it was a good weekend. except for friday night. when i got home from work, i couldn't believe how exhausted i was. in fact, i was nearly a zombie at work and i went through all the motions of what needed to be done as if on autopilot.

anyway, i had planned on cleaning the house on friday night but i was just too out of it. i ended up doing it saturday afternoon, which was too bad. it didn't leave me any time to help doug prep for dinner so we ended up eating dinner over an hour later then planned.

but! what a good dinner it was.

doug made two different varieties of kebobs – one with marinated sirloin beef and the other was a shrimp and scallop skewer. both intertwined with yummy, grilled veggies.

recipe for kebabs, here:

we made an ichiban, crunchy noodle and cabbage salad to start (adding baby corn to the mix for variety) and wild rice on the side. my parents loved it! then we had farmer's market, cherry pie (it was okay – i bit too sweet for my liking) and bakery bought oatmeal and chocolate chip cookes with coffee for dessert.

sunday morning, i woke up just before 8am and found chaeli in bed with us. neither doug nor i recall her even coming upstairs. she must have been pretty quiet. apparently, she said she woke up around 7am, came upstairs and saw that we were asleep. she didn't want to disturb us so she climbed under the covers and without planning on it, fell asleep again.

i'm not complaining – though i warned her that she can only do this sunday mornings as it's the only morning none of us have to be up early to get some where.

doug and i must have been zonked to not feel or hear her climb into bed.

i snuck out of the room and headed downstairs to do the p90x stretch-x dvd. it's the one day of the whole week where i don't have to do anything but rest. they give you the option of doing the stretch-x dvd, though. which is recommended. felt extremely good to do it.

about an hour later, they both woke up and came downstairs. doug got to work and baked two kinds of scones – regular and whole wheat. totally yummy. throughout the day, i munched on it.

it actually ended up being too windy and cold to do any garden work so we stayed in all day in our pj's. i got a chance to take a hot bath in the afternoon (without any interruptions – chaeli played with her nintendo ds and doug napped/read on the couch next to her). it was such a good bath. i finished reading 'the silver phoenix' by cindy pon (our a.k.a. cyn, as i've known her as for over a decade now). great read – i am thoroughly impressed with cyn for her first published book and look forward to reading more.

anyway, after reading, i stayed in the tub and ended up falling asleep.

i know – not the safest thing to do. but i haven't napped in over two months. this nap was the best mother's day gift – felt so good!

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saturday randomness

  • i love that our public library now has free wireless access. they do have a small computer lab where you can reserve a computer, sign on with your library card and surf away. but… it's always busy. so, now that i can bring my own netbook, life is much easier saturday mornings while chaeli goes to her soccor and karate classes. of course, i love that the library is inside the community centre. plus, it's my computer – faster and more familiar then the outdated computers they have here. not that i'm complaining – it's great that they have these services at all.
  • my muscles are sore still from thursday's bodypump class (and power yoga from p90x that same morning and legs and back yesterday morning). i did kenpo-x (also from p90x) this morning and i must admit that it felt good to shake out and loosen my muscles. kenpo-x makes me sweat but overall, it's the easiest p90x of the week. i like that they plan it out for the last workout of the week.
  • my manager is off for a vegas tradeshow next week which means that i have had a hell of a busy week. not that i'm complaining – as busy and sometimes chaotic as it was, it went very smoothly and i'm proud of the teamwork involved. not to mention how organized everything was this time around (the most organized, actually, in all my years of being part of the preparation team before the tradeshow). i do love working with my manager – he's so organized and on top of things. and he doesn't hold me back from being creative and thinking a step ahead when i can. i might be teased for being sometimes a bit scary on that front but overall, he expresses his appreciation for my organization skills and hardwork. as tired as i was this week from lack of sleep, his positive leadership skills made the week a breeze.
  • a co-worker came up to me and asked me what the hell i've been doing. she said that i looked great but wanted to know exactly what was in my regimine. i told her about p90x. i wanted to say, "i got x-ed baby! and i'm lovin' every minute of it!" but… i'm already chastized for being somewhat of a geek so i basically just told her that she would like it (she's fit herself). anyway, i'm happy to have recieved the compliment. it's not like i'm looking for attention. but once in awhile, it just helps reaffirm that i'm on the right track.
  • i have a lot to do today. probably at around 2pm, i'll have to clean the house and then help get dinner ready. my parents are coming over tonight – we're making dinner for my mom for mother's day.

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mother’s day wish

for mother's day, i have requested from doug to bake some scones for breakfast. and then perhaps an outing to get some potted flowers so we can, as a family, spend the day on our patio potted garden.

it's a simple day – which is my favourite kind of mother's day. to wake up to some freshly baked scones and spend the rest of the day with my husband and daughter.

no presents. just a simple, relaxing day…

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