K-Pop Humor – EXO Baekhyun’s Obsession

Hump-day stress relief is in need at the moment. I talked about funny scenes from RUN BTS and Jackson Wang while discussing k-pop humor. Today, I want to point out a couple of instances which involve EXO’s Baekhyun.

Below are scenes from an interview between Lay and Baekhyun a couple of years ago:


And then in 2017 while they appeared on Men on a Mission, Baekhyun not only revealed who he thought had the best body, but explained why:


I love how blunt and unapologetic Baekhyun is with his responses. But boy – does he ever have an obsession…


I’m not an A.R.M.Y… Am I???


C: You’re so an ARMY.

ME: No. I don’t think so.

C: Yes you are. Just admit it!

ME: Really, really not!

C: But you love BTS!

ME: True, I really do, but I just don’t see myself as an ARMY.

C: Why not?

ME: I don’t like the chant. I support it if it supports BTS but I personally do not enjoy it. I don’t own those light-bulb things… nor would I buy you one unless we’re at a BTS concert. Speaking of BTS concerts, I’m not sure I’d go unless it’s to take you. Concerts are just not my thing. The only way I support them is legit-purchases of their digital tracks, digital albums and well, the full L.O.V.E. Love Yourself album set. And that was for you!

C: So? You don’t need to do all those things to be an A.R.M.Y. If you like them truly for their talents and accept them for who they are, faults and all, you can totally be an ARMY!

ME: …

C: And by the way, it’s called an ARMY Bomb light stick…

Could my daughter, who is often found in moments of true maturity, even more than myself, be correct?

Lets back up for a moment…

I honestly never classified myself as an ARMY. And believe me, I am not against BTS’ fandom. I’ve just never ‘belonged’ to any fandom group before. Rather, I’ve been going along for the ride, supporting ARMY but not really being a part of it.

So it got me thinking, “What does it mean to be a BTS ARMY?”

I’m aware of the negative side. I’m aware of the fan-wars between ARMY and EXO-L, for example (as well as other k-pop fan groups). I’m aware of those who claim to be ARMY but only act out in hurtful and spiteful ways – whether to other ARMY members, other k-pop fandom members, themselves, or even BTS members should one or more member do something they feel isn’t right (as if they feel BTS members owe them something – for example, see past dating rumors of how these fanatical fans have reacted).

Is this negative side what made me think I’m not an ARMY? I thought about this. And my final answer is… No.

There will always be a dark side to everything – any type of subculture formed, even with the intent of the greater good, has a dark side. And I think it’s important to actually see these negative people as NOT a true ARMY. Yes, I’ll just go out and say it. The ones who are disrespectful and create division rather than coming together as a positive group and movement, should not classify themselves as true ARMY. I won’t list all the past examples – I did go out to do a bit of research and was quite disgusted with some of the incidences associated with said, negative fans. I felt the hurt BTS members must have felt during those times.

Begin the hate for anyone who may stumble upon my blog and disagree with me. But I stand strongly with this belief and I do not limit this to k-pop fandom.

So where does that leave me? Why do I not see myself as an ARMY (yet)? Maybe because it’s my age? Maybe I’m just not use to this type of fandom? Perhaps I’m just happy calling myself a fan who loves BTS’ music and supports their hard work and creativity? I don’t know. I don’t have an answer. Maybe in time I will call myself an ARMY.

I do know this… whatever label I may or may not feel comfortable with, I am thankful of great wonderful ARMY folks who I have befriended here. And I’m thankful BTS strives to put out good work and share their talents with us. I hope all seven of them are happy and wish them all the best! As long as they strive to do what they love and continue to be both human yet respectful as they have been, I don’t see why I wouldn’t support each individual member equally. Hwaiting!

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge – Part IV

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge]

Day 8: K-pop song you know all the words to

None. 🙂 Not knowing Korean makes it tough for me to learn one whole song. BTS’ Spring Day and FIRE are the closest but I still do not know all the words. I sing along to perhaps half of it. And I can’t rap so whenever a rap verse comes on, I might get a few keywords but that is about it.

Day 9: Favorite k-pop performance

I was floored with BTS’ MAMA 2017 Intro and Not Today performance. I think it was the intro part that had me in total WOW-mode. But if I had to choose THE performance of the year, it would be their extended MIC Drop Remix at MAMA – with the new choreography sequence (i.e. dance break) showcased for the first time. Plus, this was the first important performance they took part in after returning on their mini-LA tour (can I call it a tour? I felt it was like one as it seemed like everyone wanted a piece of BTS while they were on US soil). By the time they arrived back in Asia, everyone KNEW what BTS had accomplished and this song and performance just summed it up! They slayed it:


The 2nd significant performance of the year, I would have gone with BTS’ DNA at the 2017 American Music Award. I don’t think I need to go into why this was so significant. The camera work was crappy so it’s hard to put it as my favorite performance but I, along with the rest of BTS’ fans, had been cheering them on and just so proud of how far they’ve made it! My favorite part of that performance was when it ended. All 7 of them stayed on the stage and stood back a bit, not rushing off, but just looking up and around. I could tell they were just taking it all in and trying to etch what they were seeing from a stage they had just shared with so many artists they grew up admiring. Way to go guys – you deserved not just the spotlight, but arguably one of the best performances that night!

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge – Part III

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge]

Day 6: A favorite k-pop song from your favorite girl group

Playing with Fire by Black Pink, hands down! This was a tough one. I say As If It’s Your Last is a close 2nd!

Day 7: K-pop song that makes you cry

There hasn’t been any song that has made me cry. BTS’ Spring Day is emotional. At the moment, I am finding BTS’ Sea emotional as well because the sound and translated meaning of their lyrics is quite beautiful and haunting at the same time.

BTW, I want to share this recent performance of Spring Day by BTS. Maybe this performance didn’t make me cry, but I certainly got goosebumps! Especially with the fun intro and the ending where they mashed up five other choreography sequences (I counted five at least – I Need U, For You, Run, FIRE and Blood Sweat & Tears; let me know if I’ve got it wrong). This is a MUST WATCH! (I can not embed as it was not allowed for this particular YouTube video but the link should work.)

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge – Part II

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge]

Day 4: Who’s your ultimate k-pop girl bias

I don’t really have a strong bias so I’m going to just state which one caught my attention first and that would be LE from EXID. When I first heard Ah Yeah and Up & Down, I was totally floored with EXID’s edge. I give LE a lot of credit for her slick rapping skills. I felt she balanced some of the softer vocals so hell yeah! I am a big LE supporter!

Day 5: A favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

Seriously? Are you going to ask this from me? There’s no way I can pick just one from BTS! To choose just one is unfair! Their music has been so experimental over the years providing us a variety of different songs influenced by different genre, even though the core of their music is hip hop. I can, however, break it down to 3 categories:

  • All-Time Fave: FIRE
  • 2017 Song of the Year: MIC Drop Remix
  • Current Fave: Sea

I chose FIRE as my all time favorite simply because it was one of the first songs which got me BTS-hooked! The classic BTS energy, great beat, crazy choreography and lets face it, fun music video basically sealed the deal for me. I have not gotten sick of it! There are times, of course, I’m only in the mood for softer mood music but at some point everyday, I play FIRE. It’s a great song to workout to, as well.