very, very old vampires

guilty pleasures no. 66.

“ah the originals.

who can deny them as being simply alluring with their deep history as being the first vampires ever to grace our earth! they are powerful but pained with so much black history of despair and heartache. they are lonely so they desperately cling to each other as family even after being deceived by each other over and over again.

it’s family drama at it’s best! and drama for anyone who has their lives intertwined with theirs – a little more deadly, actually, than just being married to the mob…” continue reading.


ten books no. 2 (new years 2014 resolutions)

[on-going documentation of new year’s 2014 resolutions – sub-section under ten books]

Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage - Alice Munroi just finished book two of my ten books new year’s resolution project.

alice munro’s hateship, friendship, courtship, loveship, marriage, while not my favourite of all her short story collection, was still a very good read. this collection contains nine short stories – and of course the subject matter reflects exactly what the title says.

there were a couple of stories that were my favourite – the last being not just one of my favourite from this book, but of all the work i’ve read of hers up to date.

as usual, munro has an uncanny way of illustrating the realities of relationships.

there’s no true romantic notions in her tales. i would say that she dissects different types of relationships, both in the sense of loyalty and betrayal (and oddly sometimes both within a particular relationship).

i’ll be reading more of alice munro’s collections as i have a few more in my personal library.

random musings

the walking dead

february 9th? are you kidding me???

  • the last episode in 2013 was the beginning of december. at the end of the episode, it announced that the walking dead would be back february 9th, 2014. two whole months. my friend, B, emailed me and made a point about that, “can you believe they’re making us wait until february 9th???” and i was all like, “yeah. i know, right?” and she was all like, “what do you think about judith?” and i was all, “oh my god, tell me about it!” we have very deep conversations. as do all good friendships. but i have a theory as to why they’re making us wait. after watching a couple of seasons of our beloved tv-zombies, one does become desensitized to them. even i, the zombie-phobic-scaredy-cat seemed to get use to watching them week after week. well, the commercials for the next new episode are starting to air and at the first glance of a zombie, i felt that shiver up and down my spine again. yup. the 2 month wait desensitization worked.
  • i haven’t done a ‘top annoying faces’ for a long time. i was contemplating doing another one but realized it would just mostly be repeats of the last two i posted here and here. so what would be the point? other than to say that most of these celebs are STILL in the limelight which means there’s something seriously wrong with this world! i suppose if i had to make a new list, it would just contain one new face…
rob ford

mayor of toronto… sadly.

  • though there are some annoying things already starting to pop up for 2014. one is the new mc donald’s commercial where they going on about how the egg mcmuffin is only 290 calories. and the next person would go, “whaaaaaat???” after hearing it just once i thought, when will this get old? well, i got my answer after hearing the next morning on the radio.

ten books no. 1 (new years 2014 resolutions)

[on-going documentation of new year’s 2014 resolutions – sub-section under ten books]

ender's game book

Ender’s Game

i finished book number one just now. i suppose i cheated a little because this was a book i read 15 years ago. my friend, tai, lent me ender’s game the first time and i remember reading it in a matter of days.

but it’s never a bad idea to re-read a book already read many years (or decades) ago. at a different age and different mind-set, the story provoked more questions in me. different questions. i’m reminded how ahead of it’s time this novel was as it was written when i was just five years old (1977). a definite worthy read. i certainly enjoyed it the 2nd time around as i did the first time – if not more.

plus, with my age, i also forgot some key elements at the end so in a way, there were still surprises waiting for me. 😉