Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge 2019 – Part IV

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Question #8: K-pop song you know all the words to

Ha ha! Um… my answer hasn’t changed much. I have learned very little Korean since I started my love for k-pop. I think if I had the time I could learn the words to some of my favorite songs. But alas, when it comes to using my free-time to learn another language, I’m currently trying to just improve my Mandarin speaking skills (I’ve been watching a lot of C-Dramas on Netflix while trying to not read the subtitles).

Having said that, the other day while listening to Boy In Luv by BTS, I caught myself singing along to most of the lyrics! That surprised me. I suppose it was bound to happen so I thought that was pretty cool. I don’t know the full lyrics, though. And I’d have to sing along with it – as I can’t sing it on my own.

Question #9: Favorite k-pop performance

Well… there’s been a lot of phenomenal live performances. With BTS’ fast-growth not just in Asia but by international standards, they really have been given more and more stage time at the various main Asian music award shows. The MMAs 2019 gave them a total of 37 minutes allowing BTS to really show their artistry. And because they ended with Dionysus, this is currently my favorite live k-pop performance.

Some other honorable mentions:

BTS’ 2019 Golden Disk Awards performance of FAKE LOVE stood out due to the symbolic intro. Many k-pop fans, especially ARMY, understand the meaning behind their marionette puppets intro. Which was a subtle message at a huge k-pop industry award show. Idols face such harsh control by the industry and fans alike, they often lose who they truly are (at an age they are supposed to be finding themselves – alas that is another topic for another time).

BTS’ performance of IDOL at the 2018 MMAs showed a beautiful mix of contemporary and cultural dance as the intro. I love it when they do this! Plus we witnessed female performers which is a huge move for a male k-pop group to do (i.e. too many jealous fans).

Sunmi ft. Taemin’s Gashina performance was iconic! And damn sexy. I always love watching Sunmi live, though. Her facial expressions are point on. She’s stunning and certainly a queen.

AOA’s cover of MAMAMOO’s Egotistic remix must be mentioned. The performance was stellar but I loved how they brought out the drag queens in the end. AOA danced in tailored suits along with the drag queens and brought the house down!

I’m simply very happy for and proud of TXT for winning New Artist of the Year at the MMA 2019. Their extended New Rule and Run Away performance was a great show for such a rookie group. BTS supported them throughout the show, with a big stand-up applause and cheer from their seniors when they were announced for the win.

Congrats also go out to BTS for being the first to win all 4 Daesang categories at an end of the year Asian Award Show!

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge.]

BTS Wins Daesang Award for Best Album


Do they have room for all the awards they’ve won?

2018 is already a fantastic start for BTS.

I woke up to the latest news – BTS’ Love Yourself: Her, won the Daesang Best Album of the Year from the 32nd Golden Disc Awards.

Honestly, looking back at 2017 they were already reaching so many new heights. No doubt 2018 is going to not only continue showing their success but I think they’ve got even bigger things coming their way.

Hard work, dedication to their fans, team work and more hard work. It seems to be their winning combination for success (but how many people can honestly follow their harsh schedule and lifestyle? Not many that I know!)

Congratulations goes out to all of them, BigHit and their entire team!

Also, look at RM’s cute smile! 🙂

I also wanted to include this funny GIF I saw from the post-Bonsang win interview from Day 1 but I can’t find where I initially had seen it. I did find this still – it’s the moment where they were doing a photo-op with the award and the interviewer called all of BTS “Worldwide Handsome!”


Jin: “Excuse me?”

Without missing a beat, Jin turns to her and says, “That’s me!” LOL! Come on – Don’t take that title away from him! He earned it!