And the Rest of #Canada150 Weekend…

I always come back to work feeling content after a good weekend well spent. I do. I feel like I deserve a pat on the back or something. Because that’s the kind of ego I have!

Granted, some weekends are very “nothing” weekends. Ones where we are just lazy. And that’s okay – I think we need those types of weekends every now and then. Then there are weekends where we are booked with social events. These are the weekends I try to avoid – It’s one thing to spend an evening with friends or family but it’s another weekend where every single minute of our day is spent socializing.

And, no surprise, these types of weekends happen not by choice. We’re about to approach just that type of weekend when we visit my husband’s family in Thunder Bay. My MIL has this weird obsession of making sure the entire city has a chance to visit with us when we arrive – something no one in the immediate family cares for. But she INSISTS. Which is why I always stop at the liquor store and stock up for such weekends.

I’m almost positive there are rumors going around that my poor husband is married to an alcoholic. Fine by me… just give me my red wine!

So due to this impending weekend of doom approaching fast, we’re making sure this weekend is going to be one of those nothing-weekends. Today, yeah, I did play around with the idea of a hike but I have too much to do with laundry and stuff at home as it is. So I’m going to just throw in the towel and stay home. I will, however, enjoy our patio just to say I ‘got out of the house’ – how about that? Does that count?

And I’ll have a martini whilst I’m enjoying our patio.

Last weekend which was the #Canada150 long weekend, we had one of those very fulfilling weekend where we saw no one but did a lot as a family. Chaeli and I did participate in the July 1st festivities, but we also made sure to spend the rest of the weekend doing things we love to do (and take advantage of good weather)!


Crawford Lake Hike – 1 hr 45 min


Our first raspberries of the season


Late afternoon stroll by the lake


Hobbes the Dog was a happy pup!


and the rest of our weekend

as a continuation of our weekend, we ended up being quite busy. most of it was unplanned, last minute type decisions.

except for the surprise party in oakville. yes… our friend, stephen, joined the 40’s club and his wife, cor, made sure he started his new era with a bit of a shock. stephen was conveniently shuffled off to play golf with his father and brother. when he returned, to a dark home, he questioned why he wasn’t able to open his garage door (cor disabled it, thereby forcing him to come through the front door – smart). the lights went on and a huge ‘SURPRISE!’ followed. i couldn’t help but to think that we had better get these surprise parties out of our system now. our hearts won’t be able to take it in our golden years!

it was a fun night. there were some people i haven’t seen for too long. and some familiar faces of stephen and cor’s group of friends and family whom are all so very nice – it was a pleasure to get reacquainted with them.

by the end, though, the group of my friends found our way on a way too comfortable couch. every now and then, our kids would shoot by (with cotton candy – yes, cor got a cotton candy machine for the party; or to run outside and watch wreck ’em ralph under the stars – yes, they set up a projector and screen out on the patio). i looked over at the kitchen island where most people were gathered, doing some shots and other mixed drinks and said to my friend, connie, “i don’t mean to be anti-social right now. but i’m just so lazy and comfortable!” she agreed and we continued to allow our butts to be as they were.

doug was working and as i’m not too comfortable driving to or from long, unfamiliar distances, i opted to leave just before 10pm so that we could get home to hobbes. it was an early night for sure, but i felt fatigue hitting me. the last thing i wanted was to drive chaeli and i home while being very tired. but the distance was well worth the four hours we were there.

cherry beach dog park

hobbes loves cherry beach

sunday morning, we met up with doug at cherry beach. i had texted peter and lisa the day before to meet up at the dog park for a little walk. flint (their dog) and hobbes recognizes each other now. they ran up to give each other a welcome sniff then playfully pawed at one another. they saw each other not too long ago when we had the three over to our house for some fresh lobsters and thick steaks (plus several beautiful types of cheese from the leslieville cheese market). that’s when peter treated both dogs to a scoop of ice cream near the end of the evening.

hobbes has had ice cream before, but usually we only let him lick our bowls when we are done. he gets a taste of ice cream with the occasional last spoonful.

it was no wonder why hobbes was following peter so closely yesterday – he will be forever known as ‘ice cream man’ to hobbes.

when we parted from peter and lisa, we immediately bumped into ada and hoa, who were just finishing up their dragon boat practice just down the beach from where we were. after sitting for just a few minutes at a picnic table next to the shore, they asked, “have you eaten? no? well, lets go then!”

not one to ever turn down the opportunity for good food, especially a good brunch, we went to the leslieville area to do some patio time at joy bistro (we were allowed to keep hobbes tied up on a leash on the edge of the patio). i was actually most impressed with chaeli’s kids brunch which was a triple-bowl platter – one filled with scrambled eggs and home roasted potatoes, another with a lemon ricotta pancake and finally, one with fresh fruit. it came with a choice of orange juice or apple juice – all for just $4.95. it was way more than she could eat but she did manage to try a bit of everything. i ordered the pomodoro eggs benedict which was just about the best egg’s benedict i’ve ever had (well, aside from the lobster eggs benedict at katy’s place in carmel):

roast tomato, parmesan cheese, Yukon gold rösti potato with tomato basil hollandaise

i’m not sure if it was the tomato basil hollandaise sauce or the fact that it was all on top of a potato rösti, or just the very fresh and grilled to perfection tomato, topped with parmesan cheese. the yolk was also perfect – warm but runny. it was all just a symphony of good taste all around!

we went to ed’s ice cream just down the street for some sorbet to cleanse the palette – i had lemon sorbet. my go-to flavour when i’m looking for something refreshing but not heavy.

we had an exceptionally lazy afternoon following our morning fun. i, alone, had two separate naps. i couldn’t keep my eyes open even if i tried. once i got the laundry going, i grabbed some water and sank into our living room couch with doug and hobbes lying on the floor. i could feel my eyelids getting pretty heavy and before long, i stretched across its length and slept for about 45 minutes. two hours later, i went upstairs to watch tv but never even got the tv on before snoozing for another hour! not sure what happened there – i suppose it’s just the collective fatigue adding up and catching up to me.

our laziness continued as we decided to just go out for some wings and beer. we tried st. louis wings and ribs for the first time. it’s a chained sports bar, which ended up being a surprisingly nice atmosphere. they have a pint and pound special. but… i must say, that was not a pint they gave us. it was more like 32 oz (2 pints)! overall, the food was pretty good (love the cactus-cut fries) as it only ended up being $14.99 ea. normally, that amount would cost close to $25 ea.

and of course, chaeli begged to continue watching the twilight series. more on that later.

i was still so tired, though. with all the sleep i did during the day, i was worried i would have trouble sleeping that night. i was wrong – took me about 10 minutes before i fell into a deep slumber.