Give Child Marriage the Finger!

Yesterday, I wrote about the privileges of attending such a personal event as a memorial or funeral service – one where I had no deep connection with the deceased but was initially there to support a good friend.

I want to continue talking about my friend’s mother – this remarkable, active woman whom even in her more later stages of dementia followed global issues surrounding women’s rights and equality. Whom, even in her final days where she was bed-ridden and extremely weak, gave a strict warning to her new caregiver, never to call her a girl again. She said, “I am NOT a girl. I am a woman!”

She spent countless social working hours going to homes of women in need of support and help. She raised 6 feminist children – now 2 men and 4 women. Her grandchildren have also been influenced heavily by their late grandmother’s views.

It was the one granddaughter whom told a funny anecdote of how her grandmother was ranting about some a-hole driver who cut her off. She said, “I gave him the finger!”

The granddaughter, shocked, asked, “Grandma… you really gave him the finger’?”

“Yes! I did!” And to show what she meant, she illustrated the gesture to her grandchild.

It was the index finger. 🙂

Now, to back track a bit, I have been following a specific campaign from Plan International’s ‘I Am a Girl’ called Give Child Marriage the Finger!

This was just too much of a coincidence… Over the last few months, with the Women’s March, there’s been heated conversations of whether or not protests have any value to actually cause change. Well, I don’t know for sure – but if it gets the conversation going, I’m all for it.

Here I was at a memorial service of an active and passionate feminist, listening about how she gave some one the ‘finger’ and this campaign pokes fun in the same light, taking the obscene gesture but this time, it is the wedding ring finger. Which, adorned with a black rubber ring which says, “End Child Marriage” represents a fight to end forced marriages of girls whom will basically have no freedom but a life of slavery where she is physically and sexually abused, forced to have children before she finishes developing, and taken away her rights to have an education and therefore a life she would like to have. Which in the end, has been proven, would benefit the economy if she stood a chance for a normal life.

I held back from making a donation before only because I wanted to do more research – I wanted to be sure the money would be put to good use (and not in the pockets of a CEO or VP who makes a 6-figure salary ‘running’ the organization).

Going to the memorial service, hearing about this remarkable lady’s life and that story of her giving the (index) finger, it was like the universe was telling me something. And it’s moments like these where you do not question things. You see them for being far more then just mere coincidences and you do what your heart knows is right.

I quickly made my donation – and then spoke to my husband to see if we can do more than just a one-time payment. But this first donation was in memory of my friend’s mother. It as my way to extend her legacy and spread her goodness of everything she believed in and stood for.

This is what she would have wanted – for others to pay it forward and lead by example as she had until her 89th year on earth.



the question – how hot were the firefighters?

after the luncheon meet and greet of the fire department last thursday, various inquiring minds have been wondering what level of hotness was in that room that day.

i can assure you… none.

unless you have a thing for mustaches. wait… let me go one step further… unless you have a thing for porn star mustaches. circa 1980’s.

it’s MOvember, people. no guy is ‘hot’ when they participate in MOvember. and because doug’s rookie class wanted to do it together as a team, they all agreed to aim for that cheesy porn star look.

i thought previous years of MOvember was bad enough – this one tops the cake.

locks of love

we started chaeli’s birthday with a trip to the hair salon. she had a 10am appointment to get 10+ inches chopped off.

the hair will be donated to a an organization called locks of love – a non-profit organization that creates wigs for children undergoing treatments that causes loss of hair.

chaeli loves her new short and very chic do. they basically layered the bob so that it’s shorter in the bag. we all love it! what a great start to a great birthday. i hope my 7 year old remembers this day in years to come.

she definitely feels great knowing she’s going to help out another child out there. that alone made it all worth the experience.

rest of the photos found here.

random stuff

  • eddie, the gym-stalker lady, seems to be MIA as of lately. it doesn't mean she won't show up again. this has happened before. where she will be gone up to a month or two at a time and then come back, trying to get advice from me about how to lose weight. one of these days, i should just yell back at her, "COME TO THE GYM MORE CONSISTENTLY!"


  • we have a subdivision of our music tv station where it plays retro videos all day long. so today, i find myself almost in a trance while i watch prince and the revolution's video of their single hit, 'kiss' and am baffled at how i ever thought that this video was anything but weird. 99% of it it is prince gyrating around with no shirt on. it was disturbing. very, very disturbing. and yet, i was unable to peel my eyes from the screen. sort of like self-torture.


  • i finally got to making my donation to the haiti earthquake relief fund through – normally, i'm right on it. there's a slew of charities i wish i had the time and money to donate to. we set up our charity amount to sick kid's hospital so it's automatic once a month. so that's easy. but one thing i usually am good at is doing a donation through the redcross almost immediately after a natural disaster has happened, anywhere from around the world. i was slower this time but better late then never.


  • lately, i've been needing more solitude then before. life is so busy, though. but there's so much i've been meaning to do at home. i want to do more craft, both alone and with chaeli. i want to bake, cook – without doug's help. because doug already does an amazing job cooking for us. but what i mean is, i want to set aside a day where i get the kitchen to myself for the whole afternoon – so i can make something for him and chaeli. and i am behind on downloading my photos from my camera and sorting through them.


  • i miss my best friend like crazy.

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sunday back-ache

no, i didn't injure my back but it's definitely sore.

partly because i spent three hours wrapping up presents while doug and chaeli kept themselves busy with making gingerbread cookies and shortbread, but also partly because i'm sore from my waist down after doing this 20 minute, fast-pace circuit routine, focused on the lower body.

the walking and stairclimbing yesterday didn't help either. as chaeli would say, "mommy has a sore bum!" which would be interesting to hear for those who didn't know why my bum was sore in the first place.

so after wrapping the presents from a crossed-legged sitting position, i went down to he basement and got into the same crossed-legged sitting position for another 45 minutes of folding laundry.

it wasn't a good position for my back. but at least i got all the things i wanted to get done… done.

my list, below, shows that i'm procrascinating on two things… making that damn christmas bracelet and getting the toys to the toy drive (though i do have it purchased. learning the manual setting for my nikon D60 is an on-going process, of course:

  • wrap christmas presents for thunder bay
  • wrap christmas presents for my own family
  • ship remaining gifts not yet given to my in-laws
  • get stamps
  • buy christmas tree
  • decorate
  • send out christmas cards
  • make a bag or two of non-perishable food items for the food bank
  • donate a new toy to the children's toy drive
  • make my christmas charm bracelet
  • learn how to use my new Nikon D60 DSLR:
    • learn to use automatic by chaeli's christmas show
    • learn to use basic manual by christmas eve

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