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the walking dead

february 9th? are you kidding me???

  • the last episode in 2013 was the beginning of december. at the end of the episode, it announced that the walking dead would be back february 9th, 2014. two whole months. my friend, B, emailed me and made a point about that, “can you believe they’re making us wait until february 9th???” and i was all like, “yeah. i know, right?” and she was all like, “what do you think about judith?” and i was all, “oh my god, tell me about it!” we have very deep conversations. as do all good friendships. but i have a theory as to why they’re making us wait. after watching a couple of seasons of our beloved tv-zombies, one does become desensitized to them. even i, the zombie-phobic-scaredy-cat seemed to get use to watching them week after week. well, the commercials for the next new episode are starting to air and at the first glance of a zombie, i felt that shiver up and down my spine again. yup. the 2 month wait desensitization worked.
  • i haven’t done a ‘top annoying faces’ for a long time. i was contemplating doing another one but realized it would just mostly be repeats of the last two i posted here and here. so what would be the point? other than to say that most of these celebs are STILL in the limelight which means there’s something seriously wrong with this world! i suppose if i had to make a new list, it would just contain one new face…
rob ford

mayor of toronto… sadly.

  • though there are some annoying things already starting to pop up for 2014. one is the new mc donald’s commercial where they going on about how the egg mcmuffin is only 290 calories. and the next person would go, “whaaaaaat???” after hearing it just once i thought, when will this get old? well, i got my answer after hearing the next morning on the radio.

how to survive a zombie attack

  1. carry a crossbow or at the very least a sharp pointy stake, preferably made of metal, and jab it in through their eye socket.

  2. although slow, they can suddenly appear all around you like ninjas.  to avoid this, keep your head on a swivel and look in all directions at all times.  you may want to use a small mirror to alleviate neck strain from looking back.

  3. always wear a thick winter coat, snow pants, tall boots, gloves, 3 scarves, earmuffs and ski goggles to avoid getting bit when throwing out the trash.


tai sent me the above instructions after i emailed out to a group of friends (all who have been encouraging me to get over my fear of zombies and watch the walking dead already) about how the other night, i went into the garbage bin room of our underground parking lot, looking both ways for any signs of zombies.

i had only watched 5 minutes of walking dead at that point (had to turn it off after the first intense scene – which wasn’t even as intense as the next few).

oh – and i made the mistake of googling ‘scenes from walking dead’. ada questioned why i would do that. i never said i was all that bright.

i had been trying to watching the popular show for months now. yes… months! i have heard great things of how well it is written. but it was stil hard… very hard… for me to turn on my netflix and watch the show.

zombies terrify me.

vampires and werewolves? no problem! simple and fun folklore.

zombie survival guidebut zombies… the reality of a zombie apocolypse? it’s possible. maybe not something that could bring a person back from the dead but there are zombie-like viruses right in our natural world as we speak. sure, something like rabies can be cured. and the other mind-controlling parasites in the animal kingdom affect small species at this point.

but lets face it – a superbug of this type from mutation, evolution and cross-species transmission and BOOM! you’ve got yourself a zombie apocolypse.

having said all that, i did manage to stomach the first 2 episodes and i’m hooked. my friends have good taste in shows, movies and books so i trusted their recommendation. i love the characters, so far – especially andrew lincoln whom i fell in love with from love actually.

coral mani and the continuation of twilight saga

another girl’s day with the start of brunch at our usual, local diner followed by a mother-daughter manicure session. i have now bought my own manicure tools – the place we go to is pretty good at sterlizing everything in front of you but it gave me more comfort to have my own set of tools.

chaeli picked blue (as she always does though each time, she picks different shades, sometimes sparkly, sometimes not…) and i picked this beautiful, bright coral colour. something i’ve eyes on other women’s nails. as it fits the warmer months, i figured i should get it now as we’re still being blessed with temperature in the low 20’s during the day. and lots of sunshine.

doug and i have an appointment at a spa for our 10th wedding anniversary coming up in a couple of weekends which includes 1 hr massages followed by a lavendar manicure for me and a men’s manicure for him. the massages will be covered by our employee benefits but the manicures will be a treat.

i just couldn’t wait, though, and decided to settle for a basic manicure at a regular no-frills nail spa to tie me over.

and i’ve needed the pampering.

we’re about to watch the third twilight movie, eclipse. chaeli’s says she’s all about team jacob (becuase he’s cuter).

oh god help us…

dream cheating part II

i had another dream about usher.

this is getting embarrassing. really. but let me point out that i was in my late 20’s – doug was not in the picture yet so technically, yet again, i didn’t actually dream cheat.

in this particular dream, he tweeted about how he was looking forward to his visit to toronto, especially because he had a special date lined up. i have no idea how it even got to this stage but i knew he was talking about a date with me (this is where everyone who might be reading this will laugh and think, well, yeah, this really must have been a dream…)

he then tweeted a personal, direct message to me, telling me to get ready to go all night.

yes, i know. the words are taken directly from his Scream lyrics. i didn’t boast that this was a good dream. everything about this dream, in fact, is pretty cheesy.

anyway… so i started to panic. like, really panic. i was dying to go on this date with usher. but the words ‘go all night’ spun me into an anxiety attack!

how the hell can i go all night? i can’t do that! even at that age, 2 hours max.. maybe 3 hours. but all night???

yes – i am talking about sex and the performance of endurance. it freaked me out!

well, didn’t matter. like the last one, i woke up before any of the dirty stuff happened.


a dialogue about adam levine with my 9 year old

we were watching The Voice when chaeli commented, “hey, i didn’t know adam wears glasses!” he wore them during one of his coaching sessions for the knock-out round.

i said, “i guess he does. i think he looks better in them!”

“i don’t like him in glasses.”

“did you know that auntie cathy loves adam levine?”

“i like him too!”

“yeah, but auntie cathy thinks he’s SEXY**!”

*surprised look from chaeli*

“what… you think he’s sexy, too? do you like him the way auntie cathy likes him?”

“ah hahahha! nooooo… ha ha ha!”

“oh… you’re embarrassed. that’s okay, we can talk about it later.”

“hahaha! i don’t want to talk about it later! hahaha-haaaa!”

chaeli was laughing so hard she almost had trouble breathing.

i continued teasing her as she went up the stairs to get ready for bed. she had to lie down until she was able to contain herself.

of course, i kept on just saying in different ways how auntie cathy loves him, has the biggest crush on him and think he’s sexy**

it was awesome.

then she asked, “did you want to marry a SEXY man, mommy?”

i replied, “i did… i married daddy!”

“ah ha ha ha! daddy’s not sexy! ewww… that’s gross! hahaha!”

**it should be pointed out that in no time, did my friend cathy, ever admit to thinking adam levine is sexy – perhaps just a small crush on the man but that is all. i added the whole ‘sexy’ bit because i knew it would make chaeli uncomfortable. and it makes for a better blog post.