And the Rest of #Canada150 Weekend…

I always come back to work feeling content after a good weekend well spent. I do. I feel like I deserve a pat on the back or something. Because that’s the kind of ego I have!

Granted, some weekends are very “nothing” weekends. Ones where we are just lazy. And that’s okay – I think we need those types of weekends every now and then. Then there are weekends where we are booked with social events. These are the weekends I try to avoid – It’s one thing to spend an evening with friends or family but it’s another weekend where every single minute of our day is spent socializing.

And, no surprise, these types of weekends happen not by choice. We’re about to approach just that type of weekend when we visit my husband’s family in Thunder Bay. My MIL has this weird obsession of making sure the entire city has a chance to visit with us when we arrive – something no one in the immediate family cares for. But she INSISTS. Which is why I always stop at the liquor store and stock up for such weekends.

I’m almost positive there are rumors going around that my poor husband is married to an alcoholic. Fine by me… just give me my red wine!

So due to this impending weekend of doom approaching fast, we’re making sure this weekend is going to be one of those nothing-weekends. Today, yeah, I did play around with the idea of a hike but I have too much to do with laundry and stuff at home as it is. So I’m going to just throw in the towel and stay home. I will, however, enjoy our patio just to say I ‘got out of the house’ – how about that? Does that count?

And I’ll have a martini whilst I’m enjoying our patio.

Last weekend which was the #Canada150 long weekend, we had one of those very fulfilling weekend where we saw no one but did a lot as a family. Chaeli and I did participate in the July 1st festivities, but we also made sure to spend the rest of the weekend doing things we love to do (and take advantage of good weather)!


Crawford Lake Hike – 1 hr 45 min


Our first raspberries of the season


Late afternoon stroll by the lake


Hobbes the Dog was a happy pup!



There is no better day than to be a proud Canadian than on Canada’s 150th Birthday!

We went to the Civic Centre and took part in the Reaffirmation Citizenship Ceremony where we had a chance to recite the oath. This is something I always wanted to do but being born in Canada, I never thought I would have the opportunity.

Then, I find out on July 1st, across the city, they were having four locations holding a citizenship oath ceremony and all were welcomed to participate! I knew right there and then I had to experience it for myself – I would have regret it if I didn’t get to be part of it especially on Candda150!


Canada150 – Proud to be a Canadian!

I swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King George the Sixth, His Heirs and Successors, according to law, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen. > View video of today’s ceremony.

tye-dye, sea monkeys and berry picking

as usual, i’m late in posting this – but even so, our canadian long weekend was special for me. i, therefore, still wish to document what we did that hot and humid weekend of june 30th to july 2nd, 2012.

doug did have to work on both Friday and Sunday so there was some minor disruption during our family weekend. but we made the best of it.

saturday’s highlight was visiting with cathy and her family. the three kids had a blast,  making tye-dye shirts and playing together exceptionally well. cathy’s daughter, M, is  around the same age as chaeli – they are both very gentle girls and are a good match in both age and temperament. though, that was not always the case. i still remember when they were toddlers, chaeli loved M very much. maybe a little too much?


this is actually M’s tye-dye tank top – we took the wrong one!

i still remember photos of chaeli ‘hugging’ M. though, it looked more like head locks!

as adults enjoyed some yummy cheese and pate – wine for us ladies, beer for the men. then a feast was laid out before us. yummy!

sunday morning, chaeli and i went for her haircut. she got about 8 inches chopped off – just in time for art camp. afterwards, we did a little shopping – i promised her at some point i would buy her a sea monkey kit and was lucky to find one $5 less than the previous place. at the end of our shopping, we had lunch before leaving the mall.

a very mother-and-daughter day out (well, aside from the dog park we went to with hobbes later in the afternoon)! i have to say that age 8 bring a whole new world for our relationship. shopping, lunch dates, manicures, trying on shoes… fun!


hiking through the rouge

monday was our day as a family, after doug came home (and we had a energy-filling brunch), we went for an hour hike with hobbes. it was a beautiful hike! while the weather was hot and humid, we were able to spend most of our time in the woods, therefore, sheltered from the sun.

interesting tree trunk

if i had this tree in my backyard i would so have a pot of cascading flowers spill from it

after an hour or so rest at home (plus a light snack), we went to whittamore farm. it was their last day of strawberry picking so i’m thankful we weren’t too late. there weren’t an abundant amount of strawberries to pick but what we did get was sweet and juicy! we also picked some raspberries which just opened for picking that weekend. before leaving, we stopped at the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh potatoes and carrots for dinner (to accompany the very thick AAA grilling rib steaks i picked up the day before at costco’s). plus, we brought home one of each pies – blueberry and strawberry. they did not disappoint at all!

picking strawberries

bye-bye strawberries – see you again next year!

picking raspberries

these little berries go great in gin & tonics. just saying…

it was such a great weekend – and i’m starting to see a trend in our canadian long weekends together as a family. they make such awesome memories to look back on!