Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge 2019 – Part IX

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Question #19: Favorite interview of a k-pop idol or group

The last time around, I tooted about Zach Sang’s AMA 2017 interview when BTS first exploded in the US’ main stream media. And it’s STILL my favorite interview because unlike the rest, this one gets real. It finally, gets real. It’s my dream to get a chance to speak to BTS just so I can ask them some deep questions about their work and their music… and their vision!

Zach Sang continues pleasing k-pop fans with his interview with Blackpink (among others like Day6 and NCT 127). I just feel he cuts through a lot of the bullshit and puts the artists more at ease. I hope he continues to interview more and more k-pop artists in the near future.

On the flip side from more serious interviews, there’s been some interviews I have loved because they are funny or endearing. I’d say since Zach’s interview with BTS, my favorite would be just how adorable they were with Jimmy Fallon. And of course, how adorable Jimmy Fallon was as well.

Not only did BTS look like they were having fun in the interview, their performance for Idol and I’m Fine was killer. In fact, this was the first live performance of I’m Fine I really felt emotional for. And the Fortnite sketch they did prior to the show added to their entire visit.

I would have chosen Buzzfeed’s Puppies interview but I’m not sure they are true interviews in the traditional sense but they are so much fun to watch. The one with BTS was fun but I loved the one with Jackson Wang!

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge; Questions 20 & 21 will be a separate post! ]

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge 2019 – Part VIII

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Question #17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling

I can’t believe I actually thought I could view J-Hope as my older sibling. I mean, after ANYONE sees that man live, platonic feelings goes out the door as fast as one can blink! Not to say I don’t doubt he would make a great sibling, but I saw the man do his iconic Bapsae hip thrust… LIVE! My life will never be the same…

My answer now would be, without a doubt, Jooheon from Monsta X.

Watching their Monsta X Ray ep 5, when they spent the day as daycare workers, it’s easy to see Jooheon actually takes on a fatherly role as well. I was impressed how he felt so natural around the kids and was able to diffuse problems by just talking to them in a way which grabbed their attention. I’m quite certain growing up with a brotherly figure such as Jooheon would have been a positive experience.

Question # 18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling

LISA from Blackpink wins this year’s status as ideal younger sibling. She might be a bit overly affectionate for me to take (ask my family – while I welcome hugs and kisses, I hate being mauled and prefer an arms length bubble of air around me most times). She’s sweet and what a cutie she must have been when she was a baby or toddler.

I think for me, LISA would have been the type of sister to get me to enjoy the moment more often. She would have been the one to open my cold heart in order for me to accept love. LOL! Poor her would have had to deal with my over-achieving ass to ensure she’s on the right track, dates good people and strives for her best.

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge.]

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge 2019 – Part II

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Question #4: Who’s your ultimate k-pop girl bias?

Woohoo! Another one where my answer has changed drastically and multiple times.

First time answering this was LE from EXID because I wasn’t very familiar with many k-pop girl groups, or many other k-pop groups period.

Soyeon, leader of (G)I-dle

Since then, I’ve changed to Lisa from Blackpink, to Jennie from Blackpink, to Sunmi and finally, at the moment at least, Soyeon from (G)I-dle. Though I still love Sunmi. How can one not love Sunmi?

But Soyeon is a hard one to deny. I’ve gushed over her before and I’ll gush over her again – this young lady has skills! She writes a lot of their music, carries the responsibility as leader of their group, is a killer dancer, and I encourage people to watch her facial expressions in both their music videos and live performances. Soyeon knows how to look at the camera and give her iconic snarl expression right at the right moment!

Question #5: A favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

As before, this one is extremely hard to answers! I broke it down to the following categories last time:

All-Time Fave: FIRE
2017 Song of the Year: MIC Drop Remix
Current Fave: Sea

To stay with the same categories, here’s my updated list:

  • All-Time Fave: Dionysus
  • 2018 Song of the Year: Truth Untold
  • Current Fave: So What

Once again, this was not an easy question to answer. All-time favorites will change time and time again. How does one even pick an all-time favorite when new things come out all time with k-pop and one’s tastes or mood changes frequently?

I think any of BTS’ classics will remain my all-time favorites, such as FIRE, Blood Sweat and Tears and MIC Drop Remix. Dionysus, however, has earned it’s way to the top for sure!

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge.]

Summer K-Pop Playlist

I love seasonal playlists. The right type of tune with the right type of weather just does something for my spirit. Living in Canada and having four seasons helps as well.

Currently, here are my top favorite k-pop songs on my summer playlist:

Look by GOT7

My first k-pop concert was during this comeback of GOT7. Which happened to be in July of 2018.

Honestly by Eric Nam

Definitely summer days type vibe.

SSFW by Chanyeol

I know SSFW stands for spring, summer, fall and winter, but for me, this song suits the summer the most. However, I can see it extend to early fall playlists.

Ko Ko Bop by EXO

So I do keep on returning to this particular EXO song summer after summer. It has a special place in my heart. Not only does it scream summer music, with the laid back, chill feel – I mean it’s totally all lets do summer-lazy really well – it also happen to be my first k-pop comeback ever. Plus Baekhyun had the most iconic style what with his red hair and eye make-up. He pulled off the mullet well.

Play It Cool by MONSTA X & Steve Aoki

This one screams clubbing Friday summer nights. This is exactly the type of song I would be jumping up in down to in the middle of a crowded and sweaty dance floor. Possibly on the third floor of Whiskey Saigon (a Toronto club, now closed, where I spent many Friday and Saturday nights back in my 20’s)

Ma City by BTS

There was never an M/V for Ma City so I found this bit from their Red Bullet tour. Regardless of what city you are from, there’s no doubt a cool summer, energetic beat to go with the heat! And ahh.. I wish I knew BTS back during their Red Bullet tour. What a way to see them in a more intimate setting (way before they started to play stadium concerts).

BOOMBAYAH by Blackpink

BOOMBAYAH is probably one of my favorite Blackpink songs. It’s what got me hooked on them and my love for this quartet female k-pop group has been growing strong ever since! To be honest, most Blackpink energetic beats (and some ballads) fit the summer season.

24 hours by SUNMI

Another song which holds a special place in my heart. 24 hours is one of SUNMI’s older songs but I still love it. This was my first k-pop dance class routine. Plus SUNMI is my ultimate favorite k-pop solo artist! Seeing her live was a dream come true!

Uh-Oh by (G)I-DLE

Here’s my chance to also add one of my favorite recent comeback songs. I really do hope (G)I-DLE continues their strong streak in the world of K-Pop (and hopefully music worldwide alike). Uh-Oh has both the chill and energetic beat of a hot and sizzling summer street feel. Plus Minnie is giving off strong vibes for me in this M/V. Wow – hot! Just like the season!


I know. BTS is on here twice. But I am part of ARMY so how could I not? I actually held back because I wanted to add IDOL and FIRE. I’ve always loved RUN but recently I’ve been listening to this track after taking a break of sorts from it.

It suits my idea of summer because it reminds me of youth. Especially my youth. It reminds me of all the care-free, living in the now, carpe diem days with my group of friends. And really, underneath all those moments were problems and issues we didn’t want to face. So these summer days… and nights… made up a collection of distractions we used to prolong facing the music of what’s to come tomorrow.

It’s somewhat bittersweet yet now I look back and see it all as chapters of my life… my youth. Days of basically breaks from growing pains.

Blackpink “In Your Area” World Tour – Hamilton

On April 27th, my family and I finally had the chance to see Blackpink LIVE! My daughter and I took the train from Toronto to Hamilton the day before and as we entered the city, we shared nostalgic and fond memories of when we last visited during our first and second night watching BTS Love Yourself World Tour.

As with the last time, I wanted to create a weekend get-away with the highlight being, once again, the k-pop concert. And with any mini-vacations, food is a must!

Our first night, my daughter and I went to a trendy French bistro called The French.

It was a great time between my daughter and I but… I felt I didn’t order correctly. I went for the steak and frites which is quite boring. My first instinct was to order a cheese platter, their crispy escargot and their rabbit and sunchoke tart. Well… I did order the tart but I really should have just created my own tasting menu of appetizers rather than a main dish which ended up being too salty. The wine, however, was amazing!

The second night, my firefighter husband got off shift and joined us at the hotel. We stayed at the Homewood Suite. The bedroom gave my husband and I privacy while my daughter camped out on the sofa bed in the large living room. We took advantage of the fridge, bringing leftovers back from the restaurant and stocking it with drinks and such. While I went to find a highly-rated nail spa for a much needed pedicure, my husband and daughter took to the indoor pool.

That evening, before the concert, we went back to Berkeley North. And it was here, the 2nd time we’ve ever dined at this establishment, where we ordered VERY correctly!

I’m not sure where to start as far as our favorites, but certainly the mushroom dumplings, fresh cheese sourdough toast and cod were among some of our go-to choices!

We didn’t have as much time from dessert and coffee to the concert but with reserved seating, we were quite content not arriving too early,

The intro of the show, which lead to DDU-DU DDU-DU was almost 1.5 minutes long as the music, smoke and lights teased us. Finally, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa appeared through the thick floor fog from their own individual spots beneath the stage. The entire night, they were energetic, cute and sexy and just adorably fun! The one thing I noticed which was different form most k-pop concerts I’ve experienced was an accompaniment of a live rock band. It created such a rich sound and just gave them that extra boost to bring the entire concert hall down!

I managed to get most of the intro and song but in the last 15 seconds a security guard asked me to stop filming. Which was fine – I actually was not sure what the rules were as I never received an email before the concert like I normally do, in regards to the rules, but I did notice everyone around me were still filming. And allowed to continue to on. Odd.

The next morning, before heading home, I was in need of coffee. And GOOD coffee. I had enough of the crappy stuff they were trying to serve us at the hotel. There was a Starbucks not far from us but I made the good judgement to look up a local espresso bar. As luck would have it I found Ark + Anchor Espresso Bar just 5 minutes walking distance form our hotel. While my daughter packed, I booted over there and picked up a hot Americano for myself and a cold one for her. It was such a lush and rich drink I hardly needed to add the cream I usually add to all my coffee. What a great find!