Dad’s Musings on K-Pop pt. 2 – It’s all about the *ZAP*!

It’s a weird and crazy world at the moment. Each day brings uncertainty – each day brings more chaos. And the isolation has just begun for many – it’s only been 1 week.

So, fortunately, I did get together with my parents for dinner a couple of weeks before all this madness erupted.

My dad had recorded the BTS performance of ON on the Jimmy Fallon show. He saved it so we could watch on his larger HD screen.

These days, my parent have been even more impressed than before with BTS (recall the time my dad said the reason BTS are better is because they have *ZAP*). A part of it is, as my dad explained, he related to them more as they grow and mature.

I thought about this and I completely understand where he’s coming from. Had I discovered BTS during their debut years, I still would have loved their music. However, being the age I’m at, I would need the more mature and evolving BTS we see in the past couple of years to really connect with them. This isn’t at all to say they weren’t relatable several years ago. They all (or we all) have elements as we grow and journey through our lives others can relate to regardless of age difference. As a whole, however, everyone is just at different stages of their lives – and this perhaps is what separates debut BTS and current BTS for me.

Anyway, my dad started to explain why BTS was so successful.

Okay. Lets just pause here for a bit.

Because this is me we’re talking about. I’m definitely an ARMY. And as any ARMY would know, explaining BTS’ success is pretty deep. But something we all know very well. Like, if I were to teach a course about BTS’s path to success, I could probably break down the lessons into units and cover an entire semester at University. It would be a social-cultural course called “The BTS Effect.” Available for 2nd year sociology, cultural-anthropology and social economics students.

Of course, I didn’t say any of this to my dad. Rather, I sat there and heard him out. Simply because I really enjoyed having these types of conversations with him. You know, the kind of conversations that are not too serious and yet both entertaining and interesting at the same time.

I did however, play devils advocate. After we watched BTS’ Grand Central Station comeback stage, I tried to find other k-pop groups’ live performances to illustrate there are a lot of other talented k-pop groups out there aside from BTS.

The only problem? After watching a performance such as BTS’ ON, many of those groups fell short. My dad sat there and said, “See? They just don’t have that same level of professionalism as BTS.”

I couldn’t argue. I’ve seen, now, my share of k-pop acts live yet none of them could even come close to BTS’ live stage. You can take any k-pop group with high energy who are completely in-sync and in tune with their singing and dancing and compare it to one of BTS’ weak performances… and yet somehow BTS still comes out on top.

Why? I don’t fully understand it myself. I would have to say, at least from my own experience, BTS, as RM once told TXT as a word of advice, “destroys the stage” with each performance, There is a rock-star like quality. Even when they are not performing in a choreography sequence, they expel this level of energy I have yet to see in any other artist – k-pop or not.

Regardless, I had a great time bonding with my father that evening. And was pleasantly surprised both my parents were starting to know who was who in BTS!

Plus, I’m guessing that their bias is Jin. They kept on saying how handsome he is! My mom is 80… my dad is 85. It’s just so cute! 🙂

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge 2019 – Part IX.ii (continued into 2020)

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

So…. I know it’s 2020 but I started this in 2019. It was supposed to be completed in 2019 but… I ran out of time! I’m not sure what to do with the title now but oh well!

Question #20: Favorite picture of your guy k-pop bias

From BTS’ Speak Yourself Tour.

Well – the thing with J-Hope, the photos do NOT do the man justice. Trust me. Trust all who stan this man. The above, however, is what I would say to be one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen of the one and only Jung Ho-seok.

What makes him my bias, though? The man is a genius. I feel this way for the entire BTS rapper line, though. In fact, each members have their own unique talents to add to the whole BTS assemble. J-Hope, for me, is a powerhouse. The man can rap, sing, compose, write lyrics and DANCE! My full respects go to Mr. Jung.

Bonus photo from their Cypher 4 performance. It’s Cypher 4. And J-Hope. It’s J-Hope performing Cypher 4. Need I say more?

Question #21: Favorite picture of your girl k-pop bias

Soyeon from (G)I-dle’s LION photoshoot

Yeah. On the same line of artistic geniuses, here’s another one!

Known as the leader or (G)I-dle, Jeon So-Yeon is also the main rapper, center, singer and main dancer. That’s not all, though. She also writes most (if not all?) of (G)I-dles’ music. Her well-rounded talents and skills is making her the talk of the industry. I certainly feel she deserves the praise. In fact, I hope she continues down this path of recognition.

She is definitely not the first female idol to have such fierce talents but I think she’s breaking a lot of barriers here. For the future of other female kpop idols, she could possibly be paving the way!

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge]

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge 2019 – Part I

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Okay! So this is start of my 2019’s 30 Questions K-pop Challenge. As with before, this is going to be random so lets just hope I finish it by the end of 2019!

I mentioned the last time, I would compare how my answers have changed since i did this almost two years ago. Let’s see!

Question #1 – Your favorite k-pop boy group

BTS Season’s Greetings 2020 Photoshoot

Ah, well, this one hasn’t changed at all. While I’ve picked up on many favorite boy bands since I started getting into k-pop, my favorite has not changed. Of course, BTS is still my favorite then and now. It’s been quite an amazing journey they’ve taken us on as well. When I first discovered BTS, they were not known outside of Asia and the ARMY fandom. Now, everyone and their grandparents have at least heard of them!

Where as back then I would have gotten a, what’s a BTS type response, now, three years later, they’ve won American music awards, did a speech at the UN, toured stadium (including 2 nights, sold out at Wembley), appeared on so many late night talk shows (and 2 daytime ones on Ellen), reached #1 on the Billboards multiple times, and well, the list is so long I’ve completely lost track! I’m extremely happy for all achievements by BTS as a whole and the individual members.

Question #1 – Your favorite k-pop girl group

This one is an interesting question to answer because when I first did this 30-day challenge, my knowledge of k-pop was of true amateur status. I didn’t know many groups, let alone girl groups. I was frustrated with the obvious, double-standard sexism between boy and girl groups within the k-pop industry. There were not as many bad-ass girl groups with equally bad-ass music and choreography to really grab my attention.

(G)I-dle LION music video

My first semi-favorite girl group was EXID and my first serious favorite girl group was (and to some extent, still is) Blackpink. At the moment, though, I would have to say (G)I-dle is by far my favorite.

For me, not only does (G)I-dle show their talents on many level, but I see them breaking the rules a bit. I noticed them in Latata and have been steadily following them while being impressed with each of their comebacks.

Their sound tends to show variety from comeback after comeback and song after song. Something I haven’t found as much in many groups aside from BTS. They really can dance, especially the leader, Soyeon. I watched their dance practice for Uh-Oh and was floored with how strong of a dancer Soyeon is. I have no doubt in my mind these ladies would kill any choreography given to them if, and I put an emphasis on ‘if’, given the opportunity. K-pop still has some ways to go before we see an all-female group dance circles around their male counterparts.

They are, however, under CUBE Entertainment. And we all know how CUBE managed ( or mismanaged) 4MINUTE and then the whole Hyuna and E’Dawn from Pentagon dating scandal. My hopes is they have smartened up with (G)I-dle. They’ve got themselves a really amazing group of talented women. For God’s sake, CUBE management! Wake up! Don’t f*ck up this one!

Day 3: Who’s your ultimate k-pop guy bias?

Left to Right: J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook

LOL! This one definitely has changed drastically! I used to say Park Jimin from BTS but now, after seeing BTS live twice, it’s none other than Jung Hoseok!

Yes ’tis true, I am the category of ‘wait until you see him live’ – the J-Hope effect hit me strong after watching BTS perform the first night I went to see them. The unbelievable stage skills and strong persona emitted by J-Hope is hard to ignore. Plus the man is so talented on many levels, it’s difficult to not gravitate towards him! Well, the J-Hope stans get my point.

I think Jimin is a sweetie and still one of my favorite k-pop male dancers. But he’s almost too cute – if that makes any sense.

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge.]

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge – Part XV

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge]

Day 30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

Well, that’s easy. Park Jimin! In fact, the reason he’s my ultimate bias (from BTS or any k-pop group) is because of the way his whole face just lights up when he smiles! Especially in his eyes – they’re almost dancing when he’s happy! It is such a charming feature. And I really hope he’s as happy as he looks!



It’s not just his smile, though. When he laughs he often throws his whole body into it! And the sound of his laugh is so adorable. Seriously – I can see why Taehyung wants to protect Jimin. Sometimes, he laughs with such ferocity, he disappears from the screen. Or falls onto one of his Bangtan family members. 🙂 Bless him though – he’s the only one who cracks up at Jin’s dad jokes.





And there’s the end of my 30 Day K-pop Challenge! It was fun and allowed me to get through a very stressful month (as January always is when it comes to my workload).

BTS Come Back Song – Serendipity

I am in love with the new BTS Come Back song performed by Jimin. I wish it was just a tad longer but perhaps that is part of the charm – short and sweet. It is such a lovely ballad – light and beautiful, capturing what I feel is the innocence of one’s first experience of first love:


And I know this is totally inappropriate I already mentioned BTS is too young for me to look at THAT way. But I will admit it – Jimin has definitely caught my attention. While all his fanatical fans, however, goes on and on about his abs, that’s not what has me interested.

Lets just say I have this really huge desire to bite that bottom lip of his! Yup! I guess that’s my current kink.

Looking forward to their come back mini-album to see what talent they will be showcasing. And I’m hoping for some sic dance choreo in any of the new music videos!