BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Dynamite’ Official MV… times TWO!

And BTS does it again – breaking the most views in 24 hours for music videos, DYNAMITE explodes this weekend! They also broke 100 million views sometime mid weekend and the video is not far off from the 200 million mark.

This is their first all-English song, which they mentioned in one of their many streamed American interviews, was a great challenge for the group. It didn’t sound like it, though. They did a great job with pronunciation. They also expressed they wanted to give the world some hope and upbeat mood with DYNAMITE, so I gather this was not planned prior to the pandemic. In other words, while they prepare for another album to be released end of the year, they put together this amazing single just for us.

And it’s definitely amazing! Will this be my favorite BTS song? I don’t believe it will be. It’s a great song and I think it has top charts potential, as well as more playtime on the radio. It is a great summer, upbeat song to get up and just dance to. And they added some retro beats including that disco feel.

My personal taste has always been more of BTS’ harder and edgier sounds. Or a very emotional ballad. But I will enjoy DYNAMITE in years to come even though it won’t make it to my top 10 BTS tracks.

Now, about this music video – when it dropped midnight my time last Friday, I played it three times in a row because I could not get over how extra they were! I mean, damn! I never liked the 70’s style but BTS makes it look GOOD! At 2:38 I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I laughed because they really pulled off the disco-era look! Taehyung gave off that cheesy, slick and what should be also the greasy look. Yet it came off both sexy and fun. ALL AT THE SAME TIME! What the hell, Taehyung?

And speaking of the 70’s look, that part really reminded me of That 70’s Show – Taeyhung is Hyde, Jin is Eric and Jimin is Fez.

I have to give props for Jimin and Taehyung’s amazing vocals in this – both really stood out for me and also complimented each other.

Not only did we get this great video, BigHit just dropped the B-side music video as well…

This B side looks like the scenes that did not make it into the original music video, along with some bloopers and just BTS having fun. What more could we ask for?

Random Kpop (Old) Updates – RM gives me the feels, Grammy 2020, ATEEZ’s “Answer” and more

This is long overdue. I say this because some of these updates are not really new anymore!

Winter Flower by Younha ft. RM

I’ve been listening to this song so much and it’s giving me the emotional feels!

RM (Kim Nam-joon, a.k.a. leader of BTS) partly wrote the lyrics. Apparently he had been talking to Younha about this idea for awhile. The song is about mental health and judging the lyrics, I see it as two friends having a dialogue. One is hurting badly and the other is being there for the friend… “I will take it away before you stumble, I will stay by your side until you survive…

Younha’s vocals is so lovely – and it goes so well in contrast to RM’s deep rap/vocals. As she sings towards the peak of the song, there is a pause. And that’s where RM speaks through with one word… stay.

Wow. For me, that one simple word carries so much meaning.

BTS x Grammy’s 2020

Damn. Okay, I know some people were disappointed BTS didn’t get a chance to do their own stage, but come on! This collaboration performance, thanks to Lil Nas X, was in my honest opinion one of the best performances of the night!

And I’m not just referring to Lil Nas X and BTS but all the eclectic group of artists who took part on this stage. However, of course, I was very BTS-focused. RM did a phenomenal job delivering his rap in his deep voice. Joined also by Suga and J-Hope. I couldn’t hear Jin that well, but Taeyhung’s base vocals came through. And Jimin and Jungkook’s vocals were hard to miss. They all sounded so good. But damn – did they look the part as well! What stunning visuals to be the first k-pop artists to perform on Grammy’s stage! I’m very happy for them.

ATEEZ Comeback – Answer

I’ve been semi-watching rookie group, ATEEZ, quietly since they debuted. Their songs have been good but nothing really caught my attention until I heard Answer. After this release, which I loved right away from the first few beats, I went back to some of their other title tracks and found myself also loving Promise. Both are now on various k-pop playlists of mine.

MONSTA X Comeback All About Luv

Oh boy. I need to be honest here. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of them coming out with a full English album. Not that I’m against this decision. Music is music after all and at the end of the day if one loves the music than the album is a success regardless of what language.

However, it irked me. I know I mentioned I wasn’t going to bring up the whole Wonho scandal when it was happening but I really do question if Starship thought it all through.

The two allegations against Wonho for international fans really wouldn’t have affected his or Monsta X’s image and/or popularity. And I learned soon afterwards, Monsta X is not as big in Asia as they are outside of Asia. Granted I learned this from one source and while they are YouTubers who share their opinion from their research while in Korea, I trust these two. David Kim and Daniel Kim, so far, seem pretty grounded. While I don’t always agree with all their opinions, they have successfully given me food for thought and opened my mind to different perspectives. Below are their thoughts about Wonho leaving Monsta X (go to 5:21):

*Sigh* Okay. So lets say it’s true. Lets say Wonho owing money or smoking weed 6+ years ago is a big deal in Korea but not internationally. And lets say Monsta X is more successful internationally. Here we are today, finding them releasing an all-English album. MARKETING TOWARDS THEIR INTERNATIONAL FANS! So then… why did Wonho have to leave? Did they think this through??? I don’t think so. That or the company, for whatever reason, just wanted to get rid of Wonho even though he is one of the most popular members of Monsta X.

Now, onto the album. Honestly? It falls completely flat for me. It’s too R&B-ish for my personal taste. I’m sure others will like it but it’s completely against my style. I mean, even BTS had released similar styles in their earlier years and I didn’t like those tracks either – so this is as honest as I can get about my likes and dislikes. I hope for the best for Monsta X but I won’t be adding any of these songs on my playlist anytime soon.

KARD Comeback – Red Moon

Finally… FINALLY! Big cheers for KARD!

I am so happy say I can get onboard with a KARD comeback. Red Moon is such an improvement for their last couple of comebacks. For a group I truly would like to support, things weren’t looking so good for me until Red Moon came out. The choreography was also more point-on. I felt they were sharper than they’ve ever been.

BTS Map of Souls: 7 Comeback

Too much to list here! I’m going to save this for another post so stay tuned!

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge (and not in 2019) – Part X

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Question #22: Favorite picture of your favorite k-pop group

from BTS Summer Package 2019

I wouldn’t say this is my ultimate favorite group photo of BTS but it is in the top 10. I love how the stylists played with a modern-day version of the traditional Korean robe (hanbok) in the Summer Package 2019 photoshoot. They look both elegant and slick! BTS certainly has done a wonderful job promoting their culture. While I am not new to the Korean culture myself, it has still been fun doing a deeper dive and learning more. Though I admit, my favorite part has been eating more Korean food.

Because, well… food. I love food!

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge]

Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge 2019 – Part III

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge 2019]

Question #6: A favorite k-pop song from your favorite girl group

My response two years ago would have been Blackpink’s Playing with Fire.

Now it is a toss up between (G)I-dle’s Uh-Oh and LION. I’m going to go with Uh-Oh, though:

I love this live performance, BTW. They look like they are having fun!

Question #7: K-pop song that makes you cry

I hadn’t had a k-pop song that made me cry until the release of BTS’ I’m Fine.

It’s possibly due to the fact this song came out at the perfect time. We watched Burn the Stage (docu-series and the movie) and heard their struggles. We saw BTS members breaking down and crying on stage in front of thousands.

The lyrics and choreography is very emotional – ARMY will understand. There are three distinct parts of the dance where each of the maknae line (Jungkook, Jimin and V) fall to their knees and the rest of the members picks them up. Or the part where J-Hope (the resident sunshine and positive energy of the group) motions each member up right. And of course, it’s the conclusion to Save Me from three years ago to signify their personal growth as individuals and as a group.

I still get chills whenever I watch a live performance of this song.

[Here’s my original answers from the first time I did this challenge.]

Are We Getting a Bon Voyage Season 4?

Yesterday, we saw videos of BTS arriving back in South Korea as they came out of the airport and into their company vehicles.

A week ago, we saw a similar scene in reverse, as they arrived at the airport to set off together (minus Jin but Jin was present on their return).

In between, we saw clues to where they were in their tweets as they sent photos of selfies and of each other. I mean it was pretty obvious… the background showed snowy mountain caps, they were all bundled up (since it is the tail-end of winter/beginning of spring over there)…

And of course, if you zoom in to the top right of the following photo RM tweeted of Jimin, you can clearly see the posters advertising ‘gliding’ in ‘Omarama’. Bingo!

It’s not official whether or not they were in New Zealand filming another Bon Voyage but I would say it’s not a far fetch guess. At the end of Season 3 in Malta, I recall a couple of members saying they would prefer to go somewhere cold.

Whether or not they were on another Bon Voyage adventure, I’m glad to see them having some fun together. They had just spent a month apart doing their own thing during their temporary hiatus and this is a great way for them to re-adjust themselves as ot7 in preparations for getting back to their schedule.

But gliding? If that is what they were signing up to do, I can imagine not all were happy to up that high in the air! ARMY is well aware some BTS members do not do well with heights. But what an experience if they did get a chance to do some gliding!