I was low-key excited about BLACKPINK’s Squared Up mini comeback. I’m high-key excited about “DDU-DU DDU-DU”! This is a fun and energetic beat with wicked EDM mix. The sound is great and the members’ kill it in the video:

I bought the album and haven’t had a chance to get into the rest of the tracks – but from the sample of what I’ve heard so far, it made sense to just pay the $3.99 for the whole set!


My dog won’t let me sleep. And neither will Anpanman, apparently…

Last night I was so tired. My daughter is traveling with her class on an end of school year trip and my husband was working. I savored having the house to myself for the evening. When I climbed into bed, my dog, Hobbes, decided to squeeze himself into MY spot so I was forced to lie there diagonally whilst contorting my body around his 21-lb rolled up ass.

He’s tiny, but solid. And he knows how to make himself comfortable. Often when I think I’ll get to cuddle with my husband, he’ll swoop in and take the spot that is rightfully mine. See what I mean?


I finally nudged him to move over and he decides to make himself comfortable by lying on his side, back to me, and resting his head on my husband’s pillow. I’m thankful at least he’s on the other side of our queen size bed but sheesh! You’d think he was entitled to act so…  human!

My body was done for, though. The weekend was just so busy… shopping with my daughter for her grade 8 graduation dress, waking up early both Saturday and Sunday morning to put in a grueling 2-2.5 hr workout and up to my parents place for an early father’s day dinner. Not to mention all the running around we had to do to get in our errands – plus a short hike on Sunday to end the day.

I was very close to la-la-land. I could feel my body succumbing to sleep but just before I reached that blissful slumber… just as I was about to feel the final strings of my consciousness being pulled into a peaceful darkness…

This is what goes through my head…




BTS Comeback Preview Show – FAKE LOVE

I’m sure many of you watched BTS’ hour-long comeback preview show. If not, it’s free on their V Live channel:

And I might very well be really missing RUN BTS webisodes because I was tickled pink when they decided to play a game near the end of their V Live broadcast. My favorite parts here in the following self-made GIFs (and man these were hard to make but I’m getting there!)

The two teams had to blindfold each member as they take a photo of their team mate striking a pose from the FAKE LOVE choreography. Each member took a turn to take a different part of the pose in order to piece together the full pose as Polaroids.

Poor RM, Jin and J-hope. They clearly did not understand the rules!

What I liked about Taehyung, even though Jin assaulted his eyes with the blind fold (unintentionally of course), he just stood there and took it like a good sport!

And for those who have not seen the official come-back show, the set for FAKE LOVE (and a bit of foreshadowing at the time for the extended rock version music video, was amazing! I felt chills!

We were also blessed to see the choreography and live performance (first time for both) Anpanman and Airplane pt. 2:

I am almost speechless of how good the choreography is for their new releases! Anpanman is fun and light but still pretty athletic with their high jumps which mimic them flying like superheros. And Airplane pt. 2‘s Latin-American dance moves are both slick and sexy. I love the way it starts with Jungkook sitting and singing on the chair and then Jimin coming from behind as he body-rolls his way to the mic-prop. He just swoops in fluidly into his vocals!

BTS x America Part II

When BTS arrived in America for the AMAs last November, we were all pretty excited. Not only were they performing for the first time (with DNA) at an American music award show, but there were a flurry of activities as they hopped around from interview to interview, as well as drop in to a couple of talk shows.

For myself and many others, the disappoint sunk in when the interviews started to hit YouTube. I know I was disappointed. In fact, I cringed at most of the ill-prepared questions.

Aside from Zack Sang’s interview (the only interview which mattered), it was very disappointing. So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this time around, while BTS dropped in Los Angeles first before heading to the BBMAs in Vegas.

All in all, there were noticeable improvements. Once again, Zack Sang did a bang up job (and I was thrilled BTS remembered how great he was as he was one of the few where they dropped in to speak exclusively with – the others like Access and ET had to basically come to them where they had the media basically lined up for interviews).

Another interview I deem worthy to mention was with J-14 Magazine.  This media interviewer, Liam McEwan, was part of the line-up to meet BTS. And while I never heard of this media group before, but Liam did a good job focusing on BTS’ lyrics/message and I was just happy he addressed Taehyung’s solo in Singularity! I think he was the only one who did! Plus Taehyung’s shown such an improvement with his English. I can’t help but be proud!

And as a side note, I felt Taehyung continued his success with the English language on The Ellen Show! Plus, Ellen got them pretty good at the end.

Finally, while not a serious interview (which is fine… not all interviews have to be serious and can be fun, so long as they stay respectful), I LOVED the the one Buzzfeed did with the puppies! I felt they probably did some research with the type of scenarios BTS finds themselves in (whether it’s with food or puppies such as in RUN BTS webisodes as well as other S. Korean Variety show).

The funniest scene was when the puppy peed, though… And BTS reacted just like how we would expect BTS to react!

Note Jin’s proud face at the end. 😉 Yes, hyung taught the leader well in terms of dad jokes.

Here’s the full pup-PEES interview!

BTS “FAKE LOVE” Extended Music Video

So this just came out. Like 10 minutes ago. Thank you, Big Hit. I was having a relaxing and chill Friday morning…

And now I have all these questions. I mean, I will be honest, I don’t really get into the whole theories ARMY talks about online. Not because I’m not interested. But I know once I get sucked in, well… there goes my productivity. :p

Yet, I have developed my own theories of how FAKE LOVE ties in to I Need U, Run, pre-Love Yourself highlight reels and Euphoria.

But now with this extended music video and the extra footage added to the end?

I’m even more confused than I was before. I mean, just when I started to piece everything together they do THIS to me? What does that ending mean???

I need some one to please explain to me. Or hold me. Because I’m all shook.