ten books no. 4 (new years 2014 resolutions)

[on-going documentation of new year’s 2014 resolutions – sub-section under ten books]

blankets by craig thompsonAs busy as I have been, I’ve actually gotten to my fourth book of my ten books resolution. Judging that it’s August as of tomorrow, though, it still means I’m behind. But I won’t let that stop me from trying.

This lovely graphic novel (for adult reading as it touches on some pretty gritty subject matters) sucked me in to the mind of the author as he transcribes his childhood, youth and adolescent years through poetic writing and incredible illustrations.

Throughout the entire book, I would say that dark contrasts with light, evil with good, beauty with ugly. Symbolism of this contrasting relationship is seen throughout his writing. It’s both beautiful and sad as the author is clouded by such darkness. There is, however, moments of joy and purity, though always threatening to be just at arms length.

Work Hard In Silence – Let Success Do the Talking

I read this somewhere, recently. I believe the original quote ends with “Let Success Make the Noise.”

I prefer “Let Success Do the Talking.” Because even then, noise isn’t required. One’s hard work will always show without making too much noise anyway.

This has been something that’s really honed in on my professional front. I have been working very hard for many years but these last few months have really challenged me to excel forward. Through it, I have been surrounded by a lot of noise. A lot.

Noise about how much overtime is being put it.

Noise about not having time to take a vacation.

Noise about not getting paid enough.

I, myself, would shrink back into the shadows during these competitive one-up matches. I didn’t see the point. Why would I have to prove that I’m working harder then any other of my peers? Why would I care how hard they are working?

I realized that I don’t really care. It’s none of my business. What matters to me is what I do and the quality of my work. Lessons are made to be learned through both success and failure along the way, and that’s okay. So long as I improve upon these mistakes, I can take pride in my work.

The noise has lessened since. As my work has started to shine through, I’m not being targeted with these one-up matches.

Perhaps simply because, with me, they can not win.

ten books no. 3 (new years 2014 resolutions)

[on-going documentation of new year’s 2014 resolutions – sub-section under ten books]

The Secret GardenYeesh. I know. It’s June – we’re nearing the halfway mark of the year and I’ve only completed three of my ten books as part of my new year’s  resolutions.

I’m not giving up, though. Even though the chances of reading all ten books might not be the result at the end of 2014. Still, I’ll keep going and try to read as much as I can.

I actually finished The Secret Garden over a month ago and have since been having trouble deciding what to read next. I think I’ve started three or four different books only to change my mind not even halfway through the first chapter.

What can I say – I’m busy these days. And when I’m not busy, I’m restless because I’m so use to being busy.

The Secret Garden is a children’s classic – one which Chaeli’s grade 4 class is reading for the 2nd half of their school year. At first, I thought I would read the same book in case she had any difficulties with whatever concepts were being discussed in her class. It turns out, she doesn’t need my help but we have had a chance to have some discussions surrounding the main themes of this book.

I will say this, this is a delightful piece of literature. And as a parent, it graces so many areas of concern when we raise our children and as to what type of person they develop into.

Topics of what happens to a spoiled child when they are faced with sudden hardships, how adapting to change is key to survival, trust and friendships, respect for others, developing a certain level of “toughness” (while maintaining a compassionate heart)… these are things I’ve talked to Chaeli about thanks to reading The Secret Garden.

Okay – so now that I’ve blogged about book 3, I need to get serious about reading book 4. I’m drawn back to Haruki Murakami as I do at the beginning of every summer.

Randomnous updates and tidbits…

  • I watched X-Men – Days of Future Past last Wednesday and this past Saturday. The first was with Tai and RV, the 2nd time was with my family. I must say, I enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time if not more. And as with all X-Men movies, I was able to catch things I didn’t see the first time around. Some of if, though, you need to be a bit of a comic geek to catch.
  • Pedicures. I know I’ve said this before, but I am such a late bloomer when it comes to pedicures. With only my second time getting it ever, I’m definitely hooked. I’m already trying to decide on my next location to get another appointment in as sandal season is amongst us. What I love most about it other than the pampering? How good my feet look on the yoga mat. I know, vanity while doing yoga is not allowed – even if it’s just about the feet.
  • Work has been taking over much of my free time (which is partly why I blog about 3 times less than I use to). I realized, just the other night, there’s one thing missing that had been helping me escape a bit during all this stress. My TV shows! With the end of the season with all my favourite shows, I don’t have anything to follow-up with. I even finished the Netflix exclusive, From Dusk Till Dawn (not the moviie version). Not bad – great if you are just interested in watching some violent drama and you really don’t care where the story takes you.