Famous encounters

Blonde and beautiful. I don’t mean the manicured type of beauty, either. I’m sure you were wearing make-up but it was pretty light. Either way, it was obvious you didn’t need a lot of make-up to show off your natural gorgeousness. With a kind smile, you passed me the blow-dryer, saying something about how we’ll share. You were with your daughters and I was with my best friend (we were having her bridal shower at one of those ceramic painting places).

You looked familiar. It wasn’t until after you left the people who worked at the ceramic painting place mentioned your name.

What made me remember you most that day wasn’t your beauty, as the magazine and films depict you to be. It was how kind and sweet you were. How down-to-earth you were.

I’m glad I was clueless to how famous you are when I met you that day. I think, seeing how you were spending some quality time with your daughters, you probably preferred being anonymous. And I’m glad we were able to give you that peace and solitude.

~ Back in 2000 when I didn’t realize I was exchanging words with Rebecca De Mornay.

Prosecco, Sparkling Cava, whatever you want to call it…

I sit here with my glass of chilled prosecco, a bowl of chopped organic strawberries (3 pieces which reside in my champagne glass soaking up the lovely bubblies) and wish this moment of time would stretch up for much longer than it will. I also did some gentle, vinyasa yoga. This is what I call living large.

I am reading a friend’s recommendation, Station Eleven.

The writing style is my weakness – and it transcends well with the plot. So I am pleased. I’m such a slow reader. Yet I have suddenly discovered this can be a strength, not a weakness. For when I am entrenched in such a wonderful book capable of taking me on a journey into another world, I’m able to stretch this content feeling for much longer before the inevitable ending.

In two hours, our house will be full of people.

I have learned it’s important for me to find some time of peace and quiet before this living room is filled with chitter-chatter.

Wish me luck.

My Birthday – Take Two Parts 3, 4 & 5!

As mentioned during my birthday re-do, on day 3 I had a lazy day ending with a pedicure. Yesterday, day 4, Doug took me to McEwan‘s for some brie cheese with truffle and P.E.I. grass-fed rib eye steaks – both had for dinner. We also bought other types of cheese (they have a wonderful selection) including two of my faves – Backburn and Grey Owl. We made Caesar salad dressing from scratch – first time. And now probably the only way I’ll ever want to have it!

And today? Well, today is NYE. It is day 5 of my birthday celebration because I wanted to stretch my birthday out to the end of the year.

The thing is, nothing big or extravagant was done on each of the days I prolonged my 44th. Nothing special happened really on any of those days.

Except one thing – to indulge in the peaceful quietness with back and forth moments of solitude and being with my family. That’s all I ever wanted. For this and past birthdays.

In fact, if Doug is able to take time off work, I am hoping we go away next year for my birthday and NYE. I have asked Doug if there’s a chance we can rent something in Collingwood so we can ski, board and snowshoe. I want to be even further away from the noise of the city. I want to be surrounded by a true winter wonderland where the snow muffles the outside noise. I want to snuggle up to the fireplace, with Hobbes lying next to me, and lose myself in a good book.

That is my hope.

My Birthday – Take Two Part Two!

As mentioned, I needed a birthday redo. And so, I did just that yesterday.

It was exactly the perfect birthday I wanted this year.

I had my birthday brunch, did my 90 minutes yoga and got a lot of chance to read while snuggling under my new faux-fur throw my PIL got for my birthday (of which the dog has now taken over):


Hey! That’s MY birthday present!

Even better, I had the house to myself for a couple of hours so I actually had time to take an uninterrupted bath! With red wine! And more reading!!!

That ended though when my family came up, my dog ran upstairs to show his concern that I was in a tub of water which separates his ability to be close to me and my daughter barging in asking if she could play Sims 3 on the PS3 in our bedroom.

I was pretty much at the end of my soak anyway.

Today, I will continue with part 3 of my birthday redo. I’m calling it a lazy day where I will end with a spa pedicure.

Will tomorrow be part 4 of my birthday redo? I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet.