Well, now that winter is over…

I admit, I’ve been toying around with the idea of whether or not to continue blogging.

I love blogging. I miss it. But I’m trying to be fair to myself because obviously, I’m not being very consistent in my virtual space here. Neglect is almost too easy of a word.

Still I keep this place because I can’t seem to let go…

This past winter has been pretty crazy. The worst part was being sick for several weeks – a respiratory bug that just would not go away. I was left weak and winded most days. Because of this, I wasn’t able to work out and I’m now left frustrated with the 10 lbs I’ve gained. I don’t like how I feel and I’m hoping to tighten my body up again before summer hits.

I’ve also been traveling a lot. With most of them being business trips and a couple of leisure trips. Actually, one leisure trip and one weekend get away to my husband’s home town. I’ll be honest, I’m not looking forward to that trip. Being away from home for a weekend with no control as to how I spend my time is not idea. I have been working most weekends and this would have been a weekend I might have been able to just relax especially as it’s one where Doug is off for the entire week.

Spending time with a grump FIL and judgmental MIL is definitely putting me in a negative mood. But I’m not going there for them – I’m going there to surprise my SIL on her 40th. And I look forward to seeing my niece and nephew. I just need to get through a couple of days and nights. Probably with the help of a lot of red wine (note to self: pick up some strong Californian Cab Sav when I get there).

On the plus, while I hate the whole airport process, the business trips have been fabulous. I truly hate leaving my family behind and the days leading up to my departure, I get worried about being away from them. Once I’m at my destination, though, I’m often too busy and caught up in a positive vibe through valuable face-time with my team from the states.

The level of commitment and passion is so infectious – this might be a very big reason as to why I love my job!

We’ve also been on a cruise and a few days in Quebec for a ski/board trip. Both I hope to add as separate posts here…

Work Hard In Silence – Let Success Do the Talking

I read this somewhere, recently. I believe the original quote ends with “Let Success Make the Noise.”

I prefer “Let Success Do the Talking.” Because even then, noise isn’t required. One’s hard work will always show without making too much noise anyway.

This has been something that’s really honed in on my professional front. I have been working very hard for many years but these last few months have really challenged me to excel forward. Through it, I have been surrounded by a lot of noise. A lot.

Noise about how much overtime is being put it.

Noise about not having time to take a vacation.

Noise about not getting paid enough.

I, myself, would shrink back into the shadows during these competitive one-up matches. I didn’t see the point. Why would I have to prove that I’m working harder then any other of my peers? Why would I care how hard they are working?

I realized that I don’t really care. It’s none of my business. What matters to me is what I do and the quality of my work. Lessons are made to be learned through both success and failure along the way, and that’s okay. So long as I improve upon these mistakes, I can take pride in my work.

The noise has lessened since. As my work has started to shine through, I’m not being targeted with these one-up matches.

Perhaps simply because, with me, they can not win.

Drive-Thrus – A rant about lazy-ass SUV drivers

If I would be allowed to rant for a bit – as I believe I’ve been good at not ranting for awhile here – I would like to dedicate this rant to all those who have had to endure waiting through a drive-thru, behind a car that doesn’t get the whole point of a drive-thru.

Has that ever happened to you? Where all you want is a coffee, maybe a breakfast bagel, knowing it’s worth going through a drive-thru as your order would be speedy and not worth parking the car to go in for your food – only to be stuck behind a SUV who decides to order for an entire office (as this always seems to happen on the way to work when you’re already limited in time and in a rush) of a dozen or so people?

I have seen this way too many times. It all goes back to my pet-peeve of lazy people. I’ve stated it before, it’s normal and even healthy to have lazy moments. But if laziness is one of the first 3 words other people will use to describe you, you had better take a look at yourself and re-evaluate what’s wrong here.

Having said that, I also blame these fast-food type chains. It’s like those express lanes at supermarkets – are they not reserved for people who only have 1-8 items? Come on… why are these lazy-ass-SUV drivers being allowed to put an order, which can only be described as a breakfast buffet, when clearly, the person who is taking the order through the intercom, needs to just ask the driver to pull around to the main entrance, park and some one will arrive with the bags of food (and trays of beverages).

Instead, they actually allow these people to pull-up to the 2nd window and sit there, as they bring out their order through the pick-up window.


And of course it’s going to be slow. For one, the ordering part isn’t what’s necessarily holding up the line. It’s the food preparation. And packaging. And making each and every individual coffee.

It’s this type of order that just doesn’t belong through a drive-thru. And the more and more businesses that allow these lazy-ass-SUV drivers to do this, making a line of cars continuously build behind them, the more and more these types of people will continue to do just that.

Good Lord… there have been times where I’ve pulled out of a long drive-thru, walked in, grabbed my coffee/breakfast, and am driving off while that one car with the big order is still waiting for his/her food.