K-pop Humor – What did Jungkook even do? (Ep 47 and 48)

It’s Friday, the day after my surgery and I’m bored as fuck! So what better way to kill time then continue was this past hump day’s K-Pop Humor post?

There won’t be any spoilers until the very end as far as who the culprit was. If you haven’t watched Ep 47 or Ep 48, do not read beyond the warning I will put at the start of the spoilers. And if you haven’t watched it, I urge you to – they seriously gave us a big-time cliff hanger at the end of Ep 47!

So aside from yesterday’s dialogues between Jimin and J-hope which was absolutely hilarious, the other comedy side-story was none other than Jungkook. Most viewers asked the same thing, “What exactly did Jungkook accomplish?

Poor Officer Jeon really wasn’t a very good detective. He was so lost throughout the game! Not that he wasn’t trying at first. It’s just that his method of trying didn’t get him anywhere.


Jungkook, sweetie, do you even realize how long that will take?


Jungkook giving up for the night.

He wasn’t the only one that gave me a good laugh. As always, Taehyung’s natural playfulness added some humor into the whole developing story line:

By this time, Jungkook is so lost in the game he isn’t even trying anymore and is having far too much fun with the props instead.




But poor Jungkook – he was so trusting of Jimin, he even assisted Jimin in convincing others of Jimin’s lies.

We don’t see this though until the very end of Ep 47 when the camera man follows Jimin out to the empty street and suspicious Jimin looks back to make sure he isn’t followed.


Never trust the delivery man.

Of course, this cliffhanger was only the tip of the iceberg… what is revealed in Ep 48 completely caught me off guard. Well done, BigHit… well done!


K-pop Humor – Hobi please just listen to Jimin!

From RUN BTS ep 48:

Poor Jimin – he’s just asking his hyuang to listen to him. LOL!

And damn… Park Jimin as a delivery man.

Seriously though, this episode was coined BTS Village and it’s a take on the Mafia Game where they have to figure out who the ‘intruder’ (from Blue Village) is.

Running around what looks like an AMAZING replica of a true village (is this somewhere we can go and visit?) they have to unlock codes, find clues and then meet every evening to discuss the clue they found. Daytime in BTS Village is 20 minutes and night time is 10 minutes. They get three days and three nights to try and solve everything.

COMPLEX! I mean really – I would be so lost (as poor Jungkook was). There’s actually two parts to this RUN BTS – Ep 47 & 48. It was by far the most intense RUN BTS I have ever watched just due to the mystery! And BTS really got into it (well, most – see Jungkook) so the tension and excitement was high.

Fantastic theme!

Dreaming of BTS – The Plot Thickens

The last round of dreams I had of BTS were pretty vanilla. Like even more purer than vanilla. So exactly WHAT the hell is going on with my more recent dreams of BTS??? And in these dreams I’m back to being 27. Okay, I know why this is. One, even my subconscious is protecting me from feeling like a dirty cougar and secondly, this is around the time before I started dating my now husband.

Seriously though, what does that say about me?

Dream #1:

  • I’m at a party – it seems like a fancy, corporate shin-dig (i.e. boring).
  • I see Taehyung at the bar. He sees me, too.
  • He gives me that look. You know… THAT look! And I blame the real Taehyung for embedding that type of look in my mind.
  • Because he knows how to turn that sinful stare on so well that there’s a definite, confusing duality. I have a question to all those who stan Kim Taehyung – how do you handle him?

How does he go from this…

…to this?

  • My one thought, “Stay away from him, stay away from him… it will only end badly unless you stay away from him.
  • Not sure how I knew? Perhaps I already met him before and he was pretty blunt about what he wanted from me? I just knew he was up to no good.
  • I turn around and then bump into Jimin.
  • Jimin is no better, though he’s a gentleman about it (i.e. not as crass but still, I know it will result in the same kind of ending.)
  • He asked me if Taehyung was bothering me – that he would keep me safe.
  • But I didn’t think he was any safer. I knew he was just as dangerous.
  • I didn’t find out – I woke up before the dream went further.
  • I should be thankful of that.

Dream #2:

  • I’m at the AMAs and I see just Jimin walking across this hall leading to the auditorium.
  • I’m a little surprised no one has spotted him – it’s like he’s only visible if it’s BTS as a whole.
  • I couldn’t help but just stare at him. And he turned and caught me staring.
  • Then that thing happens. You know where the guy waves you over and you look behind you to see if it’s maybe some one else he’s motioning to.
  • But it was me. And so, as if in a trance, I slowly walk over to him.
  • He takes my hand to greet me and then next thing I know… *poof!*
  • We’re all of the sudden back in his hotel room and he has me pulled into him in the… oh my god… softest and passionate kiss EVER!
  • You know how you look at Park Jimin’s lips and they’re sometimes like the thickest lips ever? And they seem extra soft?

Damn you, Park Jimin!

  • Yeah well in my dream they felt exactly how they looked.
  • I pulled back and questioned if this was a good idea.
  • He said probably not – his fiancee definitely wouldn’t like this.
  • FIANCEE???
  • Then… again *poof!*
  • I’m on a boat with BTS and we’re about to go scuba diving. I must be with them on one of their Bon Voyage trips.
  • I’m sitting there just staring at Jimin acting all sweet and innocent.
  • I look around at the other members and I think to myself, Do they know? Do they realize he cheated on his fiancee with me? Why am I here? How am I going to get home?

So yeah. That’s about it. I don’t know what’s going on. The only thing I can say is I am going into surgery next week. And until then, I’ve been abstaining from sex. Post-surgery, I also have to abstain from sex. That’s a lot of abstaining for me.

It’s hurting. It’s hurting really bad and these dreams are NOT helping! (I’m not just dreaming of BTS, mind you… but I think of all the other dreams I’ve been having, the ones with BTS are the most shameful!)

I’m so going to hell…

Wednesday K-pop Humor

Listen. I simply LOVE K-pop Humor. This isn’t going to be a weekly thing. There’s enough to go around for a weekly post, mind you. And what a way to get through hump-day. Still, I rather just post when the mood hits.

So I’m not sure how many of you were following Zhang Xixing’s (EXO Lay) Idol Producer. Last Friday was the finale and with it came the revealing of the top 9 (or 9%). No worries – for those who are still catching up, there won’t be any spoilers here.

I had to post this one section of the final 20 from episode 11. The teachers played a prank on them, all entering the room of the group/song they do not actually belong to. And basically confusing the crap out of the poor trainees because they are lead to believe the teachers entering room are the ones they will be training and performing their group’s song choice. I’ve shared from the moment MC Jin walks into the room. He convinces he’s actually quite the dancer. What he shows them will have you on the floor! I have watched this five times and I STILL laugh my ass off each and every time! Seriously – this is good shit.

An oldie but a goodie – for all you BTS folks, you’re well aware of that time they made their own music video for Spine Breaker. And this is why I love these guys. They are so creative that even when they’re not being serious they’re creative!

My favorite part is how Jin is always in the corner.

Evidently, Strip Clubs Like K-Pop Too!

No, I didn’t go to a strip club last night. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Yes, I have been to strip clubs in my youth – mainly watching female strippers (I have a lot of best friends who happen to be men) though one time I was dragged to watch male strippers for our first ever stag-ette. I mean, it was the ‘thing’ to do right? What the hell did we know? Believe me – after that one time we learned fast… Spa day, nice dinner, even out clubbing… there were a slew of things we learned as a group of women that we enjoyed over seeing male strippers. I’m not coming down on women who enjoy that sort of thing – I/We just found it somewhat boring.

I’m going way off topic…

Last night we were leaving our K-Pop dance class (we learned Twice’s TT – cute choreography) when we passed by a pretty well-known strip club (one level features female strippers while another features male strippers – it’s been part of our city’s downtown FOREVER!)

I’m listening to the music they have pumping out in order to draw attention. With some confusion, I looked at my 14 year old daughter. As if she could read my mind, she said, “Yeah… it’s k-pop. Hard Carry.”

I had to do a double-take – just to ensure I was not incorrect with my observation of exactly what type of establishment was playing GOT7’s hit track.

“Um…” I cautiously turned back to my daughter, “You, uh… know what that place is, right?”

“Well, yeah. I mean I can read. AND see the pictures.”

“Ah. Right… *Sigh* You’ve got to be kiddin’ me!”


“I finally hear k-pop on the streets of my own city… and it’s from a strip club?”

“It’s not that big of a deal…”

“But it IS a big deal! On so many levels!!”

“Well, I like that song…”

“No, no, no… this is just SO wrong!”

“Calm down.”

This should be filed under “when my teenage kid was not shook but should be but I was hella shook…”