5 Seconds of Summer – Young Blood M/V

I’m starting to make it a habit of listening to a song before watching the official music video. And for me, it’s working. I suppose visuals seem to have an impact of my initial reaction to a song but if I do it in reverse, the music video will either enhance my experience or at the least, does not detract from my enjoyment of a song.

And if I really do not like the song I won’t waste my time watching the m/v. Life’s too short.

So with that, I was really into Young Blood by 5 Seconds of Summer:

The outfits really floored me for once – like a modern-day Grease cast.

The story line of the video really did enhance the song – though whoa.. bittersweet ending. I’m still trying to figure out if the pill the old couple took was to launch them into an alternate reality (think Matrix) for a period of time or a suicidal pact where they had a chance to re-live when they first met and fell in love (before peacefully dying).

All in all, it felt like a powerful statement.

And it raises the debate about euthanasia – should assisted death be legal? I’m sure 5 Seconds of Summer were not thinking this at all during the making of this video. Yet like any form of art, the viewer is left to form their own questions and conclusions based on what emotions the piece of art conjures before them.

Music videos definitely should be seen as a form of art – an extension even of a song and therefore, story. Most music videos I see these days sadly take this notion for granted.


Friday K-Pop Playlist – Recent Add-ons and Discoveries

Happy TGIF everyone!

I’ll be honest – I had a pretty heavy subject I wanted to post but I need a bit of time to finish it. And summer has been going by so fast! So for now, I’ve decided to keep things light. Which is why I’m resorting yet again to k-pop!

So what has been recently added to my playlists? Ah there’s always something, isn’t there? I mean, k-pop is a full-time hobby. For those like me who has welcomed k-pop into our lives, it can be a very serious hobby at that. For me, however, it’s brought in happiness into my life. It’s provided a sense of lightness during some of my very dark moments in the past year or so.

Lets begin! And in the words of Jungkook, “LET’S GET IT!

Remember that little big concert I went to a month or so ago? Yeah, THAT ONE! If I had to pick one new song introduced to me that night, even though it was released over a year ago, however, it’s Go Higher:

I could not have asked for a better song to end the night with. This song is pure energy. That is the best way to describe it! And it’s definitely on my workout playlist.

I’m not crazy familiar with iKON but I know they’re pretty big in the scene. This recent comeback song, Killing Me was an instant hit with me. I listened to it once, went onto iTunes and bought the single as soon as I could.

Currently iKON’s Killing Me is on both my workout and summer chill playlist.

Eric Nam is a name and face I am very familiar with. Along with the discovery of k-pop music, I’ve been heavily into watching Korean talk and variety shows. So it’s obviously hard to ignore Eric Nam being the face of many of these shows, interacting with a slew of differenet idols. He’s co-hosted on shows such as After School Club and The Yang and Nam Show. Nam has also interviewed many North American celebrities. His latest was with Mr. Deadpool himself. Yes – our beloved Canadian, Ryan Reynolds went to Korea to promote Deadpool 2 and thankfully, made time for Nam’s interview.

Yet, as popular as Eric Nam is, I’ve never given his music a chance. He was even here in Toronto for a one-night concert and I’m sort of now kicking myself for not going. Talking to other people he is a great performer! His song Honestly is just lovely. It’s the perfect summer song (and therefore near the top of my summer chill playlist):

And finally, I’m not sure if anyone caught MONSTA X’s Japanese drop, Livin’ It Up? It’s normally not my style but I find myself liking it more and more each time I listen to it. The single is fun and well, MONSTA X is nothing but amazing when it comes to their dance skills. The choreography does not disappoint! After GOT7 and BTS, they are next on my list of must see live concerts.


With the recent news of CUBE Entertainment deciding to pull E’Dawn from upcoming fan signing events, I really want to throw a shout-out to both E’Dawn (plus HyunA) and the rest of Pentagon. I’m even less familiar with Pentagon but I find it heart-breaking to hear how they are all suffering from the supposed ‘dating scandal’ between E’Dawn & HyunA. I won’t go into specifics because I’ve made my rant clear already.

I really hope this mentally of idols’ fandom changes one day. I understand it will not happen over-night but I find it not only completely unfair to the idols themselves, but also unhealthy as a mindset for any fans. It also furthers to isolate idols who are already extremely isolated within their lifestyle. We need to remember, only an extreme top layer of the industry actually are considered rich through their hard work in this specific music industry. The majority of idols, even those whom are very famous and successful in the charts, are still scraping by while working hard to appease their fans. Like everyone else, they deserve happiness.

Netizens Latest News…

Two days ago, my feed caught my eyes, unfortunately with…

Netizens Uncomfortable with HyunA and E’Dawn’s Public Display of Skinship

Well, news flash, netizens are known to have pickles up their arses. Then they went to dissecting all the photos where E’Dawn looked uncomfortable with HyunA’s ‘aggressive’ displays of affection. And how HyunA is appearing to be a desperate ho – total slut shaming Queen Hyuna!

List, I won’t lie. I’m not a die-hard fan of either k-pop idols in the spotlight here but I do respect them. AND their privacy. AND the fact that if HyunA was a man, there would be no slut-shaming.

Two days later, the two confirm they’ve been dating for two years. So what was that again, netizens? Did I read you concluding E’Dawn did not want HyunA’s affections? Were you yet again making a story up in your little closed up minds because of some unrealistic ownership you have on E’Dawn and your poor, pathetic jealous egos couldn’t take the fact that he might very well be getting a lot of HyunA love?

Please… this is ridiculous.

I apologize for my rant but this morning, the top 10 news about kpop were all centered around 8 dating ‘scandals’ as they would like to call it. Seriously???

Meanwhile, I’d like to get back to harsher reality…

A Migrant Boy Rejoins His Mother, but He’s Not the Same

Dad’s Musings on K-Pop – It’s all about the *ZAP*!

Dialogue 1 – After watching BTS on Ellen during their AMA 2017 visit:

DAD: “I was most impressed with RM – he taught himself English?”

ME: “Yup… by watching Friends.”

DAD: “Wow – his English is really good! And just by watching Friends?”

ME: “Well, yes. But he’s also one of those high-IQ types. I heard it’s 148.”

DAD: “It just goes to show you… you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

ME: “Yes, dad.”

Dialogue #2.1 – After watching some of the performances on Idol Producer:

DAD: “This group – they’re just okay. They aren’t as good as BTS.”

ME: “Dad… BTS is sort of on another level compared to these guys…”

DAD: “I mean look at them. They have no *ZAP*!”

Dialogue #2.2 – While watching some of BTS’ legendary dance practices:

DAD: “See? BTS really know how to dance!”

ME: “I know, dad. That’s one of the reasons why they’re my favorite.”

DAD: “Look! See? They have more *ZAP*!”

[He was referring specifically to 3:33]

And that is why BTS stand above the other k-pop groups. Because they have more *ZAP*.