BTS x BBMAs 2018 – What really went down…

A lot happened last night at the BBMAs 2018 for BTS. There’s too much to cover… from the red carpet, the loudest screams from ARMY, to their killer comeback performance of FAKE LOVE and the unfortunate camera work which I felt stole their comeback moment. (I’ll touch on some of this later.)

Oh… And the moment Jungkook gave his hard-stans, soft-stans and even non-stans a generous flash of not just his 6-pack but dare I say 8-pack, thereby bringing all those before him down to their knees.

For now, I just want to express my love for their off-stage adorkable personas.

Because here are the 95-liners basically all like, “Yeah we’re at the BBMAs about to set the stage on fire with the most anticipated performance of the night. And we’re playing ‘flip bottle.’ In the front row.

May BTS always remain their true wonderful and loveable selves through their path of success.


BTS Love Yourself: Tear ‘Fake Love’ Teaser 2

Man. These teasers are killing me. Seriously. Not just the aesthetics. Not just the symbolism and meaning behind how they are tying every up to the highlight reels before Love Yourself: Her comeback.

But the music and small glimpse of Fake Love‘s choreography looks like it will be intense. I’m looking forward to this.

BTS Theories continue with (방탄소년단) ‘FAKE LOVE’ Official Teaser 1

One of these days, BigHit better release an online course explaining how all these BTS theories are tied together. I want closure, damn it!

In the mean time, the boys have never looked better!

BTS Vampire World Part II: Min Yoongi

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More Background Story to My Vampire World:

Vampires have the ability to use a venom on their victims. The venom excreted from their canines act like a numbing agent if used lightly which would in turn keep the human victims awake. Yet like any local anesthetics, there would be no pain in the vampire’s bite, other than a small prick akin to one receiving a needle. This causes an almost euphoric feeling for the humans.

The practice of only applying just the right amount of venom is pleasurable for both humans and vampires who want the feeding experience to be heightened for both. Like any drug, there is a risk the human will experience an addiction to the vampire as this immortal kiss creates an intimate bond which elicits both a physical and emotional response.

On the one extreme spectrum, the amount of venom could also completely aid the human to sleep. Vampires use this tactic as a means to cover-up any recollection at all of their encounter. This method protects the vampire from being discovered as immortals from their human victims.

The first kind of scenario is allowed in legalized brothels. The latter is against the rules. With modern technology, cameras are placed in each room in order to keep each prostitute protected from such practices. The idea is to ensure each prostitute would always be fully awake in order to allow consent. Using the venom fully to put the human under, is seen as equivalent to the rape drug, Rohphynol.

And then there is the other side of the spectrum – where no venom is used at all. The bite is then excruciating as the human is completely unprotected from the pain. Forced to work at the illegal brothel, the underground owners never cared for regulating such things. In the legalized brothels, this type of vampire feeding is punishable by death.

Min Yoongi


My vision for vampire, Yoongi – he would be the perfect candidate for Namjoon’s first advisor. Close in age, not only were the two turned in the same era, but maintained a close friendship from childhood as humans. Though not related by blood (as humans), Namjoon and Yoongi might as well be classified as blood-brothers. Of course, in more ways than one…

The two best friends would have found themselves extremely lonely after existing their immortal lives for so long. While others left their path, whether through death or allies destroyed, not only has Yoongi remained faithfully by Namjoon’s side, but one could easily say the truth is the same for Namjoon. To many, it would appear Namjoon is the leader but Namjoon has always seen Yoongi as his equal. This is integral to both their survival.

Yoongi’s age and wisdom leaves Namjoon with nothing but trust. When it comes to business decisions, Yoongi might appear ruthless but his actions are always calculated and fit to what needs to be done. Feared by both vampires and humans, Yoongi displays his cold exterior as part of his strategy as he is second in command to Namjoon. I cannot see Yoongi risking anyone seeing him as anything but a cold and calculated first advisor to one of the most powerful leaders such as Namjoon.


It is rumored Yoongi had been in love with one of the human prostitutes saved from an illegal vampire brothel, centuries ago. Only those closest in Namjoon’s group knows the rumor is true. To begin this backstory, I will begin with a name. And her name was Rose…

Yoongi was well aware one of Rose’s previous, recurring and sadistic client had been obsessed with her. He would often torture her as a way to break her. With no venom used while he had his way with Rose, each visit was a nightmare of abuse which replayed over and over like her personal hell.

One evening, Rose’s villain came barging into Namjoon’s brothel, looking for his prey after searching for her for months. He spotted her sitting in the dimly lit corner with a group of newfound friends. Marching over, he let out a crazed growl as he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to the ground. After the lash of his backhand across her high cheek bone, the predator, who had a look of pure insanity by this point, hoisted her barbarically on his shoulder and made his way towards the entrance.

Yoongi happened to be at the bar that evening, and fortunately, swiftly repossessed Rose off the perpetrator’s grasp. Yoongi wasn’t much into unnecessary violence. It was that moment, however, the young vampire, while cruel and evil, was not stupid. He knew he was no match for the ancient soul before him. While Yoongi made a quick check to see if Rose sustained any serious wounds, the young vampire foolishly tried to escape. Before even stepping outside, security guards grabbed him. Yoongi instructed them to take him down to the cellar. It was there, while held by the same two guards, Yoongi’s fangs came crashing down into the young vampire’s aorta, sucking every last drop until the vampire was completely drained. Yoongi forced himself to drink the vile blood, reminding himself of all the nights Rose had to suffer by this evil, unworthy immortal. The two guards were then instructed to ensure the body was burned and the ashes spread.

Yoongi took Rose back to her room and started to clean her up and mend the gash on her cheek. There were servants whom could have tended to her and this is exactly what Yoongi should have allowed. The old soul was aware she had been developing an emotional attachment to him for months. As hard as he tried to stay away from her, it was difficult to leave her side when she was shaking and terrified in his embrace. He could smell the fear still residing in her blood and even hear how fast her heart was beating.

Rose tugged as his sleeve when he was about to leave for the night. She gave him a look, pleading him to stay. How could Yoongi refuse? Yet he should have refused. Having her sleep in his embrace and the scent of her blood seeping through her fresh wounds drove him crazy. Rose slept facing Yoongi as he watched her breathing slowly in deep slumber.

It wasn’t until in the middle of the night, she woke to find him staring at her. Slowly, in the moonlight filtering through her window, Rose inched her lips closer until it hovered over Yoongi’s own still and unsure lips. He felt the softness of her warmth against his own thin, cold mouth. It wasn’t long until Yoongi submitted. Yet it wasn’t just the kiss he submitted to. It wasn’t even Rose herself he submitted to. It was his own soulless heart he truly gave into… That night, he finally allowed himself the love he denied himself for so long.

The two were inseparable, stealing passionate, lovers’ kisses in dark corners whenever a chance presented itself. After a few weeks of courting her, Yoongi claimed Rose with his vampire kiss during their first time as lovers. And he never felt so euphoric as his love grew deeper for Rose each passing day.

Rose moved in to his quarters at the mansion where Namjoon’s team resides. Yoongi insisted. And was damned if Rose were to continue as a prostitute at the brothel. She was in debt, however, and needed money to pay off medical bills for her sick father, the only family member she had left.

Yoongi arranged for her father to be moved to the best hospital for full treatment. All medical bills, rent and any additional bills were taken care of. It’s not that money mattered to Yoongi. He had plenty of it. It was, however, as Namjoon warned him, a risk to become attached to a human.


Such relationships with vampires like Yoongi, Namjoon and the rest of their team, is deemed too risky. There are too many enemies who could take advantage of the situation. A human can never fend him/herself against the forces of such powerful, supernatural beings.

Yet, even Namjoon, could not deny the love he witnessed between his best friend and the young human. Thus, Rose became a part of their family.

As with all blissful chapters, the ending is unapologetic in their world. The honeymoon phase lasted several months before doom fell upon their household. Rose had been captured by a rival group as a way to draw both Namjoon and Yoongi out of hiding. While they fought and won the battle, one of the last of the rival’s henchmen who survived until the end, bit down and tore nearly half of Rose’s neck, ripping the flesh off her in front of Yoongi. Blood shot out from the side, soiling her white dress bright crimson.

Before Yoongi’s younger team members, Jimin and Jungkook, came crashing down on the henchmen whom in the end, had his head capitated by Jimin’s bare hands, Yoongi stared in horror at Rose’s look of terror… her mouth gaped open in what looked like a silent scream.

He never will forget the look in her eyes, though. Rose had looked at Yoongi both in complete terror but also, as the lights dimmed behind her irises, a cloak of sorrow cascaded her last silent gaze.

Yoongi understood. It was as if to say, her ever being in his life has caused him too much pain. And for that she was so very sorry. Rose’s last look is what still haunts Yoongi every day of his existence in his damned, immortal life.

Since then, Yoongi has remained cold and indifferent to any human and vampire he has met from then on. He has even closed a part of himself from his team whom he had always been emotionally tied to as they are the only family they have of each other.

Only Namjoon bared Yoongi’s tears and episodes of dark depression. In such times, only Namjoon was able to convince Yoongi to feed on perhaps a mere fraction of a blood bag. Namjoon also secured him in a cell. It was, otherwise, too much of a risk. The leader feared Yoongi would seek a way to end his own life and misery. Selfishly, Namjoon could not let that happen. He could not lose his dear friend. Not ever.

All parts to date

The rest of the BTS vampire member description will continue…

[* NOTE: Most ideas within my vampire world are not original. From the influences of many read and watched fictional vampire stories, I have formulated my personal ideal vampire world. This is solely just for fun and a way for me to explore my creative side.]

GOT7 “New Era”, EXO-CBX “Horolol” & BTS Kim Taehyung “Singularity”

GOT7’s new Japanese single, New Era, is totally my vibe! While I wish Jackson Wang was part of this (though I understand he does not promote in Japan as he also promotes his solo work in China – I don’t fully understand why but am guessing it has to do with contracts combined with politics), I do love this song and wonder if GOT7 will perform it at all outside of Japan? i.e. As I’m going to see GOT7 this summer, this would be a great song to watch and hear live.

I’ve had mixed feelings of EXO-CBX for awhile. It’s not that I dislike their songs but haven’t found anything I truly really like. Nothing stood out for me. Until Horololo came out a week ago! So I’m happy to finally find an EXO-CBX song which suits me.

I had to save the best for last because I am simply blown away from BTS’ “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear” comeback teaser, Singularity. For one, I am ecstatic to see Kim Taehyung (V) out with a new solo. His deep, sensual vocals lend the absolute perfect combination for such a soulful song. I already thought his solo, Stigma, from the Wings album had topped my expectations of what a great musical artist he is.

Yet here he comes again at us with a piece that is so much more mature, so much more soulful, I really was just knocked off my feet when I first heard it!

Whenever it comes to a song with a blues and slow jazz undertone, one can learn a lot from the singer. I remember I went to this live charity function where the first year, a young lady did this beautiful blues song. The year or two later, she appeared again – same style of music but what a difference. I could tell she went through so much more life experience between the two times I had the pleasure of watching her perform.

This is exactly how I feel about Taehyung – I can hear… no, feel how much he has grown and matured. He’s become so much more of a man since Stigma. And I’m sure some of this has been due to much growing pains of what we all experience in our adolescence to adult years.

The video and choreography alone is stunning! I have yet to dig deeper in BigHit’s choice of background dancers but it’s apparent they truly reached out for amazingly skillful dancers to be in this video. One can not ignore the in-sync, beautiful lines!

In addition, Taehyung not only exhibits his true dance skills but I would also say his acting abilities as well. Everything about how he portrayed himself fit the emotions of Singularity.

Well done BTS, BigHit and Kim Taehyung! Well done!