MONSTA X The Connect – Music Film Comeback Teaser

They are calling it a music film for their comeback album, The Connect.

I’m calling it a teaser. Because it is such a damn, good tease! With what symbolizes a ‘connection’ with the Dramarama story line of time warp (and that watch again) it’s like we’re watching a sequel.

I assume we’re also hearing one of the tracks half-way through starting with IM’s rapping. And if so, I can already tell you I love the song! I first thought this was the music video and was about to head over to iTunes to make a purchase! But alas, I must wait like the rest of the world when they drop their comeback album on March 26th.

MONSTA X is fast becoming my 2nd favorite k-pop artists after BTS. I’m looking to supporting them!


BTS MIC Drop Remix – K-Pop Dance Class No. 3

The day came much sooner than expected! Not that I’m complaining. Not that my daughter is complaining. In fact, we were going to go to the 2pm dance class. But when we saw the studio Instagram post MIC Drop Remix for the 1pm beginners k-pop class (i.e. the instructors post the day before or the morning of their scheduled class), I don’t think my daughter would have forgiven me for not signing us up for the earlier one.

I only say this came sooner than expected because I knew eventually, we would have a chance to do a BTS choreography. Whether it was MIC Drop or not (though we were ecstatic to do MIC Drop). I sort of hoped, though, I had a chance to get a bit more practice of k-pop dances in general before trying out BTS. Let’s face it – BTS’ choreography is not easy. And while this was a beginner’s class, even the instructor noted this was going to be a challenging one.

I noticed through past Instagram postings from the dance studio, both BTS and EXO songs seems to be the most popular choreography. I have seen BTS’ Dope, Best of Me, Danger and Just One Day. And also EXO’s The Eve, Ko Ko Bop and Power.  Black Pink is another popular group with Whistle, Playing With Fire and As If It’s Your Last being some of the more current choices.

How did I fare? I think I did alright considering I’m still new to k-pop. By the end of the class, I was able to do most of the sequence (we did it from start of the above tutorial to the “MIC Drop, MIC Drop” part before our hour was up). The end was a bit rushed since we were running out of time so that was where I messed up the most.

One thing the instructors do for beginners is they play the song at a slower speed while we learn the steps. As we all get use to the steps, they pick up the speed until we’re doing it at the actual speed of the song by the end of the class. This instructor must have done it gradually because I didn’t even realize we were going full throttle until class was complete.

Once again it was a lot of fun. And I plan on practicing this one at home. Thankfully, I found the above tutorial to help me through!

My favorite parts:

“Bet it got my haters hella sic…” (YouTube MV link to 1:50)

“MIC Drop… MIC Drop…” (YouTube MV link to 2:11)

Hardest parts:

“Come and follow me follow me with your signs up…” (YouTube MV lin to 1:54) – I actually started to get this part at the end. It’s just that it’s really fast and I needed to loosen up my hips more. Key tip – keeping the movement small makes it easy to keep up with the tempo.

It was also an extremely good workout. We all worked up a pretty good sweat – even the couple of students who are more advanced than the rest. So for those who want a fun way to exercise I recommend learning MIC Drop! Enjoy!

K-Pop Dance Class No. 1 – 24 Hours (Sunmi)

K-Pop Dance Class No. 2 – Rubber Band (iKON)

K-Pop Dance Class No. 2 – iKON Rubber Band


Okay – this class, under a different instructor, was definitely WAY more challenging than our first k-pop class which broke down the choreography for Sunmi’s 24 Hours.

iKON’a Rubber Band is no joke. That part we quickly had to go down on my knee before doing those body rolls? Gonna feel it tomorrow. And there were a lot more body rolls. I had no idea body rolls would take THAT much energy!

It was, however, a LOT of fun! Plus afterwards we all went to this Korean grill house across the street. My husband took the subway with my daughter and I this time. While her and I did our hour dance class, he walked around downtown, meeting back at the studio on the hour of the end of class.

Good music, good exercise and good food. Now, I’m going to go and crash thank you very much.

JHope ‘Airplane’ Music Video



Was I the only one who thought Daydream would be the only video released from Hope World? I honestly did not expect a 2nd video. And it just… dropped. Like on my lap.


It’s like JHope’s personal agenda is to attack me.

We’re spoiled people. BTS spoils us. That’s all I wanted to say.

Yeah – I’m Still Not Over Hope World

Listen. It can’t be helped, okay? ARMY all over the damn world has been playing JHope’s hixtape on repeat ALL WEEKEND LONG! I know I can’t be the only one.

I know this is the third post in a row about it but just one more. Please humor me and allow me to specifically point out 3:06 of Daydream. This part just does it for me on so many levels! But the whole vibe’s got this retro-2000 era, garage house EDM beat that brings me back to so many fantastic clubbing nights! Oh my god – this is giving me all these nostalgic feels.

And it’s okay to be totally love it when it says, “Wake up” at the end???


Hope World is my new religion… as is JHope.

If I want something
If I want something, now
If I want something
If I want something, now
That’s a daydream
They dream, they dream
That’s a daydream
Daydream, daydream
Daydream, daydream
Wake up