It’s Exhausting Being ARMY – and other k-pop updates…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them. To be adding some of the biggest stadiums in the world, thereby doubling and tripling their usual attendees? And no doubt they will set out.

But then the other part of me is like… What? Back to North America? Again? And tickets go on sale March 1st? YOU MEAN TICKETS GO ON SALE A WEEK FROM NOW? Are you kidding me? What do you want from me? Let me rest! LET ME LIVE!!!

Seriously – I know I complain about main stream artists taking forever to release some new content but BTS has us running around like chickens with our heads cut off! But I shouldn’t complain because it keeps life interesting! Will I get tickets? I might try but I’m not holding my breath. Of the two cities closest to us as far as short-haul flights, I’ll be doing a lot of traveling around that time. I may try to get a pair and let my husband go with our daughter. I want him to experience the energy of a BTS concert. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It’s truly euphoric!

I’ve been listening to MONSTA X’s We Are Here album a lot since it was released earlier this week. There are a lot of gems in this one but one song I’ve recently fallen in love with is Play it Cool ft. Steve Aoki. I’m wondering if they will create a music video for it – I hope they do!

Finally, I didn’t think I could do it and unfortunately standard tickets sold out fast leaving high reseller prices for P1 and P2 tickets. Yet I still managed to get Offical Platinum P3 seats. I actually monitored it until the prices dropped. Then picked up 3 tickets within my budget. And maybe one day I’ll understand exactly what Official Platinum tickets are other than a marketing ploy.

So we’re going to see Blackpink’s In Your Area World Tour! Woohoo! The tickets come with free digital download of some new songs they will have before the concert date.


Random Musings

My Husband

Yesterday I wrote about our outing with my daughter and her friend to watch BTS Love Yourself in Seoul.

I wanted to mention how great my husband is. He was not into k-pop like my daughter and I have been but as of last year, he’s been getting more and more into select songs. And even though he does not love all BTS songs he likes a good amount to really get into who BTS are and their story behind their success.

In fact, he’s able to tell who’s singing what part in Answer: Love Yourself better than I can!

The point is I married a man who has a very open mind. He is not closed off to new things and at the end of the day, he’s been so supportive with our passion for k-pop. When I complain to him about the negative comments and attitudes I’ve received since falling into k-pop, he’s been extremely understanding.

He even said, “Through your struggles I’ve realized I’ve been through the same things you have been through all my life… with my love for country music. Except yours is harsher because some of the remarks are very racist.”

2019 K-pop Concerts

I’m still waiting to hear if Blackpink will make a stop in my city since North America is listed on their first World Tour.

I did just find out Sunmi is stopping by in a couple of months though it looks like tickets have yet to sell for our location. Keeping fingers crossed because I would love to see Sunmi live!

I’m also hoping for MONSTA-X. Though… I don’t know if I could deal with all the nakedness Wonho and Shownu seems to always showcase. Just not into it. Though it did gain Kim Seok-jin’s approval

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What My Web Stats Say About My Readership…

It appears a lot of you like looking at photos of Namjoon and Jungkook! 🙂

BTS Love Yourself in Seoul Movie

BTS Love Yourself in Seoul poster

This weekend, my husband and I took our daughter and her best friend (also an ARMY) to watch BTS Love Yourself in Seoul. What a great day! The movie was spectacular. While it did not include any of the commentaries or VCR-ments (aside from the intro to the concert), the camera work was up close to BTS all the time during their performance. And while nothing is compared to when we saw the concert live, it was nice to relive it without the distractions. During the concert there was just so much going on! So to relive it on the big screen and really just zone in to the main focus of all the camera work added to the entire experience.

As this was a pre-celebration for my daughter’s birthday, we took the girls to a very nice, modern Japanese restaurant. Granted, I felt the price was a bit hyped up but the menu selection was very unique and the quality of food was pretty amazing.

Sake Steamed Clams

It’s amazing how I can just ramble off BTS trivia to my daughter’s friends. I know so much about BTS – sometimes even more than they do. Afterwards, I asked my daughter, “Your friends must think I’m weird for knowing so much about BTS!

Her response was, “What? No! They think you’re cool!” Well, that’s good to know. 🙂

How to Deal With Negative Comments About K-Pop

I’ve been a part of the k-pop scene for almost two years now. During this course of time I’ve been blessed. It’s opened up a new world of artists and music, not just for my ears by for my soul!

I’ve also met some really amazing people who share the same passion towards k-pop that I do – and it’s cool because these fans are from all over the world!

I have experienced some backlash, however, from both strangers and friends/family alike who just don’t understand why I love k-pop, and specifically BTS, so much. This post is dedicated on this struggle I have as to be quite honest, I find some of the comments hurtful. Not just to me but to all k-pop fans and idols alike. It’s hurtful towards a culture/sub-culture and I’m trying to find ways to deal with these negative comments the best way I can without resorting to angry words.

The last time I spoke about this, it was definitely more of a rant when I posted the video, “SH*T Not To Ask K-pop fans“. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do – it basically addresses the issue but in a light and comical way. This time around, my goal is to give a definite yet when possible, informative response while keeping it positive.

But you don’t understand the language, so what’s the point?

Yeah – we’ve heard this one before. MANY TIMES! And I don’t know about you guys but it’s getting real old. Sometimes the question’s intent is innocent and out of curiosity but sometimes it’s in tasteless jest and even just downright mean.

There’s one answer I use in a way to throw the question back which I have found to be helpful:

“Have you ever watched a foreign film? Especially one you really enjoyed? It’s not much different – many k-pop music videos have subtitles. Isn’t that great?”

As a parent who’s daughter is into k-pop but does not understand the language, I sometimes add my parental perspective, “I think it’s awesome and I’m so proud of my daughter and her friends for having an open mind. The younger generation are breaking down barriers and not secluding themselves to main-stream art from the English-speaking parts of the world.”

For anyone who will argue against the above two responses would be on dangerous territory. It’s not cool to sound like someone who discriminates an entire culture just because it’s not an English-speaking culture. It’s not that most intend to be this way but it might make them think about where their question is coming from. And are they really going to go against my way of parenting? If they do they are people I don’t want to associate with anyway.

They look like girls! (in reference to boy groups)

This might rival the first question I get as far as how many times I hear it. And once again, I think it truly is an insult to not just the subculture of the industry but to the culture. And not just S. Korea but Asian countries in general.

There’s always been a struggle for male Asians to fight the ‘Asian men are not sexy – they are effeminate’ stereotype. Being an Asian myself it makes me a little sad when I meet North American Asians themselves who say this and I admit, I struggle to come up with a positive response.

K-pop and many Asian cultures are pretty big on make-up and the flower-boy image. Whether one agrees with this or not the point is, this is part of what the idols are signed up for. In time we’re hoping to see this change not because there is anything wrong with men wearing make-up but more about the freedom of style and choice.

They don’t always have that much make-up but doing a Google search, many studio photos do use heavy make-up on both men and women idols alike. And these are the ones non-k-pop people notice first.

I have come up with different responses:

“It’s part of the culture/subculture and is the norm there for men to wear make-up in the entertainment industry.”

“To be honest, I think they look beautiful. And they look also really great without make-up.”

“It’s great to see gender barriers broken down where it’s the norm for men to wear make-up just as their female counter parts.”

“A lot of male main stream artists wore make-up such as David Bowie, Kiss, Boy George, etc. I don’t think this is anything new and to be honest, it doesn’t take away from how great their music is/can be.”

Basically, I’m not really leaving room for argument because I’m confidently stating what should be the main point – judging people by such unimportant things has nothing to do who that person is or their level of music/artistry. I’m basically showing I have an open mind, as do other fans of k-pop, so there’s really nothing to discuss. If they argue back, they are basically stating they lack an open mind (which they might be fine with but I’ve already made my point by then).


This one was easy. I threw the question back, “Why does that matter? Especially in terms of their talent and music?”

This attitude is a direct problem of the person being homophobic, though. I won’t get into a heated discussion with them but I will make it known I don’t tolerate for that type of attitude. My daughter has stood her ground multiple times against homophobic remarks and I’m so proud of her for that.

Idols do tend to show skin-ship more than the typical North American artist. Sometimes, this is due to making the fans happy because k-pop fans love to witness this type of closeness of their favorite idols. Sometimes it’s because it’s cute and the fans enjoy that type of bff-relationship. Other times, it’s because of the boy-love culture (popular by Japanese manga centered around male characters in romantic relationships with one another.

However, in certain parts of the world, it’s completely the social norm to find two men walking down the street linking arms and holding hands. As friends. Either way, as long as the idols are comfortable with it (i.e. not forced) I don’t see it as a problem. And some might just very well be gay/bi! It’s really none of our business.

There are many other insulting questions or remarks I have heard but the above three seem to resurface over and over again. I admit it takes a LOT of patience on my part not to let this these comments get to me and I continue with this struggle. The point is, even those who are being innocent about certain comments, I seriously wonder if they have even given k-pop, especially BTS as BTS goes beyond the k-pop scene, a chance. They assume k-pop all have a certain sound, they assume BTS and other k-pop boybands are like any other boybands – pretty faces, manicured groups, no true talent. And if they do not want to explore k-pop/BTS that’s fine. I just wish they would be more sensitive about what the say/ask. And perhaps not to judge if they aren’t going to at least give k-pop/BTS a chance.

Happy New Year… and Taehyung’s birthday! :)

As with past years Christmas has come and gone quickly. And now it is 2019. In between, we’ve gone on a couple of hikes, had my birthday brunch, visited the Anthropocene Exhibit at the AGO (amazing), shopped at Muji‘s, napped whenever possible, ate sushi, drank too much red wine on some days, did another MIC Drop Remix k-pop dance class (this time taught by another instructor) and had dinner at the Korean Grill House.

While downtown, we also saw this digital billboard a devoted ARMY created for Kim Taehyung’s birthday:

I recorded the above 8-seconds clip to show how amazing it looked! Very professional. And yet I can’t help but to think how much that must have cost. I’m in marketing and am well aware of the price tag for billboard advertisement. Especially in such a prime location just outside the busiest shopping centre of downtown Toronto.

Ahh… ARMY is truly something. I don’t think I could ever reach that level of devotion for any fandom. But I am thankful some one did this because it was fun to watch.

One of our many holiday hikes. This one was along the beach at sunset.