DAY6 Youth Tour Concert with Hi Touch

So I took my daughter to watch DAY6 when they stopped by our city a couple of weeks ago. Above is one of the few of my favorite videos captured of the evening. I had to grab SHOOT ME because it is currently a favorite of mine (and in heavy rotation on my playlists)!

I wasn’t prepared for the ticket sale date though – it passed by and I only remembered several days later. By the time I checked into Ticketmaster I wasn’t able to find two seats right next to each other. The best seats were row A and B of the 2nd half of the floor right in front of one another.

The venue wasn’t very large – most times it is used for our city’s orchestra performing various symphonies. For DAY6 this was perfect. The acoustics of the location was made for live bands. So our seats were really good! We both were right next to the aisle and my daughter had no row in front of her as there was a cross-section aisle across the ‘theatre-like’ layout. There was also no General Admission – which I actually thought was nice. No crazy line-ups to maneuver through and trying to figure out which line you’re supposed to be in… Sorry, my first k-pop concert with GOT7 was a bit of a nightmare as far as the venue disorganization goes.

DAY6 did an amazing job performing and entertaining the crowd. As usual, the group had prepared a VCR-ment (short large-screen video) to entertain their fans as they went back stage to change and freshen up. This occurred before their encore. The below video has the option of ENG SUB if you need them:

Because of where we sat, we were also in prime view during the encore when all the members (except Brian) came running down the aisle, most stopping right in front of my daughter. Jae even climbed onto the chairs in the middle across from her as he belted out some intense notes! My daughter also got to high-five Dowoon.

After the concert, we stayed in our seats to wait to be called by section for the Hi Touch experience. Yes – our very first Hi Touch! I honestly wasn’t expecting getting this with our P2 tickets. But it was a pleasant surprise. It took awhile for them to call our section and I’m thankful the organizers told us all before the concert (by email) to remain in our seats. This allowed us to rest rather than wait in a very long line-up.

We were the last to be called up which, for me, was a bit hard to handle because it was Friday night at the very end of a tiring week. I really just wanted to go home and sleep! But also I didn’t want to miss the experience. We paid for it, after all. My daughter was excited to meet the boys and to be honest, who knows when we’ll ever get this opportunity again!

So when we finally made our way to the guys, I could see them all standing behind the table. As I approached them two things came to mind:

  1. They are far better looking the closer you get. The photos and videos do not do them justice.
  2. TALL! Boy are they tall. I’m 5′ 6.5″ which is pretty average I’d say for a woman. The shortest was half a head taller than me but the rest were towering over me for sure! Brian was leaning over the table to high-five us and he was still tall. The table was not on a platform but on the ground just like us. So…. wow. Very tall indeed!

Of all of them, Sungjin made the most memorable impression on me. They were all very kind and gracious. Sungjin just had this really down-to-earth and humble air about him.


On Why My Parents Like BTS…

So I’ve joked about my father liking BTS before. Yet there’s actually some true foundation of why he likes BTS (aside from just taking interest in what his grand daughter likes).

My parents are not a huge fan of all their music, though. This may be both just a subjective and generation-thing but they are not into rap or EDM so it’s a little harder for them to enjoy a majority of BTS’ faster pace tracks. They do enjoy the more softer ballads though. My mom in particular was taken with Taehyung’s solo in Singularity.

Other than that, if they are not truly into BTS’ music then why do they low-key support BTS? Perhaps it’s part of the reason why we all support BTS. They are talented, humble and most importantly, polite. And I will hone in on the last part. I could love a song by an artist but if said artist is a stand-up human being, I will support that person/group even further than just purchasing and listening to their music.

To break down why my parents support BTS:

1) Choreography and Dance Skills:

The first thing my parents could not deny – BTS’ dance skills and choreography. And one of the first two dance practices we showed them was FIRE and Blood, Sweat & Tears:

The latest dance practice being IDOL:

Now, I know my father in particular supports BTS on their dance skills alone because he will compare every single k-pop group’s dance skills to BTS and it appears none of them in his mind are even close to the same level!

Also, whenever my uncle starts to compare BTS to the boy bands of past music history, my father will quickly jump in and state that they are different – and he uses their choreography and dance skills as one of the indicators of the difference.

2) Talent, Skill and Hard-working

We’re now getting into the Asian-parent way of thinking. Their entire life philosophy is built on hard-work. That’s how we were raised. Keep you head down, mind your own business and work your ass off. Everything will then fall into place.

Having said that, I don’t know if the slave-driven mentality of the k-pop industry should be counted here. Balance is still key. As well as freedom. Still, love BTS or not, their drive to get them to where they are now has been unbelievably impressive.

3) Humble and Polite

Who doesn’t love people who are so famous but remain polite and humble?

With artists such as Kanye West who feel like they own the room even if the room is not their to own (such as The Grammy’s when he stole Swift’s spotlight during her attempt to do an acceptance speech – I’m not the biggest Swift fan but damn did I feel so sorry for her that time), my parents love the beautiful mannerism BTS displays. They realize they are young and not perfect but they are definite role models when it comes down to the art of being humble.

I will use the following behind the scene video from 2018’s BBMA’s. I love the part where Namjoon and Jungkook are in their seats apologizing to the fans they know will be watching this video. They can hear the eruption of constant screams and cheers from the fans coming form the balconies above. Yet they are conscientiously aware the spotlight is not and should not be just on them during the event, but of all music artists both present or of what the night represents. This is a perfect example of how they try their best to be respectful to both the fans and those around them.

Final Part: BTS Love Yourself World Tour (more videos)

[PART 1 | PART 2]

Final Thoughts

I probably will never have any true final thoughts when I think back on being at a BTS concert. It was everything and more from what I dreamed of. But I did want to mention some additional thoughts…

BTS Live vs. BTS on Screen

Without a doubt it is a surreal experience. I say this because as I watched them on stage I had to question if they were real. Were they perhaps holographs projected to be there or were they the real deal? They LOOKED as good as you can imagine them to be. Honestly, it’s amazing how simply beautiful they are. And their off-stage personalities came out as well – BTS are humble and basically, what you see is what you get. This is why it’s hard to deny the connection between BTS and ARMY.

Their Solo Performances

I have seen the Wings Tour on DVD and really wish I had been there to experience the solos live. I’m grateful they had their own solo performances with Love Yourself: Answer because each one was simply larger than life!

Min Yoongi danced during Seesaw. Did you hear me? SUGA DANCED! I loved Seesaw before the concert – I love it even more after watching it live. Yoongi is really in his own element when he performs.

Kim Namjoon owned the stage with Love. I mean, there’s not much to say about BTS’ fierce leader – he is beyond amazing. He certainly is a strong force. But what I love about Namjoon is his kind and humble face, which is depicted in his personality. I have so much respect for this man.

Jeon Jeongguk delivered Euporia with perfection – especially when he hit that high note which I basically lived for. He’s so much younger looking in real life, though. Honestly, I can’t help but to see him as the baby of BTS. And really, he’s even more adorable live.

Park Jimin – oh boy. Ladies, let me tell you, whether you stan Jimin or not, once you see him live you’re in trouble! He certainly knows how to put on that smoldering sexy look. Now about his performance, I could not get enough of watching him doing his Serendipity choreo. I can’t wait to get the DVD of the concert because I feel like watching it twice wasn’t enough to really have it all sink in! What a dancer! He was stunning through and through.

Kim Seokjin truly is #WorldWideHandsome – and quite the charmer as well. Through all the RUN BTS and Eat Jin webisodes, I’ve always found Jin more endearing than anything else but to see him live, you get how he got his ‘world wide handsome’ moniker even though it started off as an inside joke between him and his fans. And his vocals were astonishing during Epiphany and it was so great to see him on the piano, as well.

Jung Hosoek – our wonderful J Hope. So here’s the thing… a lot of people have said that he’s so much more handsome when you see him in person and now I get it. I truly do. And this man COMMANDS your attention while he is performing. He exudes this type of energy that’s really hard to ignore. During his solo, Just Dance, I was completely captivated. His stage presence is simply amazing! Bravo J Hope… bravo!

Kim Taehyung is one I wanted to save for last. Not only is he my daughter’s ultimate bias but when he came to our side of the stage she just went crazy because he looked at our general direction which Taehyung is known for. I noticed he is really good at scanning the audience and making eye-contact even when fleeting. The man is also simply mesmerizing and I was completely in a trance while he performed Singularity. His beautiful baritone resonated throughout the arena. Yet I can totally see him performing in a small night club with an intimate audience as well. And maybe he will one day in his more senior years. Below is Taehyung captured on video by my phone looking towards my daughter. And yes you can hear her screaming next to me – lol! Best 7 seconds of her life!

It’s a bit easier to view in an expanded screen size.

My daughter said that they all pretty much looked like they made contact whenever they came to our side of the stage. I don’t doubt her but I didn’t notice. I guess I was trying to take everything in from a larger scale – there was just so much going on all the time! Including some side glances to my daughter as I took in her energy level and how simply happy she was.

Perhaps that is the one thing I will never forget – my daughter’s presence and how truly elated she felt for experiencing BTS live two nights in a row.

Transforming Space, Transforming Fashion – #DESIGNIMPOSSIBLE

A couple of weekends ago marked the end of the ROM exhibit collaborating between architect, Philip Beesley (exhibit Transforming Space) and fashion designer Iris van Herpen (exhibit Transforming Fashion). So we hopped on the subway and headed down to the ROM to explore the most fascinating exhibits I’ve witnessed!

I actually was unaware of the exhibit until I saw in my Instagram feed a photo of none other than BTS leader RM himself standing in awe of the exhibit! I believe Namjoon tweeted this but it was re-tweeted by Instagram to promote the exhibit with a 20% off if you entered the code K-POP. Which we did – because 20% off was not a bad deal! Plus when we arrived I made my daughter stand in the very same spot as he was positioned in his photo. 🙂

Kim Namjoon (BTS) exploring ROM’s Transforming Space exhibit

Both designers were extraordinary. Combining their area of creative expertise it’s hard to explain their inspirations without being there. It was, how to put it… Culture + Science + Art. All three areas woven together to produce something futuristic and out of this world!

Philip Beesley’s Transforming Space exhibit

Beesley’s exhibit was incredible – I felt as if I was stepping through to another universe. The low-hanging pieces from the ceiling had movement as if it was a living and breathing entity. Yet none of the movements were robotic or mechanical but soft and alluring.

Iris van Herpen’s Transforming Fashion exhibit

Herpen’s work of art had the most interesting explanation for each. She really dives into history, culture as well as science to form her creations. One set actually resonated her interpretation of fashion of a neurological condition called, Synesthesia. It is a fascinating condition where the person mixes up senses. The person may see sound waves or taste colour.

Once again, I plugged in my ear buds and chose a mellow playlist to fit the mood of the exhibit. Though in the Transforming Fashion room, they actually had sound effects playing through the floor so the atmospheric sounds were already set.

BTS Love Yourself World Tour – Canada pt. 2

[PART 1 | PART 3]

Day 3 – Sunday, September 23rd

Sunday morning, we woke up in that lazy-way. With room service ordered, both my daughter and I stayed in our PJ’s and the hotel robes. Honestly, there was no need to wake up any earlier and we wanted to try and get as much rest as we could. The night before, coming back from the concert, we were both in a euphoric state and not at all ready to go to sleep.

We had ordered dinner to our room and talked about all the amazing parts of the concert!

Brunch in our room consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage and home fries for her, and a veggie egg omelette with home fries for me. She had orange juice and I had a pot of really good coffee!

After our tummies were filled, I had had enough of the hotel room. She wanted to just hang out in the hotel and rest more (she was getting over a cold after all) so I went out across the street to the Art Gallery of Hamilton. The gallery was exhibiting Vivian Maier: Street Photographer and I’m so glad I went! With my earbuds in, I walked around listening to tunes as I looked at these brilliant photographs of the streets of New York and Chicago from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Maier used a Rolleiflex camera which was pretty impressive due to the technology back then.

Come time for our 2nd BTS Love Yourself concert, we arrived this time 45 minutes early. The energy-level was just as high and buzzing from the night before. Next to my daughter was a university student who had traveled from British Columbia just to be here. She explained her bias-list: Taehyung is her boyfriend, Suga is her spirit animal (and ultimate bias) and Namjoon is her husband. 🙂

2nd night – P1 seats for BTS’ Love Yourself Tour (Hamilton, ON)

Our seats were fantastic. Row 4 just right of the main stage gave us the ability to see the members facial expressions (without needing to watch the big screen). A much closer range than the night before.

Still photography wasn’t any easier. I learned quickly to only try and snap a photo when they are just standing around otherwise, without a professional camera, BTS will always turn out a bit blurry since they move so quickly during their choreography.

BTS performing Fake Love

I was, however, able to take some short video clips of their intro, FAKE LOVE. I kept them short because I really didn’t want to be living behind the lens all night long. The way I see it, eventually they will be releasing the concert on DVD which I will most definitely purchase.

My goodness – I was wowed the first night and honestly, wondered if the second night would be less exciting as a result of just seeing the same concert two nights in a row.

I was so wrong. If anything, I enjoyed each night equally and differently from one another. Their comments were different, their ad libs were different and to see the performance from two different vantage points was fantastic! Would I do it again this way? In a heart beat! But only for BTS simply because everything they do just excels one’s expectations. They truly make it worth the money spent!

So the question is whether or not, should they return to Canada on their next world tour, if I would go see them again?

Ahh… I always said I would get tickets for my daughter and a friend by then as they will be old enough to go on their own. But BTS never disappoints when delivering new music. So I suppose I would but perhaps wait until reseller tickets drop last minute and grab a pair for my husband and myself.

As much as I enjoyed GOT7 they were on my bucket list of k-pop concerts to see live. As I did get a chance to see them, I’m okay not seeing them again where as my daughter must go see them as she stans them as well. But BTS? I don’t know – for me, they are on a whole different level of artistry.

Next and final post, I will break down some of the solo performances and members.

Final post…