BT21 UNIVERSE Episodes

Has anyone been following BTS’ BT21 Universe Episodes as they brainstorm and discuss story lines of what the BT21 Universe will actually be? I have to admit it is fascinating. They are working together to discuss each character’s past, how they came to find each other and their ultimate end-goals for each character.

Why do I love watching these episodes? It’s simple. On a completely different level of witnessing BTS’ talents when it comes to music and performing, we get to see their creative side through fictional plots and character development. Much of what the BT21 Universe represents is tied into their own chapters as BTS. It’s sometimes sad and bittersweet, and other times just hilarious!

RM and Suga were on a role, trying to explain how each character were unique but alone not as special as they are when they are together as a group. Just like BTS. But RM’s description of RJ didn’t go over too well…

LOL! Poor Jin! I swear, sometimes his funny ways makes me think he should be my ultimate bias!

Enjoy the full video bellow:

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Blackpink “In Your Area” World Tour – Hamilton

On April 27th, my family and I finally had the chance to see Blackpink LIVE! My daughter and I took the train from Toronto to Hamilton the day before and as we entered the city, we shared nostalgic and fond memories of when we last visited during our first and second night watching BTS Love Yourself World Tour.

As with the last time, I wanted to create a weekend get-away with the highlight being, once again, the k-pop concert. And with any mini-vacations, food is a must!

Our first night, my daughter and I went to a trendy French bistro called The French.

It was a great time between my daughter and I but… I felt I didn’t order correctly. I went for the steak and frites which is quite boring. My first instinct was to order a cheese platter, their crispy escargot and their rabbit and sunchoke tart. Well… I did order the tart but I really should have just created my own tasting menu of appetizers rather than a main dish which ended up being too salty. The wine, however, was amazing!

The second night, my firefighter husband got off shift and joined us at the hotel. We stayed at the Homewood Suite. The bedroom gave my husband and I privacy while my daughter camped out on the sofa bed in the large living room. We took advantage of the fridge, bringing leftovers back from the restaurant and stocking it with drinks and such. While I went to find a highly-rated nail spa for a much needed pedicure, my husband and daughter took to the indoor pool.

That evening, before the concert, we went back to Berkeley North. And it was here, the 2nd time we’ve ever dined at this establishment, where we ordered VERY correctly!

I’m not sure where to start as far as our favorites, but certainly the mushroom dumplings, fresh cheese sourdough toast and cod were among some of our go-to choices!

We didn’t have as much time from dessert and coffee to the concert but with reserved seating, we were quite content not arriving too early,

The intro of the show, which lead to DDU-DU DDU-DU was almost 1.5 minutes long as the music, smoke and lights teased us. Finally, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa appeared through the thick floor fog from their own individual spots beneath the stage. The entire night, they were energetic, cute and sexy and just adorably fun! The one thing I noticed which was different form most k-pop concerts I’ve experienced was an accompaniment of a live rock band. It created such a rich sound and just gave them that extra boost to bring the entire concert hall down!

I managed to get most of the intro and song but in the last 15 seconds a security guard asked me to stop filming. Which was fine – I actually was not sure what the rules were as I never received an email before the concert like I normally do, in regards to the rules, but I did notice everyone around me were still filming. And allowed to continue to on. Odd.

The next morning, before heading home, I was in need of coffee. And GOOD coffee. I had enough of the crappy stuff they were trying to serve us at the hotel. There was a Starbucks not far from us but I made the good judgement to look up a local espresso bar. As luck would have it I found Ark + Anchor Espresso Bar just 5 minutes walking distance form our hotel. While my daughter packed, I booted over there and picked up a hot Americano for myself and a cold one for her. It was such a lush and rich drink I hardly needed to add the cream I usually add to all my coffee. What a great find!

When My Daughter Shames Me for My Doubts (on BTS)

Okay – it’s not that I have had any major doubts. I know BTS will always pull it off. But I only meant that, in the universe, there are odds. The chances of them having a successful, pumped comeback 100% of the time is, to my mind, improbable when looking the grand scheme of things. Even music legends of mine have come out with albums I’ve found to be sub-par. I still support them. I still think they are legends. It just doesn’t mean they will win me over with every song they produce.


ME: I’m not going to get hyped for this one…

HER: Why not?

ME: Come on… I’ve loved each whole album they’ve come out with since 2016 and maybe even before that… Each title track has killed it. What are the odds they will continue this streak?

HER: Have some faith.


ME: Did you watch their PERSONA comeback trailer?

HER: Of course I did – as soon as I got the V Live notification.


HER: Told ya. *tsk-tsk* And you doubted them…

It’s Exhausting Being ARMY – and other k-pop updates…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them. To be adding some of the biggest stadiums in the world, thereby doubling and tripling their usual attendees? And no doubt they will set out.

But then the other part of me is like… What? Back to North America? Again? And tickets go on sale March 1st? YOU MEAN TICKETS GO ON SALE A WEEK FROM NOW? Are you kidding me? What do you want from me? Let me rest! LET ME LIVE!!!

Seriously – I know I complain about main stream artists taking forever to release some new content but BTS has us running around like chickens with our heads cut off! But I shouldn’t complain because it keeps life interesting! Will I get tickets? I might try but I’m not holding my breath. Of the two cities closest to us as far as short-haul flights, I’ll be doing a lot of traveling around that time. I may try to get a pair and let my husband go with our daughter. I want him to experience the energy of a BTS concert. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It’s truly euphoric!

I’ve been listening to MONSTA X’s We Are Here album a lot since it was released earlier this week. There are a lot of gems in this one but one song I’ve recently fallen in love with is Play it Cool ft. Steve Aoki. I’m wondering if they will create a music video for it – I hope they do!

Finally, I didn’t think I could do it and unfortunately standard tickets sold out fast leaving high reseller prices for P1 and P2 tickets. Yet I still managed to get Offical Platinum P3 seats. I actually monitored it until the prices dropped. Then picked up 3 tickets within my budget. And maybe one day I’ll understand exactly what Official Platinum tickets are other than a marketing ploy.

So we’re going to see Blackpink’s In Your Area World Tour! Woohoo! The tickets come with free digital download of some new songs they will have before the concert date.

Random Musings

My Husband

Yesterday I wrote about our outing with my daughter and her friend to watch BTS Love Yourself in Seoul.

I wanted to mention how great my husband is. He was not into k-pop like my daughter and I have been but as of last year, he’s been getting more and more into select songs. And even though he does not love all BTS songs he likes a good amount to really get into who BTS are and their story behind their success.

In fact, he’s able to tell who’s singing what part in Answer: Love Yourself better than I can!

The point is I married a man who has a very open mind. He is not closed off to new things and at the end of the day, he’s been so supportive with our passion for k-pop. When I complain to him about the negative comments and attitudes I’ve received since falling into k-pop, he’s been extremely understanding.

He even said, “Through your struggles I’ve realized I’ve been through the same things you have been through all my life… with my love for country music. Except yours is harsher because some of the remarks are very racist.”

2019 K-pop Concerts

I’m still waiting to hear if Blackpink will make a stop in my city since North America is listed on their first World Tour.

I did just find out Sunmi is stopping by in a couple of months though it looks like tickets have yet to sell for our location. Keeping fingers crossed because I would love to see Sunmi live!

I’m also hoping for MONSTA-X. Though… I don’t know if I could deal with all the nakedness Wonho and Shownu seems to always showcase. Just not into it. Though it did gain Kim Seok-jin’s approval

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