BTS Danger Mo-Blue-Mix ft. THANH

One of the benefits of discovering BTS later than most is finding past gems. While I feel that I’ve caught up to the basics of BTS history, albums and great songs, there’s still little surprises waiting for me to discover.

When I saw this by chance in my YouTube feed (as a suggested video), I had to click. Because I had thought I had seen every single BTS video out there. Even the Japanese versions. And even the Bangtan boys own fun production of Spine Breaker.

So I clicked. I watched. I listened. And wow – I LOVE this remix and collaboration! THANH’s voice is beautiful along side the boy’s own vocals and rapping. His softer, passionate singing mixed with Taehyung’s deep and angst voice was so powerful. As well as the rapping against a softer piano instrumental base.

So this is the song I’ll be playing on repeat all day long.

Just saying. 🙂


Christmas Decorating, Sunday Brunch & Weekend Warrior Workouts


Hobbes loves when we decorate for Christmas. It’s just another reason for him to nap surrounded by coziness.

This weekend was busy as we caught up on some shopping, decorated and well, I spent Sunday afternoon with a well deserved 2 hr nap. I’ve been feeling zonked lately. Perhaps with all the BTS excitement that’s been non-stop for the past two weeks! And it’s not over what with the recent record-breaking 28th spot on Billboards 100 for any kpop group, BTS included (beating their previous top 100 for DNA). Plus there is the new Japanese single they are releasing in a couple of days.


Brunch at our favorite spot – Black Dog Pub

Anyway – it was a great weekend though. We ate Sunday brunch at the Black Dog Pub which is our favorite pub usually for dinner. And while it does serve traditional pub fare, it is a more upscale version from most pubs. Their wine list is amazing! Rather than having to settle for one or two choices of red wine in most pubs/bars, they actually have a good vintage selection. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t go for the cheap stuff if I can help it. Yup – I’m a bit of a wine snob. I never meant to be one – it just sort of happened. As I got older, my palate started to change.


Hobbes always makes a great backdrop for my manicure posts!

To start the weekend, I went to get my nails re-done. And I managed to also go early both Saturday and Sunday to the gym for 1.5 hrs cardio sessions each day. Saturday, I also did a 50 minutes push-up and delts + tricep weight session. On Sunday, I rounded the weekend off with 40 minutes of yoga. My poor body was too sore to do much else by then!

And of course, between all that, we ended Saturday night decorating the house – all but the tree since we always get a live tree which needs to be bought a week or so before Christmas day (to stay fresh for the holidays).

Christmas time always comes by so quickly. I hope this year it takes its time a bit as I won’t complain if it even drags itself out. I have a lot of wrapping to do this year and I admit I went ahead and spoiled my daughter with a crap-load of kpop merchandise. I hope I did not over do it but as her obsession over BTS has not slowed down I’m sure she won’t be disappointed. Hell, even I bought the BTS Live Trilogy EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR DVD for myself! I’m wrapping it up and putting it under the Christmas tree with the message, “Dear Mommy – Hope you like this! Love, Hobbes!” Don’t worry, I’ll share it with my daughter. She can also have any posters/photo cards it comes with. What am I going to do with BTS posters, anyway?

MAMA and Melon 2017 Awards

Melon Music Award 2017

Just as I was catching up on all the exciting activities with the final MAMA 2017 winners and performances, I woke up to news about results from the Melon 2017 Awards. I want to first express how happy I am upon learning our very own talented BTS member, Min Yoongi a.k.a. Suga, winning the Hot Trend Producer award for Wine (performed by Suran). I’ve really been focusing on Suga lately as his talents, especially as a song writer, has been blowing my mind. I’m so happy he is being recognized. This young man deserves the spotlight and it makes me giddy to see his Bangtan family cheering him on!

I haven’t browsed through all the Melon 2017 performances (just BTS’ performance below) but I do want to mention a congratulations on BTS’ wins – Best Song of the Year for Spring Day, Global Artist Award, Top 10 Award, and Best Music Video Award for DNA.

Also, congratulations goes out to EXO for their Melon award take homes: Best Artist of the Year (a Daesang award), Top 10 Award, Netizen Choice, and Best Dance Award (Male).

BTS Melon Awards – Intro + DNA + YNWA + Spring Day

Another lit intro with Jimin and J Hope showing their mad dance skills. And I love watching the softer side of BTS during the Spring Day choreo. I have no idea how Jimin can hold such a steady singing voice during his solo tumbling sequence. Yeah – I know they do a lot of tougher moves but still… I’m sure it’s way harder than he makes it look!


MAMA 2017

Now, moving on to MAMA 2017 wins, I am ecstatic BTS received another daesang award (last year they received Album of the Year for Wings); this year being Best Artist of the Year. They also won Best Music Video for Spring Day as well as Best Style. EXO won the Album of the Year daesang award with War. As well as Global Fan’s Choice.

A quick shout out should also go out to GOT7 for the Worldwide Performer award. And I’m extremely happy for Monsta X’s for Best Concert Performer award – things are starting to really look up for Monsta X who, compared to some of the lead winners, are still a bit new in the scene!

I have not watched all MAMA performances either but of what I have watched so far of my favorite kpop groups, I wanted to share.

GOT7 & DAY6 – Never Ever (Rock Version)

Oh my – this rock version with DAY6 is just soooo good! What energy! Damn.


KAI Solo and EXO – I See You + Power

Kai is my EXO bias. I have a weakness for dancers. Especially ones with background training as Kai has grown up with ballet and jazz (hence my bias for Jimin who grew up with modern dance training). So yes, I love watching a solo by Kai. And EXO’s Power performance was just that – powerful!


BTS – Intro + Not Today

Oh man. OH MAN! That intro? What the… how amazing was that intro? And how did they do that intro?


BTS – Cypher 4 + MIC Drop Remix (Steve Aoki)

Of course I had to save the best for last. As Cypher 4 leading into the MIC Drop remix is like a dream come true! But then wait – that new choreography sequence they added just blew me away as it wasn’t just amazing but extended MIC Drop further by prolonging the song. Even though I knew they were going to surprise us with new choreo I was still not prepared!


Up next, the 27th Seoul Music Award on January 25th!

A Playlist for Solitude

As Christmas is just around the corner (and for the first time in years, I still have so much shopping to do), I’m feeling more and more a need of solitude. It always happens  while my birthday happens to fall between Christmas and the start of the new year.

The cold air is refreshing. Yet the shorter days allowing darkness to envelope the city earlier and earlier, combined with the fast-pace activities all around, causes me to want to retreat into myself.

I told my husband yesterday, on my birthday, I am hoping to go visit our art gallery downtown. He asked, “By yourself?”

I responded, “Yes. Completely by myself.”

“Why?” My husband was surprised and perhaps even a bit disappointed I didn’t want to share the whole day with him and my daughter.

I, on the other hand, wondered why he hasn’t learned this about me after knowing me for 15 years.

It’s nothing personal. To anyone. I’m not necessarily an introvert. Nor am I an extrovert. I believe the new term is omnivert – one who is able to be in most social settings without feeling uncomfortable. Yet there are moments of needing to recharge themselves with introvert-like behaviors before facing the world again.

Christmas time is always so busy. When my birthday finally arrives each year, it’s the perfect time to retreat into my own little world. It’s how I pamper myself – by being alone. Maybe not for the whole day – I plan to have a celebratory dinner with my family but I really want to spend the day doing what I want to do without having to worry about others. I love my family but I have this side of me that does not enjoy being tied down. I like to sometimes have the freedom to move about without having some one follow me. Or for me to wait for. I want to go as I please. It’s not that I want to leave my family but I know in order for me to be happy, I have to, from time to time, appease this free spirit of mine. A spirit that can not feel trapped for too long.

And so, for my birthday, I plan to create a special playlist. Then I am going to go downtown on the subway and visit the art gallery. There, I will walk around by myself for the latter half of the afternoon listening to my playlist in peace. I might contemplate about my year but I probably won’t bother. I rather just be lost in the music and the art I see before me as I allow myself to feel whatever emotions the combined two conjure up.

My husband and daughter can then meet me somewhere for a really great dinner! Afterwards, weather permitting, we can head to the distillery as they normally adorn the cobblestone, pedestrian street with holiday lights. A walk there with a freshly brewed Americano (hot chocolate for my daughter) while walking off our dinner before we head home together would be how we end the night.

I would rather have all the above then any physical birthday gift!

Shy’s Spotify Playlist – Solitude

Silence – Delerium Ft. Sarah Mchlachlan
Enjoy the Silince – Depeche Mode
Artificial Nocturne – Metric
Zombie – The Cranberries
Playboy – EXO
Aritifical Love – EXO
Precious – Depeche Mode
Let U Go – ATB
Possession – Sarah Mchlachlan
Don’t Recall – BTS
Breathing Underwater – Metric
Tomorrow – BTS
Intro: Boy Meets Evil – BTS
Begin – BTS
Lie – BTS
Stigma – BTS
First Love – BTS
Reflection – BTS
Awake – BTS
Lost – BTS
Cypher 4 – BTS
Butterfly (Prologue Mix) – BTS
Dreams – The Cranberries
9AM (Till I Come) – ATB
Interlude: Wings – BTS
Blood Sweat & Tears – BTS
House of Cards – BTS
Pied Pier – BTS
Decode – Paramore
MIC Drop Remix – BTS, Steve Aoki
Spring Day – BTS
Intro: Serendipity – BTS
Viva Forever – Tony Rich Remix, Spice Girls
Thousand Years – Sawyer Frederick


Jackson Wang’s Okay

I’m definitely okay with ‘Okay’ though I admit I didn’t really listen to the song thoroughly because of the stunning visual that happens to be Mr. Jackson Wang throughout this new video.

I mean, it’s just not right. While I like GOT7, I am not a die-hard fan of them. But I DO like Jackson Wang (and J.B. – *swoon*) and him being topless in this music video should be illegal. It’s not fair. That’s all I’m saying!