It’s Exhausting Being ARMY – and other k-pop updates…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them. To be adding some of the biggest stadiums in the world, thereby doubling and tripling their usual attendees? And no doubt they will set out.

But then the other part of me is like… What? Back to North America? Again? And tickets go on sale March 1st? YOU MEAN TICKETS GO ON SALE A WEEK FROM NOW? Are you kidding me? What do you want from me? Let me rest! LET ME LIVE!!!

Seriously – I know I complain about main stream artists taking forever to release some new content but BTS has us running around like chickens with our heads cut off! But I shouldn’t complain because it keeps life interesting! Will I get tickets? I might try but I’m not holding my breath. Of the two cities closest to us as far as short-haul flights, I’ll be doing a lot of traveling around that time. I may try to get a pair and let my husband go with our daughter. I want him to experience the energy of a BTS concert. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It’s truly euphoric!

I’ve been listening to MONSTA X’s We Are Here album a lot since it was released earlier this week. There are a lot of gems in this one but one song I’ve recently fallen in love with is Play it Cool ft. Steve Aoki. I’m wondering if they will create a music video for it – I hope they do!

Finally, I didn’t think I could do it and unfortunately standard tickets sold out fast leaving high reseller prices for P1 and P2 tickets. Yet I still managed to get Offical Platinum P3 seats. I actually monitored it until the prices dropped. Then picked up 3 tickets within my budget. And maybe one day I’ll understand exactly what Official Platinum tickets are other than a marketing ploy.

So we’re going to see Blackpink’s In Your Area World Tour! Woohoo! The tickets come with free digital download of some new songs they will have before the concert date.


BTS Love Yourself in Seoul Movie

BTS Love Yourself in Seoul poster

This weekend, my husband and I took our daughter and her best friend (also an ARMY) to watch BTS Love Yourself in Seoul. What a great day! The movie was spectacular. While it did not include any of the commentaries or VCR-ments (aside from the intro to the concert), the camera work was up close to BTS all the time during their performance. And while nothing is compared to when we saw the concert live, it was nice to relive it without the distractions. During the concert there was just so much going on! So to relive it on the big screen and really just zone in to the main focus of all the camera work added to the entire experience.

As this was a pre-celebration for my daughter’s birthday, we took the girls to a very nice, modern Japanese restaurant. Granted, I felt the price was a bit hyped up but the menu selection was very unique and the quality of food was pretty amazing.

Sake Steamed Clams

It’s amazing how I can just ramble off BTS trivia to my daughter’s friends. I know so much about BTS – sometimes even more than they do. Afterwards, I asked my daughter, “Your friends must think I’m weird for knowing so much about BTS!

Her response was, “What? No! They think you’re cool!” Well, that’s good to know. 🙂

Using Park Jimin as a Place Holder

I haven’t had time to do a proper blog post so I figured I’d post some animated GIFs of Park Jimin for Carly Quinn. I’m pretty sure he’s her bias.

Honestly… the duality of this boy. He’s normally really cute and fluffy, I swear!

What can I say? I like to torture people. :p


Happy New Year… and Taehyung’s birthday! :)

As with past years Christmas has come and gone quickly. And now it is 2019. In between, we’ve gone on a couple of hikes, had my birthday brunch, visited the Anthropocene Exhibit at the AGO (amazing), shopped at Muji‘s, napped whenever possible, ate sushi, drank too much red wine on some days, did another MIC Drop Remix k-pop dance class (this time taught by another instructor) and had dinner at the Korean Grill House.

While downtown, we also saw this digital billboard a devoted ARMY created for Kim Taehyung’s birthday:

I recorded the above 8-seconds clip to show how amazing it looked! Very professional. And yet I can’t help but to think how much that must have cost. I’m in marketing and am well aware of the price tag for billboard advertisement. Especially in such a prime location just outside the busiest shopping centre of downtown Toronto.

Ahh… ARMY is truly something. I don’t think I could ever reach that level of devotion for any fandom. But I am thankful some one did this because it was fun to watch.

One of our many holiday hikes. This one was along the beach at sunset.

2018 – The Year of K-Pop Concerts

What a year! I think everyone can probably pick a theme for each year. And while 2017 was my year of 2017 k-pop discovery, 2018 was a year of k-pop concerts:

  1. GOT7 Eyes on You Tour
  2. BTS Love Yourself Tour – First Night
  3. BTS Love Yourself Tour – Second Night
  4. DAY6 Youth Tour
  5. Amber Liu Gone Rogue Tour

Yes, we did go see Amber Liu and it was so different from the others mainly due to the fact of such a significantly smaller venue. Which has its pros and cons.

On the con side, it was all general admission which meant standing room only. And I’m just at that stage of my life where reserved seating is a luxury I take advantage of. Also, because the location was so small, they only have one entrance. And with the 4-point security check and carding people who wanted to drink, it took them a long time to get everyone in. The concert was at least 1 hour late and really, they should have opened doors earlier. We tried to arrive in line as late as possible but still had to endure the winter cold for an hour.

On the pro side, smaller venues allow for a much more intimate setting. Which for certain artists like Amber, was definitely the perfect fit! She certainly has a dedicated cult following and unlike other k-pop concerts, the ages really did vary much more than the usually young teen to mid-20’s I saw in most concerts this past year.

I was able to capture some videos from the 2nd balcony:

Looking back if I had to pick one concert which stood out the most for me, it would have to be BTS’ Love Yourself Tour – both nights! I admit I’m biased as BTS is my favorite k-pop group and currently my fave artists among all musicians! However, it’s also because BigHit and Core Entertainment did a phenomenal job organizing for the venue and concert.

Plus BTS really were so together with their performance. The transitions from a song to a VCR-ment, how they appeared on stage, how they interacted with the audience was SEAMLESS! BTS and the supporting staff really did an outstanding job rehearsing and coordinating for the event.

Day6 was a runner-up, though. The location was well chosen given they play live instruments paired with the perfect optimization the venue had to offer for acoustics. There was a 30 minutes delay opening the doors due to technical issues yet the lobby is very nice and more importantly, indoors. The outside doors opened at the time they promised so at least we were let in from the Canadian winter chill. For the Hi Touch event, we were able to remain in our seats after the concert and called by sections. I was thankful for being saved from lining up again after the concert. calling each section allowed all of us to relax for a bit. Also Day6 were surprisingly really funny!

All in all, each concert was different and unique – all were worth it. What’s to come for 2019? Well, if I had my wish, I would love to see MONSTA-X and Blackpink. I wouldn’t be opposed to GOT7 again – and of course BTS. However, we were lucky to even get tickets first time around for BTS once. I won’t bank on being as lucky the next time. I’m also open to new groups – sometimes catching a k-pop artist early in their career allows for more interaction and greets. BTS, while amazing in concert, are just way too popular to do anything like that anymore (for security reasons which I fully support and understand).