It’s Exhausting Being ARMY – and other k-pop updates…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them. To be adding some of the biggest stadiums in the world, thereby doubling and tripling their usual attendees? And no doubt they will set out.

But then the other part of me is like… What? Back to North America? Again? And tickets go on sale March 1st? YOU MEAN TICKETS GO ON SALE A WEEK FROM NOW? Are you kidding me? What do you want from me? Let me rest! LET ME LIVE!!!

Seriously – I know I complain about main stream artists taking forever to release some new content but BTS has us running around like chickens with our heads cut off! But I shouldn’t complain because it keeps life interesting! Will I get tickets? I might try but I’m not holding my breath. Of the two cities closest to us as far as short-haul flights, I’ll be doing a lot of traveling around that time. I may try to get a pair and let my husband go with our daughter. I want him to experience the energy of a BTS concert. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It’s truly euphoric!

I’ve been listening to MONSTA X’s We Are Here album a lot since it was released earlier this week. There are a lot of gems in this one but one song I’ve recently fallen in love with is Play it Cool ft. Steve Aoki. I’m wondering if they will create a music video for it – I hope they do!

Finally, I didn’t think I could do it and unfortunately standard tickets sold out fast leaving high reseller prices for P1 and P2 tickets. Yet I still managed to get Offical Platinum P3 seats. I actually monitored it until the prices dropped. Then picked up 3 tickets within my budget. And maybe one day I’ll understand exactly what Official Platinum tickets are other than a marketing ploy.

So we’re going to see Blackpink’s In Your Area World Tour! Woohoo! The tickets come with free digital download of some new songs they will have before the concert date.


Today’s To-Do List: Buy MONSTA X’s We Are Here Album (DONE!)

I have my family on the Apple Music subscription. Yet I still will purchase albums – physically or digitally – whenever I am inspired to. And MONSTA X’s comeback album Take 2: We Are Here most definite caused such inspiration. What a great way to support some of my favorite artists, right?

I was a bit worried after their last comeback Take.1 Are You There? It just didn’t catch my attention albeit it seemed to do well with Mombebes and other k-pop fans. Sometimes, I’ll purchase only my favorite tunes but I found myself only using my Apple Music subscription to add to my digital library.

With the 2nd part We Are Here, which dropped today, it was a no-brainer. I bought the entire digital album. In fact, I probably already had in my head after listening to the preview I would do just that.

Here’s the title track music video, Alligator. The visuals are stunning

MONSTA X “We Are Here” Comeback Album Preview

This album track preview just dropped a few hours ago and it looks like we’re getting a full album of 10 new songs from MONSTA X!

Not only am I looking forward to the title track, Alligator, which they teased us with earlier this week, but there are several tracks which already seem promising.

Ghost, No Reason, Give Me Dat and Rodeo to name a few. What really peaked my interest, though, is track no. 4, Play it Cool ft. none other than Steve Aoki!

The album drops February 19th @ 6PM KST.

Thoughts on 2019 Grammys – Alicia Keys, BTS and Drake

I usually put The Grammys on as background noise. The red carpet event coincides with Sunday dinner time so it’s fitting to have on while we eat our meal.

And then post-Grammys I feel robbed of my time. As year after year I become more and more disappointed. So why do I do this? Why do I endure the 3+ hours if I have no hope at all I will come out feeling satisfied for once?

I suppose there’s always that tiny desire for a glimpse of the handful of artists I actually do like, whom might make a memorable appearance and/or performance. And to their credit, most do. Plus the red carpet is always fun to watch. It’s just that it’s clearly not enough to erase some of the other moments of the evening which sours one’s experience. That and The Grammy’s are just so damn snobby and conservative! Like… GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY!

So maybe I don’t love most of Drake’s music- I’m damn glad and proud of this Canadian-boy for his acceptance speech. Even though The Grammy’s cut him off at the end when he talked to other artists (especially the youth pursuing a career in music), that they do not need a Grammy’s award to succeed and validate how good they are. Classic!

BTS looked smart on the red carpet!

Of course, this year, I wanted to see BTS. I had thought of just not bothering because I wasn’t interested in the disappointment of watching The Grammys invite BTS just to snub them. I sort of saw it coming… sort of a, “Fine. We’ll invite your ‘pretty boy band‘ but we’ll give them very little attention. Because we’re The Grammy’s and no one tells us what to do.” How very immature to unfortunately prove my point.

I understand… it wasn’t a night about BTS. I get that. I really do. However, they still haven’t gotten the point of why BTS’ presence mattered. They still have not come to terms while everyone else has, that when it comes to the music industry, it’s no longer about American artists. Talent and beautiful music is all across the world and it’s about time we go beyond the same artists year after year. And while I am proud of the Canadian artists who made a impressive scene last night (Shawn Mendes and Diana Krall), going outside the geographical territories of America also means beyond Canada and some Central/South America – though can we count the intro of Camila’s Havana as extending to that region? From the one song? Granted it was a great intro – it was quite entertaining to see Jenny-from-the Block and Ricky Martin join in on the fun, but it doesn’t excuse them for not reaching further.

Having said that, there were some key moments which I did enjoy. For one, Alicia Keys was a great host. When she performed on two pianos simultaneously while doing her medley of her fave past songs, I was truly captured by her greatness. Seeing Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, MICHELLE OBAMA and J Lo on stage with a reminder of the inequality of women’s treatment in the industry (and many industries) was a more less aggressive approach to the past me-too campaign.

I thought the tribute and performance by Dolly Parton was great! But the Diana Ross one was so overdone and in all honestly a bit embarrassing and cheesy. Yes, she is a stellar artist with decades of amazing moments in her career. I’ve just always felt the act of “I am Queen” to be a little too much. Queen B. (a.k.a. Beyonce) wasn’t much better when she used the stage to promote her pregnancy. Good God… really? With so many couples having an increasingly harder time with fertility these days, did she really do that on national TV at a huge music event just to rub it in their faces??? Sorry – I know. That was awhile ago so I need to let it go.

The Motown tribute was one I was looking forward to because it was such an important era. And I loved the music from that time/genre. But why J Lo? There must have been others who could have performed it better. Don’t get me wrong, I think J Lo is a good performer but shes not necessarily the best singer. Especially for that genre!

Anyway, the thing is I did cave to watch at least 2/3rds of the award show, turning it off after BTS presented Best R&B Album of the year. The ratings and viewership from 2016/2017 was down by 24% after 2018. I wanted to be part of the ‘making a point’. Had they made the award show more diverse, had they given BTS a more serious nomination, had they at least allowed BTS to perform, I might have not dropped off. I’m not sure if there were a lot of people who dropped off after BTS presented and I’m sure my one passive move didn’t make a difference but I felt good about it.

Plus I was tired.

Ending this post with a cool slow-mo of BTS on the only way BTS can make such a slo-mo look cool. Kim Taehyung killed it with his famous duality again

Sunmi First World Tour – Warning

Guess who got tix to see Sunmi in concert! Woohoo!

Out of all the solo artist out there, especially female solo artists, I simply LOVE Sunmi!

Tickets sold out fast so I was really lucky to get 2 for my daughter and I. We happened to get the meet-n-greet VIP tickets and only 6 rows from the stage! I wasn’t trying to get the meet-n-greet but that was what appeared to be available so I grabbed it!