5 Seconds of Summer – Young Blood M/V

I’m starting to make it a habit of listening to a song before watching the official music video. And for me, it’s working. I suppose visuals seem to have an impact of my initial reaction to a song but if I do it in reverse, the music video will either enhance my experience or at the least, does not detract from my enjoyment of a song.

And if I really do not like the song I won’t waste my time watching the m/v. Life’s too short.

So with that, I was really into Young Blood by 5 Seconds of Summer:

The outfits really floored me for once – like a modern-day Grease cast.

The story line of the video really did enhance the song – though whoa.. bittersweet ending. I’m still trying to figure out if the pill the old couple took was to launch them into an alternate reality (think Matrix) for a period of time or a suicidal pact where they had a chance to re-live when they first met and fell in love (before peacefully dying).

All in all, it felt like a powerful statement.

And it raises the debate about euthanasia – should assisted death be legal? I’m sure 5 Seconds of Summer were not thinking this at all during the making of this video. Yet like any form of art, the viewer is left to form their own questions and conclusions based on what emotions the piece of art conjures before them.

Music videos definitely should be seen as a form of art – an extension even of a song and therefore, story. Most music videos I see these days sadly take this notion for granted.


BTS IDOL ft. Nick Minaj MV

Oh damn! They dropped another video today for the Nicki Minaj version and I now do not know which version I like better! They’re both good but honestly, this one surprised me.

For one, while a lot of the scenes and sequences are the same, they did add some changes from other clips during their shoot which might have been unused if it hadn’t been for this version. I’m happy about that – why waste a good scene, right?

Secondly, I’ll be honest. I’m not the biggest fan of Minaj but I’ve been alright whenever she does a collab with another artist. Her personality is a bit off-putting but her talent is there. When I heard the Minaj version I was quite pleased. Unlike the MIC Drop Remix (Steve Aoki version) ft. Desiigner, Minaj’s rap portion at the end was added on like a bridge. But Desiigner took over what was Suga’s rap at the beginner of MIC Drop and that didn’t bode well for me personally. I’m not a fan of Desiigner’s rapping but I think Minaj’s rap is pretty good and totally suits IDOL. So well done BTS for selecting an artist who can add to their new title tract rather than subtract from it!

Finally – did you see the end? OH MY GOD!!! They did that! #IDOLCHALLENGE – that’s all I have to say. Go watch and you’ll see what I mean. 😉

Damn – These guys are good.

Album Review: BTS ‘Love Yourself: Answer’

After arriving back from our camping trip, I finally had a chance to watch the BTS IDOL music video. As a bonus, BigHit just released BTS’ dance practice which I’m always a big fan of. Watch the above video – at the end, you can hear how hard they are all breathing. Not a surprise – this choreography is intense!

I’m so glad I listened to this title track the first time around without watching the video. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the video! It has so many meanings only those who have been following BTS will understand. There’s a lot of fun humor in this video as well, but the message is strong – We’re not going to change who we are for anyone. This message directs to a varied audience all in one go – From the main stream media asking if they will come out with an album all in English to the haters who critique their every move and even a general message to the k-pop industry which feeds into all the negative parts of an idol’s lifestyle.

Also, however, there’s a message even to some of the more fanatical fans who feel they have some kind of ownership over BTS. Perhaps they are telling them to please give them space (see Taehyung maneuvering through a crowd – their recent airport experiences have been on the dicier side resulting in them tripping and just having phones disrespectfully stuck into their faces).

It’s just that there’s so much going on in the video it would definitely have been distracting for me. And I love the song – I loved it from the first moment I heard it and I love it even more now that I’ve become familiar with it. It’s now moved it’s way to my top 5 BTS songs of all time:

  1. IDOL
  2. MIC Drop Remix (Steve Aoki)
  3. FIRE
  4. Spring Day
  5. Fake Love

What got bumped you might ask? Blood Sweat & Tears and Boy In Luv. They are still close to the top but the above top 5 are basically what I listen to every single day. Actually, I NEED to listen to these tracks every day (and normally more than once a day).

The energetic beat and care-free attitude of this song brings me back to their FIRE era. Except now they’re a more mature BTS. Now, they are a group who have proven time and time again they will dive in and experiment with different music genres. Now they are a BTS whom sit at the top of the world and will make controversial statements of an IDOL‘s life. To me this song came at the best time in their career. Hats off to them!

Okay, now for the rest of the album. I’m not going into detail for every single new track as kulturalwave already did a full and complete job at this. There’s no sense in repeating everything she mentioned as I might as well then copy and paste directly from her blog! She also gave me a lot of food for thought – so please… read her review as it will not disappoint!

Euphoria (Jungkook’s Solo) – Full Version

We heard Euphoria from their Love Yourself (LY) music film (above) which wrapped up all the pre-comeback highlight reels for the LY era. But we didn’t get the entire track and I know my daughter was ecstatic to see the third installment of the LY: Answer album start with Jungkook’s vocals at the beginning. And why is the full version so important? I’m going to be very specific – 3:07 of the track. It is at this precise moment Mr. Jeon decides to hit us with that beautiful high note of his. That 2-3 seconds alone was worth it!

Trivia: Just Dance (J Hope’s Solo)

Every time this man comes out with a new solo I’m flabbergasted with how talented Jung Hoseok is. I will admit, when I first dove into the world of BTS, Hoseok (a.k.a. J Hope or Hobi) was not high on my list. Not because I didn’t like him but he seemed to be a bit more in the shadows especially for a new comer like myself.

However, this man has really exploded out into the scene and no one can deny how incredibly talented he is! Just Dance was one of the two other new tracks (the other being I’m Fine) which caught my attention right from the get-go. And I think the song suits him because watching J Hope dance can put anyone in a good mood. He’s one of my favorite dancers in k-pop.

Serendipity (Jimin’s Solo) – Full Version

I am so happy to have the full version (the above video is the short version)! The additional bridge at 3:13 only amplifies the beauty of Park Jimin’s vocals. My husband, who loves ballads, has become a fan of Jimin’s voice which says something. He still has a hard time deciphering between Jin and Jungkook but when Jimin’s sweet, melodic voice comes through our Bluetooth speakers, we’re pretty much all told to shush just so he can listen to the song.

We watched Jimin struggle with his performance and voice during their Burn the Stage documentary. We saw how he went to Jungkook for vocal training and what Jungkook said afterwards to just the camera . He couldn’t teach Jimin to sing like him – rather he wanted Jimin to embrace his natural sound and go from there.

Now, a more mature and confident Jimin is showing us how he has embraced his voice! And I’m so happy for him. I don’t know what BTS would be like if all four vocal and all three rap lines were not as unique from each other as they are. I feel it a huge part of their strength as a team, let alone as individuals. Jimin’s vocals is so unique and a blessing to listen to. An extended Serendipity is a true gift!

MIC Drop Remix (Steve Aoki) – Full Version

Yeeeeeesss! We’ve only been able to see the extended version with the additional dance breaks during their live stage performance. And now, we get the full track! I’m tickled pink! That’s all I have to say about that!

I’m Fine

I am ending with I’m Fine because, aside from IDOL, this is my favorite track from their latest Love Yourself: Answer album. Not only does it sum up where they are in life but the upbeat is so positive and uplifting. It’s going to be such a great dance song, too!

Personally, I love it because whenever I’m feeling my anxiety start to unravel me, I listen to this song. And remind myself that I’m fine as well. I just need to remember to breath…

Taehyung… It’s “Coke” not “cock” sweetie

But he’s trying and we love him for it! This mistake just makes him more adorable! Protect him.

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Watch “BTS (방탄소년단) ‘IDOL’ Official MV” on YouTube

So I haven’t watched this video yet as I’m presently camping.

But I did listen to it (twice) just now through my Apple Music subscription and all I can say is that I LOVE IT!!!

I look forward to watching the video but I’m glad I got to listen to IDOL on it’s own without any visual influences.

As for the rest of their new tracks I don’t know where to begin. I will just mention two which stood out to me right away.

I’m Fine – like an epilogue to Save Me.

And Just Dance – J Hope did it again. It was like Hope World all over again but better!

BTS brought out another winner with this comeback and final installment to their Love Yourself trilogy. And they certainly ended it with a bang!