about shy


Hi! My name is Shy! And I have freckles!

Sign of the Chinese water rat and a Chinese born Canadian, now making a living in marketing. Currently residing in Toronto with her husband, daughter and dog, Shy can only be described as a geek, a kpop fan and a foodie. She tries her best to balance her life with work, family and friends. In her spare time, away from other distractions, one might find her soaking in a bubble bath sipping prosecco, listening to BTS and reading a Haruki Murakami book. She enjoys nature walks, hiking and especially, camping with her family in their little old, vintage trailer.

There’s also a story for each of the rotating banner heads – you can read about them here.


8 thoughts on “about shy

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog! I am struck by our similarities…lovers of yoga, cockapoos and our daughters. I even work in the communications field (as a journalist). Please keep reading me and I’ll keep reading you.

  2. Love your blog, It’s amazing to see how much you are doing for your teens. Taking interest in their interests in 2017, it is something we don’t see very often. Hwaiting!

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