BTS Bon Voyage Season 4

BTS’ Bon Voyage Season 4 (BV 4) is now fast approaching. You’ll need to view it in Weverse and purchase it through Weply just as with the Bring the Soul docu-series and documentary movie purchases.

I have purchased BV 4 but who knows when I’ll have time to watch it when each episodes starts to air. I have actually yet to watch any of the docu-series as well. I’m looking for some major downtime which may not happen until Christmas holidays. Bummer!

I’ve been keeping up with the episode teasers they’ve released on YouTube (after Bangtan Subs translates to English that is).

It is a hoot!

Seriously – BTS should never go camping alone. Like… ever!

4 thoughts on “BTS Bon Voyage Season 4

  1. There is no better slapstick than BTS Camping, buying food, reading maps, remembering anything from their own passport and/or suitcase to losing members of the group. There are times when I have to stop and think, “Are they really this helpless?” then I realize I don’t care and go on enjoying the antics.

    • I think the edits make them more helpless than they really are but… due to such a heavy schedule, and for the younger ones who have only known a life as a trainee turned idol, I do wonder if maybe they haven’t had the chance to do a lot of things?

      I wonder what it would be like to go camping with them. My family and I do a lot of camping. And we’ve helped beginner camping families get through their first camping trip.

      I’d like to say I’d be very patient with them but with 7 of them demanding attention, I wonder how BigHit staff deal with all the neediness! LOL! They get back by adding their comments in the sub-titles though.

      • I’ve camped a lot as well and I’m a former travel agent. I might have fantasized briefly about sending them on a hiking trip through the Grand Canyon but, I’d be worried about getting them back out whole and well! lol I think they are some talented actors but I’m not sure that much helplessness can be faked.

  2. It’s okay if you can’t watch it at the time of the release . I find that’s the thing I like about BTS content even if you watch it late, or repeatedly it’s still really entertaining! I just love their natural selves they are natural entertainers !

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