BTS – Bring the Soul Movie

I took the movie poster photo just before entering the theater. Some people said they would do it after the movie but glad I didn’t wait. Annabelle replaced it as we exited and that was a poster I did NOT want a photo of! Creepy!

We went opening night, August 7th, 2019, mainly because it was the only night we all had free to watch as a family. Of course, I bought an extra ticket when it first went on sale because I knew my daughter would bring one of her friends.

We arrived as early as we could, being it a work night for me, and a gathering of ARMY could be seen lining up 1hr 15min before showtime. By the time we wolfed down some theater food as a poor excuse for dinner, the line-up had grown. We hopped into the line (thankfully early enough so we knew we would get decent seats) but by the time they were scanning our tickets, the line was trailing outside the theater and into the mall entrance.

The movie, or documentary, of their Love Yourself Tour was amazing. Like their first Wings tour documentary, Burn the Stage, I felt it was very artistically done. Yet there were so many differences as we witness the growth of BTS, along with each individual members, from just a year and a half apart from all the footages shown between both documentaries.

While Burn the Stage, the movie, was more poetic, this one had a more edgier feel. You will see this just in some of the music accompaniment as they go from city to city. They do this as they talk about their memories up to date while having dinner their last night in Paris. Throughout the concert scenes and them traveling here to there, the camera follows individual members as they give an informal interview, of sorts, behind the stage, during days off, in their hotel room while they continue to work on music. There was a lot of back and forth from solo members to group scenes but they all were put together quite well with smooth transitions. I was extremely impressed with the editing.

One thing which stood out the most for me was how funny Bring the Soul was. They really captured the casual, everyday humor seen across all members. These were raw moments – all very natural. And through these exchanges of humor, we get a glimpse of how in tune they are with one another and how they truly operate as a family.

Would I watch this movie again? In a heartbeat. I might try to see it this weekend on my own. My daughter actually returned the next day to see the matinee time with the same friend who came with us on opening night. For those who do not have this movie showing where they live, there was a pre-movie Bring the Soul commercial stating you can purchase the movie through the Weverse app. So if you do not have Weverse, here’s your chance to join the bandwagon!

If we can purchase it as a one-time fee, I will be happy. I wasn’t too keen on having to subscribe to YouTube Red in order to watch Bring the Soul because I simply wasn’t interested in a YouTube’s monthly subscription to begin with. I preferred, being in Canada when we did not have the ability to subscribe to YouTube’s Red, to just purchase each Bring the Soul series for $2.49 each. And I was prepared to purchase the movie even if it was going to be around $20-25. But by then, they opened up YouTube Red to Canada… and that worked against my plan.

9 thoughts on “BTS – Bring the Soul Movie

  1. After I read this the first time a few days ago, I found myself asking my 12 year old-“Do we need Weverse?”
    We aren’t going to be anywhere we can watch the movie until they release it on Vlive or Weverse. My 12 year old laughed at me, she told me I sounded tired, like BTS was winning.

    I do feel pressured to keep up with them in the social media world and they are freaking all over it! On the other hand, I just wanna watch them do their thing….well, Hello Weverse.

    • I was wrong in what I saw – the Weverse version starting on August 27th is going to be a docu-SERIES like they did with Burn the Stage on YouTube Red. They did it in reverse which I love! They kick-started the series with a movie and THEN are following up with the 8 or so series to be released every week or so. I’m sure eventually they will also add the movie as well. I just don’t know how much this will all cost or if we require a subscription? Weverse has the advertisement on the app now, but no mention of how we’ll get access yet.

  2. I loved the movie so much too! Like you said I felt it was more light hearted than the first docu movie. While the first docu movie was based on their wings tour, when things were really moving fir them, while in this movie they’re at heights I guess even they didn’t imagine. That difference was visible as we now see the boys enjoying dinner at a rooftop in Paris and enjoying and reminiscing their tour memories. And I really really loved how funny it was! Especially that part where jungkook imitates Suga “it’s so hot ARMY,” and the scene cute to Suga saying “because of you” in the concert venue!

    • That dinner scene with them imitating each other was the best! Jungkook and Taehyung did a good job! LOL! I liked the scene with Jimin yelled at Jungkook to hurry up! About how they all took one care and they can’t leave if he doesn’t leave already! Meanwhile, Jungkook is taking just one last bite.. after another… and another!

      • Those are my favs too! Honestly I feel very happy when I see them eating well especially jungkook eating and reviewing hot dogs! I would be like jungkook too even if someone asked me to hurry up coz food is food!

    • The movie hasn’t be released yet to Weverse but I’m going to guess it will be after all the accompanied docu-series episodes are released (should be one more). The movie was fantastic but I have not seen any of the accompanied episodes yet. All I know is that it’s to go with the movie but not the same as the movie. I just haven’t had time but whenever I’m on vacation next I’m going to binge-watch! 🙂

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