Dreaming of BTS – No seriously, I’ve had dreams of BTS!

I’m not TRYING to dream about BTS but they have appeared in my dream at least twice. Maybe even a third time but the last one was so hazy I’m not sure. I do know each one involved just one member. And here is a very simple description of each:

Dream #1: Jin

I walk into the kitchen and Jin is sitting there at the table. He starts to yell at me Jin-style like he does when he’s being Angry Jin. No, I don’t know what I did wrong. No, I have no idea what he’s saying to me because it’s all in Korean. I did read another blogger stating she had a dream of BTS and luckily for her, there were sub-titles floating in front/below each member as they talked to her. Much like many Youtube videos us non-Korean speaking fans have become dependent on. I had no such luck. And the dream ended shortly after me just standing there, bewildered at why he was yelling at me.


I think I should have been more concerned with why Worldwide Handsome, Kim Seokjin, was sitting in my kitchen. And exactly how did he get in in the first place?

Dream #2: Jungkook

My phone had been buzzing with message notifications all day. I was really busy though, so I ignored them. Then I got a call from a very angry Jungkook who demanded to know why I wasn’t responding to any of his texts. I’m not at all sure where this one came from – there was this one Youtube video of their People Magazine interview where Jungkook got a bit of heat from his hyungs for never responding to any of the texts they sent him.

Other than that, I have no idea why Jungkook would be texting me. And exactly what was so important I had to drop everything just to respond to him? Strange dream indeed.

Dream #3: Suga

I think I had a dream of Suga last night but it was pretty broken up and short for me to fully remember what was going on.

All I remember is Suga just being really disappointed in me. What did I do wrong? What did I do to make him feel like I am a let down? I have no idea. He wasn’t angry at me, but he was just shaking his head. I mean, it IS Suga – he appears to be the one that used to keep the young ones in line so at least in my dream, he was in character.

In Summary

I clearly have some anxiety issues of letting people down. Why BTS are the ones playing into my subconscious mind is beyond me. I know my daughter thinks I’m lucky to dream about them.

Really? All they’re doing is acting mad at me! Why would she want to dream about that?

I had to get that off my chest. I’m so stressed with the amount of work I have to do this week I needed to post something fun and light.

And I’m known to have extremely strange dreams – I have all my life so to be honest, I’m not surprised with the above dreams.

12 thoughts on “Dreaming of BTS – No seriously, I’ve had dreams of BTS!

    • My work stress is mainly ultra-high. But it’s due to not having a great boss. She’s really hard to deal with and doesn’t understand what I do takes more time than she realizes (because I have the technical skills she doesn’t so she thinks I should be able to do so much all at once). She also works 12 hours days but I can’t because I have a family – her kids are all grown up and well on their own raising their own family. And also, I just don’t like her. She makes me feel like I’m not good enough – ALWAYS. Like she’s constantly reminding me of mistakes I make which makes me more nervous. And therefore I make more mistakes. But It’s also because I’m correcting her mistakes, too. Thanks for your concern, though. You’re sweet. I guess I could have better dreams of BTS but my husband might not like my version of ‘better!’ πŸ˜‰

      • sorry about your boss. 😦 sucks. i understand exactly how you feel tho. some people just don’t understand how to do someone else’s job, and think that they should be just like them. ugh.

        hahaha. i think i would agree with you on your version of ‘better’. πŸ˜›

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