Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge – Part IV

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge]

Day 8: K-pop song you know all the words to

None. 🙂 Not knowing Korean makes it tough for me to learn one whole song. BTS’ Spring Day and FIRE are the closest but I still do not know all the words. I sing along to perhaps half of it. And I can’t rap so whenever a rap verse comes on, I might get a few keywords but that is about it.

Day 9: Favorite k-pop performance

I was floored with BTS’ MAMA 2017 Intro and Not Today performance. I think it was the intro part that had me in total WOW-mode. But if I had to choose THE performance of the year, it would be their extended MIC Drop Remix at MAMA – with the new choreography sequence (i.e. dance break) showcased for the first time. Plus, this was the first important performance they took part in after returning on their mini-LA tour (can I call it a tour? I felt it was like one as it seemed like everyone wanted a piece of BTS while they were on US soil). By the time they arrived back in Asia, everyone KNEW what BTS had accomplished and this song and performance just summed it up! They slayed it:


The 2nd significant performance of the year, I would have gone with BTS’ DNA at the 2017 American Music Award. I don’t think I need to go into why this was so significant. The camera work was crappy so it’s hard to put it as my favorite performance but I, along with the rest of BTS’ fans, had been cheering them on and just so proud of how far they’ve made it! My favorite part of that performance was when it ended. All 7 of them stayed on the stage and stood back a bit, not rushing off, but just looking up and around. I could tell they were just taking it all in and trying to etch what they were seeing from a stage they had just shared with so many artists they grew up admiring. Way to go guys – you deserved not just the spotlight, but arguably one of the best performances that night!

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