Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge – Part I

[30 Day K-Pop Challenge]

Okay – I got this from kwenzqoat and like him, I won’t be doing these once a day. As you can see, it’s now January 3rd – I’m two dates late already. So I’ll post in batches! And just a warning… I’m not sure how good my answers are going to be. The fact is, I was only introduced to kpop since end of last winter. And I didn’t become a true fan until mid-summer when I found myself listening to kpop daily – if not sometimes, exclusively! So, the challenge is I do not know THAT many kpop groups compared to many kpop lovers I have met online. This list will mainly be about BTS!


BTS decked out in Yves Saint Laurent at the 2017 AMAs

Day 1: Your favorite k-pop boy group

And as I already made clear… BTS! I love all 7 members – it is the only group where I can safely say it would be extremely difficult to see any one of them leave without feeling just… empty. Each member is such an expert in their own field of skills. Individually their talents already wow me but together they are truly phenomenal. They compliment each other and I’m just always at awe at how good they are on so many levels. They are equals – please never ask me who I think is the best because that would be cruel. I can’t answer that. DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!

Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group

Here is where my knowledge of kpop falters. I have yet to find a girl group whom I love anywhere as close as I love BTS. And it’s not because there’s not enough talent out there in kpop world. It’s just that the talent isn’t being used to the fullest potential. Yeah – I said it. The double-standard sexism in the kpop world is so obvious it irks the shit out of me. I have so much more to write about this issue I have with kpop girl groups. I will reserve it for another more serious post, though. For the time being, I am going to say Black Pink. They were not the first girl group that caught my attention, though. EXID was the first and I did love their sound!

Day 3: who’s your ultimate k-pop guy bias

Park Jimin*. Oh that damn Jimin! I have tried not to see him as a bias. I really have. And it’s so frustrating because when he’s being off-stage Jimin he is adorable and I don’t think of him in any other way but, “Aww – he’s so sweet!” Then he goes on-stage and the duality of how he switches his personality from sweet to sexy just KILLS. ME. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. He needs to stop it. Now. I’m too old for him. I’m married. I have a child, for heaven’s sake! If I had gotten an early pregnancy, I would be old enough to be his mother! Argh!!! I am a sucker for a good dancer, though. He shows both strength and grace when he dances and that’s what I love. I also love his vocal voice. Truth be told, the real BTS, i.e. their off-stage personalities, are very comforting and humble. And I can easily say when they are off-stage, I don’t see them as anything through the mind set of a platonic admirer of their hard work and well, I just want to adopt them or something. Maybe just cover them with a protective blanket. The duality they, along with many kpop idols, show on stage is like a mind-bender. I feel like my eyes are playing tricks on me. But that is the whole point, right? This is how they market towards their fan-base. This is what makes them not just singers, dancers, producers, song writers, etc., but PERFORMERS!

*On a side note about the whole Jimin-bias thing… The funny thing is I know back in the No More Dreams and Bulletproof era he was known to lift his shirt up and expose his abs. I have to say, due to his age at that time where I question if he (or any of the maknae line) was even of legal age, I can’t watch those music videos or performances anymore. They all looked like babies then! It’s too creepy for me and I think that’s the one thing kpop needs to be more responsible about – under aged idols should be treated as such. Under aged. Period. Plus, while I am not shy from admitting my admiration of a man with nice abs and chest, I find it WAY more sexier when they are not showing so much skin. When all 7 BTS members walked the red carpet in their formal, Yves Saint Laurent suits, during the 2017 American Music Awards, I was like, “Yeah! That’s right – show the world how beautiful you guys are!” A well dressed man will take my breath away more than one showing so much skin. (Why I felt male strippers are quite boring to watch – I’ve been to see male strippers once for a stagette and found myself yawning mid-way through the evening).

Wow – that was an interesting tangent!

3 thoughts on “Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge – Part I

  1. lol that is so interesting!! i understand how you feel about not choosing a favorite. i can’t choose either. they’re all equal!! ♥

    i have a question tho… what is this challenge thing and how do i do it?

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