And Now I’m Hooked on K-Pop

It’s just very, very sad. Not only how k-pop has taken over our house but I’m now completely hooked! I can’t stop listening to the music – specifically from EXO and BTS.

EXO Review:

Compared to BTS, they are on average older. They’ve been in the scene for several years and I’m glad I caught them at this more mature stage of their career. When Chaeli first started to forward me videos they were all so very young, I couldn’t tell who was who and their performance, while good, was lacking. Now that they are a more mature-EXO, their individuality is much more evident making them more enjoyable to watch.

Singing and dancing is great – it’s obvious each members strength though, so while some may have a great solo career, others obviously will require to always be a part of the band to succeed.

Do I have a bias? Yes. Which pains me because my two biases are NOT the oldest ones. Even the older ones (late 20’s) are still too young for me but at least I can’t use the line that I’m old enough to by their mother (minus the teen pregnancy scenario that is – yes I’m stretching it). At least the one I like the most looks older, though.

I’m human. I can not turn away from this photo of Kai:


Kai (EXO)

Their more recent concerts have also shown a more sexier style of dancing. Once again, I AM HUMAN! I watch this and think of how much I would like to be that cane (Kai is the blond one who dances blind-folded in the end). Must watch both songs, “Playboy” and “Artificial Love”:


I’m just glad that Chaeli’s biases are so very different from mine. She likes the younger looking ones. At least I’ve got that! Sort of.

Their latest album “WAR” is fantastic! I can’t stop listening to this album – especially Ko Ko Bop, The Eve and What U Do.

BTS Review:

A much younger band but they’ve climbed their way to the top pretty fast, even winning a Billboard award this year and proving their ability to crack into the main stream scene.

Music is very energetic. THEY are very energetic. I have been working out to mostly their tunes and it’s benefiting my own energy level. I’ve also been obsessed with their dancing. These boys have fast and precise footwork. And their music videos are high quality production pieces.

Check out Fire – This is probably one of my favourite videos from them. It’s fun and energetic:

As for any biases, I will just let my daughter focus on her top 3 (V, Jungkook and Suga). They are young and they look young. And they act young. I’ll just focus on their talents and leave it at that!


4 thoughts on “And Now I’m Hooked on K-Pop

  1. Does your daughter like any girl bands? There are plenty of good ones!! Although, I don’t blame her for liking BTW and EXO. Super Junior have hot guys (Siwon!) and so does Big Bang. I found myself liking more of the girl bands though like TWICE, Mamamoo and Blackpink.

  2. She likes Blackpink, Girl Generation and EXID. I like a few of their songs (not so much GG, though) – EXID’s rapper is pretty badass. But I can only handle BTS and EXO at the moment. BTS is so energetic – hard not to love their music and dance sequences (music videos are pretty creative). EXO… *swoon*! Kai, Baekhyun and Sehun – OH MY GOD! Seriously – I watched Ko Ko Bop and nearly died! They are so beautiful I cried myself to sleep that night!

    • I’ve only played it over and over again. LOL! Kai and his hips – HOT! And then when he gets onto the floor and does his thrusts? Not fair! Baekhyun looks so good with his come-back look, too. In Ko Ko Bop I was like, “WOOOWWW! That’s Baekhyun???” I also think Bae looks good in Monster (in a cool badass way). Hey – how come they only seem to have one MV out (Ko Ko Bop)? Will they make more MVs for their latest album? Not sure how this normally works.

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