Hibernation is for the Bears

One thing Doug has taught me over the many years we’ve been together is to not let winter be an excuse for staying in.


Snowshoeing through the Rouge

This wasn’t the easiest concept for me to adapt to. Before I met Doug, going out for winter meant I sacrificed warmth by lining up at the nightclubs wearing very little under my coat. That was the extent of what it meant to me to ‘be outdoors’ during the winter months.

Sure, on the occasion, my friends and I would go snowboarding (on the very few occasion). Otherwise, adventuring outdoors in the the winter time really mean running from the car to either a club or a restaurant.

It’s different now. And yes, I will be completely honest – there are times I still rather stay in and remain all cozy while the winter wind howls or the snow fall comes down rapidly. After all, I have fuzzy sucks, my pj’s, an endless amount of hot tea I could make, plus a novel. And I can enjoy all this in front of the bay window at the front of our house while watching the beauty of winter from my safe world inside.


Hobbes-the-Dog loves the snow – but he often collects snowballs up and down his legs!

I’ve learned, however, the shorter days of winter can deplete me of energy. I’m more likely to suffer from depression during the winter months. Staying indoor, essentially, can actually do worse for my mental health.

So, we try. We try our best to go out as a family, get some fresh air and exercise, and enjoy the beautiful scenery winter has to offer.

It works. I often come back feeling relaxed. And the cool air makes me feel rejuvenated. The silver-lining is we’re hopefully laying a path in shaping Chaeli’s future. She may not appreciate it now but I hope one can she can look back with fond memories of all our adventures and realize, herself, she should not let winter keep her from the great outdoors.


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