Remembering my ultimate break-up

I think all of us remembers our past break-ups. And I’m sure there’s always at least one that stands out as the champion of all break-ups.

I had one. In fact, I was just going back to my early blog posts (the ones that use to come from Vox which I transferred here to WordPress – still miss that place) and found an entry I wrote about my most epic break-up.

It can be read here.

Yeah – Joel was about the worst relationship I have ever had. There was a previous relationship which was quite ugly – but at least I can say I was young and was fooled by ‘my first love’ with the little experience I had.

By the time I started my relationship with Joel, I was in my mid-20’s. An era I think many people experience their first bad relationship(s).

It’s healthier not to dwell in the past. And had it not been for a revisit to this specific blog post, I probably would not even be thinking of Joel. Still, now that I am, and more so about break-ups in general, I think it is healthy to go through these types of life lessons.

I still stand by everything I wrote about how I dumped Joel, with all my thoughts related to why I ended things between us. My only regret was that I didn’t do it sooner. In fact, a part of me even regrets ever meeting him. The ONLY good thing is that it was a huge learning lesson of never settling for anything less than I deserve.

And it’s healthy of me to remember that the break-up was one of the best decisions I made for myself.

Anyway – strange to all of the sudden remember something like this. I had forgotten the details about the break-up until I read it again!


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