Famous encounters

Blonde and beautiful. I don’t mean the manicured type of beauty, either. I’m sure you were wearing make-up but it was pretty light. Either way, it was obvious you didn’t need a lot of make-up to show off your natural gorgeousness. With a kind smile, you passed me the blow-dryer, saying something about how we’ll share. You were with your daughters and I was with my best friend (we were having her bridal shower at one of those ceramic painting places).

You looked familiar. It wasn’t until after you left the people who worked at the ceramic painting place mentioned your name.

What made me remember you most that day wasn’t your beauty, as the magazine and films depict you to be. It was how kind and sweet you were. How down-to-earth you were.

I’m glad I was clueless to how famous you are when I met you that day. I think, seeing how you were spending some quality time with your daughters, you probably preferred being anonymous. And I’m glad we were able to give you that peace and solitude.

~ Back in 2000 when I didn’t realize I was exchanging words with Rebecca De Mornay.


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