Not really a bucket list. Just a list.

There are things I want to do in my life that wouldn’t, I think, count as a bucket list.

Because bucket lists usually are of pretty big things. Huge things for some people. Like, doing 5 Iron Mans or climbing Mount Everest.

I don’t get that. Why would I want to increase the chances of shortening my life as part of something on my bucket list? Wouldn’t that take away from actually finishing my bucket list? Imagine… Bucket List item no. 1 – Sky diving. *SPLAT* The end.

Even if one’s bucket list isn’t all about adrenaline rush and near-death experiences, most people have some pretty high-end accomplishments they want to achieve. I do, too. I want to have a pint of beer in a British pub IN Britain. I want to explore vineyards in Tuscany or go to Naples for a traditional slice of margherita pizza . I want to visit the Hobbiton in New Zealand. I want to rent a house for two months in Hawaii. I want to snowboard in powder, get my scuba diving license, master mindful meditation. I want to go on a shark dive. Okay, maybe my last one can be deemed a bit daring. But that’s as daring as I get with my bucket list!

There are other things I want to do that are not as glamorous. Things that I might even be embarrassed to admit. And these are things I want to do out of sheer curiosity only – because I’m not sure if I’ll like it and in fact, have a strong suspicion I’ll even regret it. Like:

  1. A full body scrub. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it but the idea of me lying naked on some table and having my skin abused like that sounds a little horrifying. It’s the after-glow I wonder about. I can’t help but to think about The Hunger Games. You know – when she is exfoliated from head to toe leaving her skin super soft. It sounded like torture with great results. I’d want them to leave my nipples be, though. In fact, can they skip my breasts entirely?
  2. I want to visit a psychic. I came close to visiting one. I was walking along the Santa Monica Pier one evening while I was away on a business trip. The red wine I had with my dinner was making me feel pretty good. There was this lady selling psychic readings on the pier. I walked pass her and thought if I should give it a go. On my way back, I passed her again. She had a customer. So I sat at a close-by bench and waited. And waited. And waited some more. I didn’t want to intrude. I didn’t want to say, “I’m sorry for interrupting but would you mind telling me when you will be free?” I know very little about this sort of thing. Would if I disturbed her chi? Or the current customer’s aura? What if I put a dent into the cosmos of the universe? And so, I went back to my hotel and got ready for bed.
  3. Going on a Maid of Mist boat tour of Niagara Falls. Seriously – what is the fascination here? They make you wear these rain ponchos which from far away makes it look like a boat full of people wearing body-size condoms. Yet I can’t imagine they actually keep you dry. It’s horribly expensive and one of those cheesy tourist traps people seem to fall for.Yet – it draws me in like a moth to a flame.

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