Hobbes the Dog had a good loot, too!

After posting our Xmas 2016 Loot post, I clearly forgot to add the most important family member of all.

Well, sometimes it seems like he feels he is the most important one of us all.

So here was Hobbes’ top 5 fave Christmas presents:


Hobbes’ top 5 Christmas presents

  1. Kong Squeezz Ball – He actually has a red one but since he loved it so much, we figured he would get a blue version. And yes he did go crazy over it (from Santa)
  2. Top Paw® Hedgehog – This was probably his second favourite next to the Kong Ball (from Chaeli)
  3. Natural Balance Biscuits – He actually received two different kinds; Sweet Potato & Venison and Sweet Potato & Chicken. Hobbes is picky when it comes to dog treats. Being on a raw diet he prefers the real deal but for whatever reason, this is the only dog biscuit he will eat (venison version from in-laws; chicken version from Doug and myself)
  4. Stuffless Fox – Hobbes already has this one but he has no problem having another (see below of him cuddling with his newer version) (from my in-laws)
  5. ETTA Says Dehydrated Meat Sticks – Natural and dehydrated, he received deer, duck and rabbit (from various family members)



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