Will we have a White Christmas?

Xmas mason jars

Our new #HoHoHo marque sign

Toronto is having a more typical Canadian winter. And unlike many who are complaining about the cold and all the snow we have received, my husband and I are ecstatic! The last two winters have been pitiful. We didn’t go snow-shoeing once. And skiing/snowboarding was pathetic.

Xmas mason jars

We bought these new Xmas mason jars as well – set of 3

So my hope and wish if for this snow, if not perhaps a blanket of fresh snow, be present for Christmas. It’s been a rough year on many levels – a White Christmas will give us that little sense of peace and give us the break we deserve.

I wish we had more time to savor Christmas. Each year it comes and goes faster and faster. I find myself not sitting by our tree, reading for pleasure, listening to tunes, etc. These days I’m more working overtime by our tree. I still put on the Christmas tunes but a whole CD will go by and I swear it’s like I haven’t heard one song.

Winter-themed nail design

I decided for a winter-theme look

So I do what little I can to try and enjoy this time of year. I even pampered myself with a winter-themed nail design (my manicurist is an artist!) And we spent Friday night staying up late wrapping the first batch of presents we need to ship to my in-laws in Thunder Bay.

One thing I am always excited about – gift giving. As much work as it is to shop for everyone it is the one tradition I pride myself in. And it gives me such great pleasure to spoil my loved ones. Even though our daughter is passed the age of believing in Santa, she will have her stockings filled to the brim from, well, we can say from the spirit of Christmas and Santa.

I have seen those Facebook posts about how Children should only receive a few gifts – that it makes it unfair when their friends whom have little gifts (mainly the ones from families less fortunate than ours). I understand – and we teach our child not to brag. And we’re very thankful that presently, we are in a position to splurge a little during Christmas time.

Even when we were not in the position we are in  now, I would fill our daughter’s stockings – maybe most of the presents were from the Dollar store. But it was never about the amount we spent – it was the fun of opening gifts on Christmas day together.

Anyway – one more week left. I have to hang on just for one more week…


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