A little peace of heaven


Regal Princess at Port in Antigua

We came back recently from a 7-day Caribbean Cruise on the Regal Princess.

A splurge and gift to ourselves was upgrading to a mini-suite with a balcony.

Best. Decision. Ever.

The extra space made it a little home away from home. The balcony allowed an escape from the busy crowd. And the extra attention from our cabin steward… Magnifico!


View from our balcony.

Having constant view of the ocean really helped me calm my nerves. Even in the dark, just the sound of the vessel cutting through the waves was enough to sooth me. If there was any room for me to drag a mattress out on the balcony so I could sleep under the stars, I would have!

This just confirmed how burnt out I am. With work. With everyday life. Though, everyday life would not be as hard if it weren’t for work… Work is slowly killing me. My blood pressure is up, my body weight is up…ugh! I can’t even stand to look at myself in the mirror!


Our private over-the-water cabana in Amber Cover, Dominican Republic

Getting away, though, sort of let me forget all that I had temporarily left behind. And even though I worked out everyday, walked a lot and took the stairs as much as I could, I escaped my body image. I wore a 2-piece and didn’t quite care but just took the liberty and feeling good not being bound or restricted with too much clothing. On formal nights, I brought formal pants and loose, sparkly tops. Comfort was what I aimed for and it was wonderful.

But now, I am back to reality. I need to do something – my work, my physical health and my mental health. Of course all of theses things are tightly connected.


Mountain top view in St. Thomas

So for the next 2 weeks it is going to be hell at work as we wrap things up for the year while also getting ready for the first of January.

There’s little I can do about minimizing stress with work for the next 2 weeks. Until the holidays come I will visualize the sea and the view from our balcony… just to try and escape in whatever capacity I can.

Sunset from our balcony – Antigua port


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