The Dumbasses that Surround Me

It’s a little bit conceited, I know. But the truth is that I really do see myself as one of the more intelligent people at my office.

Now, it does not mean I believe I am the best at my job. Like many other people, I make mistakes, learn from the process and am always looking to make improvements. And yes, I will admit. I’m not always a people person. I can do ‘my thing’ when it is required. But for the most part, most people’s jibber-jabber is exhausting to me.

And here’s why…

I have some people I know who are quite low on the totem pole of intelligence – and they are always trying to talk down to me and try to catch mistakes that I make to show that they are in fact, much smarter than I am.

I have never walked away without showing them that they are actually the ones that are wrong. I don’t mind people making mistakes but to get on their high-horse to try and show me they think I’m wrong without taking the time to find out all the facts, yeah… with these people I have no issues trying to make them feel really small for this.

My confession here? My gut reaction to myself and to a couple of co-workers is, “Seriously? Was she really trying to pull off she is smarter than me?” I have no guilt or remorse showing my confidence level here.

Another area probably has to do with narrow-mindedness of some of the people I work with. And it is not so much their belief system that I question. Their own opinion is, after all, none of my business. So long as they don’t MAKE it my business.

So it does bother me when 1) they want to share with me their attitude/stance of politics, religion, ideology of sub-cultures and what not and 2) their poor arguments which they justify to go ahead with whatever opinion they have. I have yet to hear one argument that actually makes sense! That annoys me. It shows poor understanding and research on their part. And once again, yes, I do feel that I’m smarter than they are simply because I actually take time to research and think things through if I’m going to make any type of bold statement.

One argument a couple of co-workers stated during our last Federal election was, “I don’t vote. Because they are all liars and will do nothing to help our country.”

I had to fight every urge not debate back with them, “Really? So you are saying all three candidates are equally ‘evil’ and will screw up our country at the same amount as the others? Are you saying your vote won’t make a difference because you don’t think you can at LEAST vote for the one that might screw up less than the other two?” I fight the urge simply because I know myself too well. I’ll offend them because my patience for these types of people is pretty much non-existent.

I don’t care if people have a pessimistic view. But please – they obviously have not given any thought in what they are saying. Not to mention they might consider voting just for being thankful that they have the honor to vote. They only need to look into parts of the world where people have no say. Part of my reason why I am proud to vote is because I live in a country where it is my right. And my privilege.

I would have more respect for them if they just admitted that they are too lazy to go and vote. At least then, they are telling the truth.


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