Sunday Morning Yoga

I have been able to wake up before the family does both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend, to get an hour workout in. Yesterday, I did some Kenpo-X (classic P90X) followed by an intense 20-minute Pilates ab routine (killer – thankful it was only 20 min!)

This morning I picked one of the more gentle and slower of my yoga DVD collections. It was a lovely hour of a balanced workout which contained just the right mix of strength, flexibility and balance. It was just what my body needed to wake up gently.

I’m waiting for the two slow-pokes to get ready as I sit here not long before we head out to have brunch with my parents, aunt and uncle.

My family loves family-time. We do too. But it’s been so challenging this year. With work and little miss’ heavy academic load, by Friday, we are all exhausted. They wanted to see us either Friday or Saturday night but I had to put my foot down. As a compromise, I asked if Sunday brunch would be okay.

Anyway, while I did work overtime yesterday at home for 5 hours, I had a lovely Friday and Saturday evening with just my family. And now, I’m doing something I use to love doing, still love doing, but haven’t done consistently like I use to… blogging while sipping my morning home-pressed coffee.

As I do this, I’m reminded of the little moments like this where I catch myself and if I took the moment to just check to see how I am feeling, I can honestly say that I’m happy. Just like this – even if this moment of sitting here will only last 5 minutes.

I am happy.


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