It’s Getting Better

Since my last post, I would say that things are slowly getting better.

I feel more energized. There’s still so much on my plate, but I’m no longer feeling like I am buried. I attribute this to three main areas of my life where I have made some significant changes:

My career – I no longer am taking the position to do everything thrown at me. In fact, I was just emailing my previous VP (whom is still a good friend of mine and whom I consider a career mentor even now after 2 years of not being under his management) my sudden realization of people treating me as not always the go-to person for solving problems (they do, but a lot do not), but the person to throw stuff at because THEY do not want to do it.

The problem is that I’m extremely resourceful across many areas. And I’ve spent the time to understand different processes across the company in order to have a better perspective of my own job and how it relates in the big picture (I’m a big picture kind of person). This is not the way I wish to be noticed at work. In the past, this is what kept my position alive while the company went through numerous down-sizing. I hadn’t realize that my then-tactic of survival because WHO I was at work.

I am fine with giving advice and support but I will no longer do the work for these people. They have to learn – and if they don’t, doing the work for them will not help the company. It just masks them from the company’s realization that these people either require further training or should be looking elsewhere for work that fits what they can do.

That being said, I’ve taken a new approach. My imprint now is to ensure I provide through what I do, improvements which will streamline the efficiency of my work in order to have more time providing solutions which will help the company directly and indirectly. In just the past two weeks, I’ve been able to achieve this in more than one areas. And so my plan is to continue this path along with influential people of the company. That is how I want to be known. Not just as the hard worker that is the jack of all trades. But the hard worker who can think outside the box and improve on my areas of focus.

Unfortunately, this means I won’t always be liked by those who try to push something on me that is not within my scope. I just had to tell some one this on Friday – It wasn’t the most pleasant conversation but I had to make a stand. I’m not being paid to make BFFs with everyone. My success will be on my own merits of hard and good work – they can either join me or just leave me alone.

My personal life – I’m now carving out more time to do things I use to enjoy doing. It’s not everyday. Sometimes, it’s only on weekends. But I am working out everyday, doing yoga (doing relaxing yoga, too) and reading. Personal reading – not work related. And when the family gets their health back (lots of colds and flu in our household this winter), I hope to get back to our family hiking on most weekends.

Parenting – It’s been challenging living with a preteen going through puberty. Her school work is still hanging in there as far as grades but she’s always trying to catch up. Her teachers are always chasing her for overdue work. It’s not that she doesn’t do good work – when she does get it done, her grades are at least decent if not pretty good. With the International Baccalaureate program being introduced to her school, it’s been more challenging to transition for her. No longer is she just being told what to do, and then regurgitate what she has learned, now they are expected to discuss and figure out what it all means. And how it relates to the real world and everyday problems. So I’ve carved out some time to help her get organized and am teaching her how to prioritize and schedule what she needs to do daily and weekly.

Life never stops. All this never stops. There’s always things to do – at work, at home. It just never ends. But I’m hopeful that this roll I’ve been on – this actual enjoyment I am finding in all this, continues.


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