It’s important to have good red wine on Mother’s Day

Doug, my firefighter husband was on shift yesterday. And it seems his shift always ends up on the Saturday which starts our Mother’s Day weekend. And so, like the last couple of years – here and here – Chaeli and I would have a pre-mother’s day celebration which consisted usually of brunch.

mother's day lunchThis year, we started off with a shellac manicure for her and a 50 minute spa pedicure for me. Oh the luxury of it all! Paid by Doug – he sent Chaeli off with cash.

Afterwards, Chaelli took me out for lunch at Moxie’s. It was more for the location as we needed to do some shopping at the mall afterwards where it was situated in. Plus she wanted to order their kid’s menu chicken bites which came with their “special effects” ice cream which can be seen here of the short video I took of it. Me? I went for it – ordered their 10″ New York strip loin and a glass of Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. 10 oz, please. none of this 5 oz deal. I mean what is that? That’s just enough for a taste-test!

Mother's Day giftI received two mother’s day presents early – one was Chaeli’s “Sundae” she made for me from school. It’s bath salts topped with a shower sponge. It was also topped with a strawberry marshmallow which she ate not long after she gave it to me after she said, “I know you can’t eat that so can I?” No sooner had I finished with, “Sure, go ahead,” she had snatched and ran upstairs with it. 🙂

My present to myself – I small shopping spree at LCBO where I bought a bunch of Cabernet Sauvignon – Beringer, Robert Mondavi and from the vintage section, Francis Coppola. Believe it or not, Mr. Coppola (or his winery experts) makes a mean cab sav. I bought it for fun during a family dinner event we were hosting but have gone back to purchase this inexpensive vintage several times now! It does not disappoint. Here is the link to the LCBO page.

Carnivor Cabernet SauvignonI also bought a new brand to me – Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ll admit – I judged a book by it’s cover for this one. The name and design of the bottle had this goth-vampire feel to it. And as I suspected we might end our evening with a mother-daughter Vampire Diaries festival, I decided this was a must purchase.

For those who enjoy a very full and firm body red, this is also an inexpensive go-to. Hints of blackberry, caramel and roasted coffee makes this wine very flavourful! Which unfortunately also makes it easy to drink with or without food. Basically? It goes down like juice!

ramekin capress eggsDoug and Chaeli made me one of my favourite brunch this morning – Ramekin Caprese Eggs with bacon and asparagus w/ cherry tomatoes on the side. This is always a hit for me. And I wasn’t allowed to help which allowed me time to actually sit down with my delicious coffee to start this blog post!

We’re off to Chaeli’s riding lessons soon – which we Doug and I will take Hobbes on the nearby trail for a walk. On our way home, we will stop by my mom’s to surprise her with a lovely yellow Kalanchoe plant Chaeli picked out for her while shopping at Whole Foods.


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