Book Review – Ranger Martin and The Alien Invasion

RANGER MARTIN AND THE ALIEN INVASIONI am extremely honoured to have a chance to read and review Jack Flacco‘s zombie sequel, Ranger Martin and The Alien Invasion. Not only do I respect Flacco’s dedication to his passion for the genre subject with all the questions and theories he posts and interacts with his audience on his blog, but it is always great to support a Canadian writer – especially a local one such as Flacco.

Let me begin by admitting that I have not read the first book in what I hope will be a series – Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse – but as promised by the author, this October 21st release can be a stand-alone read. Which it most definitely was.

Will I go back, however, to read the first novel? You bet.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am big on character development. The protagonist, Ranger Martin, is one of many characters that fulfills this need of mine. Both humorous and dark, I couldn’t help but to imagine a future cowboy (mixed with the likes of Indiana Jones and Han Solo – if only Harrison Ford was young enough to star as Ranger Martin should this ever hit the big screen), not just on a mission to protect those that have become family to him, but to kill every single zombie on this planet.

Family is a key word here. Through all the mayhem and chaos – my personal favourite is  about the relationships formed (and sometimes it is a brief relationship before one loses a new connection – a higher trend in such a world). Ranger Martin’s ‘sidekicks’ are sometimes anything but sidekicks as some (a.k.a. Matty, a fiery teen) are just as gutsy as he is when it comes to crushing zombie skulls. I’m looking forward to reading the first book so i can witness some of the early events responsible for building these relationships.

The added twist, which makes this zombie genre unique, is the introduction to aliens with a bit of government/military conspiracy in the mix. The right formula for a little more chaos.

For anyone looking for an entertaining and fun read (though with intense and graphically gory scenes as well), this book will not disappoint. Flacco’s writing style is best suited for both young adults and adults who love to geek out over the horror, light-sci-fi, fantasy type genre. The Ranger Martin series would also be ideal for a graphic novel.


2 thoughts on “Book Review – Ranger Martin and The Alien Invasion

  1. Hi Shy! I just want to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful review you gave my book. I can’t say how awesome it is to read you were thrilled with the book, its protagonists and its story. It really made my day! I’m thankful that you enjoyed it and I really hope the first book will equally captivate your imagination! Thank you for your time and effort. I truly appreciate it! 🙂

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