Mid-Summer Catch-Up

Well, I say ‘mid-summer’ because this post is dedicated to what we’ve been doing lately. And since I haven’t posted much at all this summer, the start of the post basically treks back to mid-summer. Sad, isn’t it?

To start, my father turned 80 years old. And because this was such a monumental birthday, it seemed like the celebration never ended! We went for Japanese food for his Chinese calendar birthday to start which was, at that time and to his knowledge, the only thing HE had planned. But then…

birthday roasted pigWe surprised him for his western calendar birthday with a whole roasted pig…

rogers cupSent him to watch the men’s Rogers Cup (he’s a big fan of tennis and has always wanted to see the men’s tournament where he’s seen the women’s more than once)…

surprise birthday partyHad another party where a nephew and brother flew from the states to surprised him at a restaurant (he thought he was just meeting up with his Toronto sister for dim sum – she arranged for the surprise)…

blue jays gameblue jay's gameAnd finally, as another birthday present, we all went to watch a Blue Jay’s baseball game with him! I think his birthday celebration spanned over at least one month. 🙂

CN TowerWe actually haven’t done all that much in the city, though. The downtown trip to The Dome was about the only city-thing we did all summer. Which is too bad – It’s been such a long time since I’ve taken a week off just to have fun in my own city.

Two separate events, however, did have us exploring just outside of Toronto…

Cheltenham BadlandsThe Cheltenham Badlands was quite the sight to see and it’s amazing this natural development just appears at the side of the road in Caledon. This was just part of the trip while we did do an hour hike along the Bruce Trail which wrapped itself around The Badlands.

What made me sad was seeing all the people climbing down in this delicate area. The website states that it is very sensitive to erosion and visitors should remain on the flat surface at the very top. Sadly, most people are not aware of this piece of information (well, some probably also do not care) as the sign they have on location is very poor with no educational value at all. Unless people were to visit the website (which is just an association trying to perserve it), they probably do not understand the nature of this place.

Oakville JazzfestI know the Toronto Jazzfest is a big thing every year and I’ll be honest in that I’ve never been. But last year, thanks to Ada and Hoa, we discovered Oakville’s own Jazz Festival. Every year for a weekend, they would shut down their main downtown strip and welcome pedestrians to walk up and down, enjoying live performances and food vendors. We went back this year and it was a beautiful night. We also grabbed a table on a patio across a live performance while we had some drinks and late-night snacks.

Hobbes the dogAnd in other news, Hobbes has been very good at guarding our house from backyard critters. Because you know, they are so dangerous!


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