Climbing, Caving and Camel Rides

Unfortunately, I had to work this past weekend. And unfortunately, I may be working even more so this upcoming weekend. But I try to schedule my work time early in the morning or late afternoon/evening. It’s still important to enjoy the daylight with the family – especially as summer has officially started and the countdown for precious weekends we actually have together is on its way.

Whenever I’m in the mood for a challenging hike, calling up Ada or Hoa never fails. They always know just the place to explore. Granted, the hikes are not nearly as challenging as even the easier ones from the West Coast but we still manage to work up a light sweat.

And I was in a serious mood for a hike. Any hike would have been fine but when my first plans fell through, I found myself more eager to not just go on a hike, but a more adventurous one.

Hoa was busy at the annual Island Dragon Boat race so we picked Ada up and headed to the back entrance of Mount Nemo – a part of The Bruce Trail.

Mount Nemo Bruce Trail

Top view from Mount Nemo

The main entrance includes a paid parking lot at the very top. Ada, however, showed us an area to park from the back entrance for free. Plus, it started us off with a nice climb to get our bodies warmed up. By the time we reached the top, we learned we climbed about half the height of the CN Tower.

spelunking caving mount nemo

Spelunking the vertical caves.

Along the trail at the top, we found crevices – vertical caves – to climb in and out of. One of them lead us to the opening at the side of the cliff.

Chaeli was at first apprehensive. I think it was how dark it looked from the entrances but for the most part, there’s enough light to make it comfortable to see once at the bottom. After her first climb down, she became quite the explorer.

I wish we had more time to complete the rest of the trail as we only did the one side next to the escarpment. We decided to turn back and miss out on the end loop. When we reached the bottom, we did a good 7K in around 2.5 hrs (which included 3 cave explorations).

The next morning, I got the troops up to head to the zoo. Our annual membership ends beginning of August but looking at our calendar, I knew we would not have another chance to visit the zoo before that date. In fact, July is completely booked.

Zoo Peacock Cafe

Breakfast at The Peacock Cafe

As usual, we went to The Peacock Cafe just by the inside entrance for breakfast. They do not have much diabetic-friendly selections for me so I made sure I had my Weetabix with berries and almond milk just before leaving. But I joined Doug and Chaeli for a large coffee while they ate their toasted bagels and cream cheese.

Torongo Zoo Zoomobile

Waiting for the Zoomobile to take-off.

Near the end, we took the Zoomobile for a round trip just for kicks. Then made our way to the camel ride area so Chaeli could finally ride a camel for the first time.

We’ve been wanting to do this for years. And I mean YEARS! We just never had a chance or it wasn’t open when we had the chance. She loved it – though complained that the back of the camel was much harder to straddle than the ponies she’s been on.

Toronto Zoo camel ride

Will Sir Camel mind a photo-op with his guest?


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