Weekend of Local Scenery and Hiking

Since I was in Phoenix for most of the long weekend on a business trip – returning mid-week – we by-passed what would normally be our first weekend camping. I needed to just stay home and sleep in my own bed. Which turned out to be the right thing to do.

Friday night, after texting Ada the night before on a whim, we met in Oakville at Maluca‘s for dinner. The Quon-family joined us for a pretty great night (good food, too).

Afterwards, we walked over to Marbleslab for ice cream. Well, I didn’t get any but tried a bit of Doug’s and Chaeli’s. Months of eliminating 99% of added sugar in my diet didn’t make the sampling all too pleasant. I felt like I wasn’t missing much.

The walk, however, was nice. While on the cooler side, you could still tell people were eager for the warmer weather as the main strip was buzzing with pedestrians. Walking over to The Green Bean, I grabbed my Americano to work me us for the rest of the stroll towards the bridge.

For the rest of the weekend, Doug, Chaeli and I (and Hobbes) went hiking both days. The first was back to The Rouge for a 5KM hike along the Twyn River area:

The Rouge


For Sunday, we headed 45 minutes north to the York Region woodland area and hiked along the Eldred King Trails. We’re still new to this area but have found it’s a popular place for local residents to bring their horses too – which is always interesting for Hobbes who just sees them as very large dogs. The trails are easier, albeit more sandy, but does not have the same variety as far as nature. Hobbes was disappointed – not enough critters to chase through the woods. We covered about 4.2KM:


Eldred King Woodland trail

And just to add, we started the day off with a new brunch recipe – Basil Caprese Baked Egg Cups:

capreses baked eggsRecipe: http://www.howsweeteats.com/2011/07/caprese-baked-egg-cups/


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