On Being a Firefighter’s Wife, Part III

[In continuation of Part I and Part II]

The news was everywhere this morning. Four firefighters seriously injured from an industrial building fire in the early hours of this morning – one firefighter in critical condition.

Of course, I knew my husband was okay. He was not scheduled to work yesterday.

Yet, this is the type of news that will almost immobilize me. I am both relieved and sad at the same time. And I am anxious and nervous as well.

I understand I should just be thankful that he was not working last night and that he is safe. But it’s difficult, being a firefighter’s wife (or any loved one of some one who works in the emergency sector), to not think, “What if it had been him?”

When a wall or ceiling collapses, trapping firefighters, it’s about one of the worst, yet realistic, situations. Still, it’s one of those scenes I tend to play out in only TV shows and movies. My defense mechanism puts those scenarios in make-belief land as a way to cope with the possible dangers my husband faces when he’s on the job.

A lot of people envision firefighters sitting around, eating ice cream and just waiting for a call. I can ensure you, this is what I imagined as well. Some days, they do have uneventful shifts. There’s work to be done at the station, though – and continuous training to stay on top of things.

Yet, since he’s been on, I have seen a lot more crazy days and more fires than I realized existed. I can only account for this by assuming there are more of these types of calls when the infrastructure of a city starts to age and decay. As economical hardship hits our times, less detail and attention (due to both man power and financial resources) are put to safety and prevention to such infrastructures. These are the times, where we need to NOT close down firetrucks and stations.

Hopefully, this blog gets read by our Mayor Rob Ford along with his Ford-Nation.

Our thoughts and prayers go to those four injured firefighters and their loved ones.


4 thoughts on “On Being a Firefighter’s Wife, Part III

  1. I like this article. I hope you and your husband have long, safe, and enjoyable careers. Your husband does a great service to our country. You do as well, your blog is nice to read, keep it up friend!

  2. Thank goodness your husband is safe. I really admire firefighters, police, and paramedics and what the do, risking their lives for each and every one of us. I have a cousin who’s a cop and I’ve worried whenever I hear one of her stories. I still do worry about her, and I hope she remains safe. Thankfully, in your case, he’s safe and sound! I hope the firefighters who ended up in the hospital will be okay…

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