i heart zombies

i have so much to update on my blog from this past weekend alone. things i want to touch upon – my most recent therapy session, why i’m bruised on my left butt-cheek and the beauty i felt at the yoga show yesterday.

but all that can wait. because i’m still in deep mourning after watching the season finale of the walking dead:

*spoiler alert – if you haven’t watched up to the season finale, you might not want to continue reading until you do*

the mourning isn’t because any of the key players met their fate last night. it’s just simply over the fact that i now must wait until next fall to be reunited with characters such as rick grime, daryl dixon and michone katana. it’s going to be a very rough 5-6 months…

getting back to last night’s episode – wowee! there were some pretty gritty scenes there. not that it wasn’t gritty leading up to the season finale. as most will concur, TWD gets more and more violent, taking away the usual violence from mindless zombie attacks to a whole different level where it’s the people they meet that they need to be afraid of.

or, as we saw a couple of episodes ago, psychotic kids who prefer zombies over humans. yeesh.

last night, however, we see rick grimes not only protect his son and the rest of his small pack, but he takes complete vengeance like a madman. the next tweet i re-tweeted pretty much sums it up.

and the way he gutted carl’s almost-rapist? it’s a rick grimes we have never seen unleashed. and while it’s pretty shocking and gory, i think we need that side of rick grimes to come out. it’s the side that will keep the rest safe as he leads them onwards.

lets face it – the world they are living in just keeps on getting uglier and uglier.

plus… that dude tried to rape carl. i’m usually a very loving person. yet, there was a side of me that cheered rick on last night..


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