educating her on 80’s music

a couple of friday nights ago, doug, chaeli and i were heading home after having dinner out (for a change). we were listening to BOOM 97.3 – a new-ish toronto station which plays music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. but the deal is they have no specific genre. they can be playing duran duran one minute, alannah myles another, than right into AC/DC. there’s no rhyme nor reason to their playlist, really.

it’s pretty awesome. while i’m more a devoted fan to 88.1, toronto’s indie station, i’ve been having a lot of fun with BOOM 97.3. especially 80’s fridays.

anyway, they were playing a few metal and hard rock from the 80’s on the way home. doug was trying to educate chaeli the difference between the two.

the problem? our memories weren’t too swift with those 80’s bands and who played what. i was getting glam rock bands like poison and motley crue completely confused.

doug was worse… apparently to him, every song was sung by aerosmith!

then, all of the sudden, i blanked out over who sang ‘stairway to heaven’. doug, of course, didn’t know – guessing aerosmith again. i thought and i thought and the only name i could come up with was metallica. knowing i was totally wrong, i text-ed hoa and asked him. about 10 seconds later, i got the answer…

led zepplin.

led zepplin – i course! *smacks hand to forehead*

meanwhile, ada, apparently, was guessing after 17 guesses – repeating def leopard 3 times.

anyway, to make a very long story short, later that night, after chaeli got ready for bed, she stayed up half an hour later (and it was already very much past her bedtime), while i went through a series of david bowie videos on youtube. including this one which he performed live with queen:

i emailed ada and hoa, “we should be on chaeli to get to bed but we’re doing this instead. we’re such responsible parents…”



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