work and play weekend

i rather not work on my weekends but sometimes, it’s inevitable. especially now that i’m starting to do some small, side-contract jobs. as i explain myself to any new client, i have a full time job so whatever time i have in the evenings and on weekends (though i try to finish up during the week), is what i can offer them. my fair price does reflect this but should they require some one who’s able to give them their hours during business time, i’m unfortunately not their fit.

this weekend was one of those weekends i had to set some time to work. but i felt it was well balanced. i would say 20% of it was work and the rest of the 80% was play.

well, that’s not entirely true. more like 20% work, 50% house choirs and 30% play.

basque chicken recipe

Photography by Jodi Pudge

friday night, a night i really try not to work since it’s my first break into the weekend, we made our go-to, oven roasted, basque chicken recipe. from canadian living, this recipe never fails us and other guests we’ve made it for have asked for the recipe to be passed on to them. doug and i usually make two batches – one with spicy sausage and some mixture of chili, cayenne and/or spicy paprika. the other dish is on the mild side for chaeli and other people who are not as adventurous with spicy food.

this time, we made it for my parents – it was, again, a success. and as usual, we made enough for leftovers. i’m having it for lunch today, actually.

saturday, i spent as much time as i could working on my contract job (logo design for a client in the real estate industry) but made sure to stop working about an hour after lunch.

why? because it was possibly, our final chance for some skiing/boarding of the season. we only went for two hours of night-skiing but it was sweet. the hill was not very busy so many times, i found myself carving down the hill pretty much alone. i worked on my technique, coupled with speed, and felt great! there’s nothing like getting into a rhythm of going back and forth from heel to toe and toe to heel when snowboarding. it almost felt, at some points, effortless as i let my feet just carry me through those two motions.

we were baked not too long before bedtime. chaeli wanted to watch a bit of our bbc blue planet dvd. i assure you i fell asleep only within the first 15 minutes. if that.

sunday, i woke up feeling sore across my back, shoulders and chest. i have no idea why. i have not felt sore much after boarding this whole season so i am inclined to think it had something to do with my yoga class earlier that morning of our ski/board trip (it was a tough class).

i decided to tip-toe down to the basement to do a gentle vinyasa flow yoga session. just enough to limber up my body and stretch it out.

we eventually found our way to milestones for brunch and then shopping at the mall across from it. remember how i said i was in the mood for jewellery shopping? well, that’s basically what i did. doug took chaeli to do some of their own shopping which gave me just over an hour to take advantage of the jewellery sales at both forever 21 and bittersweets.

we didn’t forget hobbes, though. after resting for about 30 minutes at home, we went back up north, just 30 minutes or so, for a nice 2.8km hike through the woods. it was a beautiful, sunny type of winter day. the fresh air was good and hobbes certainly got his exercise. we all did.

one thing i must admit about a weekend like this – it can be tiring. i’m feeling it today, especially after my 5:45am workout in my basement this morning. we packed a lot in – i didn’t even mention all the time we spent making lunch, dinner and prepping my healthy, high-fiber, high-protein, low-glycemic, low-carb breakfast salad (which will be for most of my mornings at work this week). nor the laundry or dishes or whatever else needed our attention.

at the same time, i felt like we really accomplished a lot this weekend. it’s what makes monday morning feel just a wee tad better. and while we had no real ‘lazy time’ we had moments of down time between all the running around. just enough down time to recharge but not so long and drawn out to make us feel really lazy.


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