nostalgia of a san francisco nightclub


hanging with tko

the photo i posted in yesterday’s post, completely brought back some very nostalgic feelings of my youth. not long after i published that post, i emailed T (back in the days, his alias on my then blog(s) was ‘tko’) asking if he had any photos from that one crazy night when we found ourselves in a nightclub, surrounded by very, very new friends (lots of them knew me from my blog but i hadn’t met them yet, aside from my friend and main connection to the bay area, gordon a.k.a. mad-boy).

a couple of hours later, i got a response – with a folder of photos! they are small but you can still make out everyone from them.

T, rvx and i were on a californian road trip, which started in the bay area, next to monterey bay, then along the coast via highway 1, stopping at LA and then finally, san diego. with a side trip to tijuana.

bay area nightclub

the 3 amigos!

that first day/night was a bit overboard for us. all three of us were ready for a release from long days and weeks at work. it was the second half of our winter season and nothing felt better than to leave the dreary weather behind.

i think our first mistake was taking advantage of the free alcohol in the VIP airport lounge (T was a frequent flyer for business and had the ability to get two guest passes for us). then the drinks continued on the plane – big mistake. alcohol volume, apparently, doubles or even triples in one’s blood stream due to the air pressure.

bay area night club

that’s me in the blue dress!

when we landed, i think we had a quick bite to eat before checking in to our hotel, getting ready, and then heading out again.

mad-boy took us to this pretty cool club where we met all these people for the first time. don’t ask me for even half of the names. i remember some key people only because i had interacted with them through my then blog and email before arriving in california.

hans was one of them and sometimes i wonder how he is doing. i remember he was also into dragon boating – very nice guy. good looking, too!

bay area nightclub

me and hans

there was also martin – he was a writer/journalist. i believe he had some work published in the sfgate. super intelligent and down-to-earth guy. though the last drink i had was purchased by him. and it did not sit well with me. to this day, i still can not even go near anything with sambuca in it.

both T and i had to visit the washroom as we were pretty green by the end of the night. i will have to admit that while the night was very memorable, that part, obviously, was not. thankfully, nights like that were quite rare as i started to learn to pace myself. but i had no idea what the air pressure could do to one’s body, not just during the flight but hours later, when alcohol is running through the blood stream. lesson learned for sure.

bay area nightclub

end of the night group shot

still, it was a fun night with great dancing!

and somewhat very different in contrast to the 2nd night, where mad-boy took us to more of an after-hour party in oakland.

he wasn’t aware that the part was being held at a swinger’s motel, even though he had gone to the promotional honey’s parties before (his friend, one of the guys amongst our group during our visit, was the promoter of this company – and honey was a transvestite that mc-ed the parties). the promotional party group always threw amazing parties finding the best locations week after week.

bay area nightclub

tko and i having a bit too much fun (i.e. more than one too many drinks)

that party, though… yeesh. music was not bad but the scene got pretty seedy as the night went down. there were interesting sights to behold.

but we were also afraid of touching anything with our bare hands.

anyway, these photos T sent me do make me smile (and laugh for some – like this one to the right ->). it makes me happy to know that i did these things. because it’s not something i have any desire to do now but the memories do make me happy.

certain feelings of nostalgia can live with you forever.


2 thoughts on “nostalgia of a san francisco nightclub

  1. Gosh, your stories within a story are wonderful. I, too, get into a nostalgic mood once in a while and remember of the things that were and the things that could have been. Such a temptation to think what happened in the past was all good, but in effect, we remember what we want to remember! Of course I’m talking about myself and the way I remember things in the past. I don’t remember how terrible I’d felt when I broke up with my first girlfriend or the awful feeling I had when I found out I didn’t make the cut for president of the student council. What I do remember, though, is my first kiss with that very same first girlfriend and being nominated for the Social Rep for our high school, even if I’d thought myself as a Social Wreck instead! I love nostalgia, and your memories of times gone by remind me of mine. Great post!

    • thank you – i’m so glad you enjoyed reading my post! and if you’re able to draw all the silver lining during any type of hardship, lessons or chapters of your past, that is a true strength.

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